Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Thank God I Survived 2008

2008 may not be a perfect year but it sure brought us abundant blessings. I am grateful for the year that brought new beginnings for me and my family. We were able to move in to our new home which we could now call our own. And of course, the arrival of our second baby in January is among the best blessings we received in 2008.

2009 is only a few winks away and still I am not going to make any new year’s resolutions as I am bound not to follow them in the end. What I have are simple hopes for myself, for my family and for the world in the coming year.

* That I will be a better mom to two lovely and healthy children.

* That I will be more understanding and patient with hubby and vice versa.

* That I will be frugal with my spending and that I will set aside something for the rainy days.

* That I will laugh more and cry less.

* That I will be less cranky in dealing with my sibs. (My crankiness was more of hormonal actually because I’m pregnant. Excuses!)

* That I will love my parents more.

* That business will be growing leaps and bounds this year.

* That we will be traveling to new places this year.

* That hubby will finally buy his dream SUV.

* That we will finally get internet connection at home.

* That I will continue to live each day thanking every blessing that comes my way.

* That I will stop worrying and stressing over petty things in life. That I will strive to make life less complicated.

* That I will learn to accept and love ME even more regardless of my flaws and frailties.

* That the world will be a better place to live in.

Okay, I have to stop now as the list could go on and on. I will be turning 30 in 2009 and as it looms ever close, I actually dreaded the fact of being almost off the calendar. I wish I could just stick to 28 or 29. Well, I digress.

If I don’t talk to you or see you before 2008 takes its final bow, let me wish you and your family a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

photo grabbed from Hazel

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Preggy Diaries # 9: Preggy Updates

So far, we have ruled out all causes of having an SGA baby. All my laboratories showed negative or normal results. I had another ultrasound and Doppler flow last week showing all connections inside the placenta and uterus as okay. And the good news is that baby is now picking up some weight every week that makes him/her an SGA baby no more. Yehey! The chance of having to go through C-section is still possible though considering that baby is in breech position. Although, we’re positive that he/she will be in the right position before the big day (crossing fingers and toes here). Baby’s gender is still a mystery but right now, we don’t really care as what we’re after is the baby’s health. We’re starting to converse with the little one inside the tummy making him/her feel love everyday. They say that talking to your baby helps in having a normal delivery.

In three weeks, I’m ready to pop (or so I thought). I've already discussed plans with the boss as to my maternity leave and the possible scenario when I'm away. I don't really intend on eating up the entire maternity leave but we'll see how my body adjusts easily. Gone are the youthful days and the fast recovery you know...

I am hoping that this time will be the same as the last having to go through labor smoothly. Please continue to pray for me and my little angel that we’ll survive this ordeal.

Before I forget...

From my family to yours, a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Parties galore

So far, I’ve attended two Christmas parties over the last two weekends. In my pregnant state, I’m in no mood to really dress up and prep up for these parties. Nevertheless, I still want to at least look human despite the baby bump.

PASAP Christmas Party

We had a Moroccan-inspired party held at Club Ultima in Fuente Osmeña. It’s the traditional PASAP party where incoming officers were inducted as well as the turnover ceremony of the past president to the incoming president. I am still an officer next year as PRO so there will still be the never-ending meetings, demands and commitments. The newbies this year also had their “baptism of fire” through a belly dance presentation. I am still busy as a bee being this year’s assistant treasurer preparing checks and disbursements but I have no qualms doing it. It’s just sometimes; I don’t quite understand the bureaucracy that’s attached to this association. It sucks!
Anyway, some pictures to show...

in my Moroccan self

with some of my favorite Pasers

...so help me God

Xlibris Christmas Party

We received good reviews for this party. Of course, this party was spearheaded by yours truly backed up by the most competent and amazing team ever. We had Latin and Mardi Gras theme and surprisingly, the party was well-attended. In the history of Xlibris, this I say, all modesty thrown out of the window, is the best party that Xlibris ever had (any violent reactions?).

Despite some glitches we encountered along the way and the many battles we fought over budget, we were able to pull it through flawlessly. The party was made successful because of people who were true to their commitment though there were some who disappointed me big time.

People had fun and even dressed up for the occasion. Our percussion band and dj were superb (thanks Danielle for pulling the strings here). Our electronic registration (first in Xlibris) despite the long queue is one of a kind - it pays to be friendly with the IT people eh! The ambiance and physical arrangement was true to its theme. The VTR was a hit - Chris, you da man ay wo-man diay hehe bitaw hurot ako bilib nimu. Food served by Cebu City Marriott Hotel as always is sumptuous and mouth-watering. Raffles were a-plenty courtesy of no less than Jocelyn. We had exceptional emcees (thanks Josh, Clarice and Don). Everything we planned from program down to the last detail were executed with ease (thank you Jon, Sylvette, Judee, AJ, and Jenny).

I couldn’t party like everyone does but I was more than happy to see people dancing and having fun.
the committee

with Cristine & Sylvette

the Admin ladies

with this year's #1 Sales Performer - Dona Gruet

Monday, December 01, 2008

Preggy Diaries # 8

Until now, I still feel depressed over what I discovered during my last visit to my OB. Sometimes, I caught myself staring into space and felt hot tears off my eyes. My baby as what my ob revealed is an SGA baby (small for gestational age). To know more about SGA babies, visit this site.

I just find it ironic considering that I appeared much bigger than my pregnancy month. Except for the nausea, the first few months of my pregnancy were okay. The baby measurements were also recorded normal. It was only when I hit the 7th month that the baby seems to stop growing.

My ob advised me to have a complete bed rest though she didn’t restrict me from reporting to work. I find it silly because, how can I have a complete bed rest when I still have to go to work? Truth is I am really scared. Scared as to what will happen to the baby before and after delivery. Scared of the possibility of having to go through C-section. I don’t even know what hubby feels right now. I don’t want him to worry but I also don’t want to take all the stress to myself of this awful news. Not to point fingers at anyone or what but sometimes I feel less pampered and I felt that I am going through this ordeal all by myself.

In two weeks, I have to undergo another ultrasound to continuously monitor the baby’s weight. If the ultrasound reveals still an SGA baby, then I would have to undergo a Doppler flow. I am begging on my knees and crossing my fingers that everything will be perfectly fine for my precious baby. I am looking forward for that moment of being able to touch his/her small body and feel his/her breath on my skin. Right now, I don't really care as to the baby's gender. I just want the baby to be healthy inside and out.

My Take on Twilight the Movie

Finally watched the much awaited Twilight Movie on the big screen with my officemates during our Friday off. Sad to say, I was a bit disappointed. But of course, squeezing a 498-page book into a film is tough. You don't get to see all the details that you imagined while you were reading the book. There were also scenes that I can't remember being written by Stephenie Meyer.

Although, Edward Cullen was indeed gorgeous. Funny thing though is the uneven white foundation applied on his face and the obvious lipstick which didn't appear quite natural. But I liked that part where his skin was glowing like diamonds under the sunlight.

The film was stripped off with "kilig factor" between Edward and Bella. It was not fully established why Bella would give-up her life for these blood-sucking vampires.

Here are some of my two-cents take on some characters of the movie:

* Bella Swan was like horny whenever she sees Edward with all the lip biting and tongue showing and the deep breathing and all.

* Didn't expect both Charlie and Billy to be good looking papas. I was expecting more of fat and balding fathers of Bella and Jacob.

* Rosalie looked really old for her role. She was supposed to be one of the beautiful vampires in the book.

* Victoria was too sweet looking for her villain role. She would fit for a Rosalie.

* And James is gorgeous too. I love his eyes.

* Jasper was like Edward Scissorhand and he has this constipated look.

Well, that's it for now. I'm going to watch the film again once the p*rated copy comes out soon. There might be some commentaries I could add in my list.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Twilight Madness

I can't wait...

Feels like I'm part of the movie - the equal rival of Bella Swan. (way magbuot!!!)


Monday, November 24, 2008

Of Fleeting Beauty

I don’t consider myself vain. It is seldom that I frequent the salon if not for that much needed hair trim. I also do my own nails since I can manage to do it myself. But since, it’s difficult for me to do my nails in my pregnant state; I have no choice but to let the professionals do it for the mean time.

Over the weekend, we head off to the mall for Alex’ Day. While I left Alex with my sister, I decided to have my toe nails painted. Sitting there, I was observing the other customers coming in and out of the salon. I can’t help but noticed that most of them are in their 30’s and up. I can only count with my fingers those in their teens and twenties (including myself of course hehe). There’s this lola trying to conceal the white hairs by dying her hair. The lady beside me is getting both finger and toe nails painted in hot red. Then another mommy with her teenage daughter in tow is getting hot oil treatments.

I’ve come to realize that while we age, we tried harder to preserve whatever beauty that’s left of us. We tend to fight ageing by frequenting places such as the salon or spa. Among other things, physical beauty is something that is fleeting. Our bodies crumble along with our ages (humming to I Love Betty LaFea soundtrack…”hoy, hoy, tandaan nyo ganda ay kumukupas”) and it is inevitable no matter how hard we try to preserve it. There may be some who are lucky to prolong that ageless beauty but sooner or later, there’s nothing that science and even nature can do to stop ageing. And like the rest of the things in this world, we can only say..."this too shall pass".

This is just me thinking out loud.
I left my PASAP bag containing checkbook, official receipts and other important documents inside the taxi last Saturday. I was a bit worried since there has been so many funding requests for our Christmas Party and that I have to issue checks to some of our vendors. I failed to get the taxi number and all. Good thing, the daughter of the taxi driver contacted me that evening telling me that they're returning my bag intacked. I was able to retrieve the items the following day and I was so thankful for the kind gesture. I hope things like this won't ever pass and that kind people are here to stay.

Monday, November 17, 2008


Yes, I am disappointed.

I went to the Ultrasound Clinic today with high hopes that baby’s gender will be revealed. But instead of showing the thing out, he/she hides it in between crossed legs. The sonologist tried to shake my tummy to uncurl the legs but to no avail. I was already running late for work so we just have to stop trying.

I also discovered during today’s ultrasound that the fetal biometry (or fetal measurements) is within the range of 26 weeks and not 30 weeks. Meaning the baby is smaller than his/her age or there has been a miscalculation on my LMP or last menstrual period. If there’s one thing I am really sure about, it’s my last menstrual period coz I even blogged about it here.

Good thing, I heed my OB’s advice not to get a 3D/4D ultrasound coz eventually I will be able to see my baby soon. I was advised to get another ultrasound 2 – 3 weeks from now. Hopefully by then, we would know if it’s a HE or a SHE. I’m crossing my fingers for a HE. I can't wait...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Preggy Diaries # 7: @ 29 Weeks

I’m now at the stage where I am gorging on whatever food I see or touch. I just can’t help it… it’s like making up for all the food that was lost (read: being thrown out) during the first five months of my pregnancy. I’m starting to already gain so much weight and I already look like a whale.

Moving around has also become a chore. I’m having difficulty putting on my undies, picking up something on the floor and putting lotion on my legs. Aside from the leg cramps, I’m also experiencing hip and back pains. It’s also difficult getting out of the bed. I have to ask hubby to push me up or if he’s still asleep, I have to get up sideways.

Baby movements has become more and more frequent these days. In fact, while sitting and typing this post, he/she seems to be doing some cartwheels and somersaults inside my tummy. It makes me really happy feeling every movement made.

Come weekend, I’ll be visiting my OB for my regular check-up. I’m pretty excited coz by then she would also recommend an ultra-sound. I’ve already contacted this ultra-sound clinic at SM North Wing and they offer the cheapest 3D ultra-sound for only Php 1,500. The suspense may be over soon as we get to finally know the baby’s gender. I also made a bet with one of my colleagues. She betting on a boy and if she wins she will have a week supply of Starbucks coffee. Though I really wanted a boy, I have no choice but to bet for a girl in exchange for a week supply of chocolates or maybe Starbucks coffee too.

Speaking of coffee, I really miss my daily dose of coffee. Even the smell of it makes me want to go against my OB’s advice and take just a single sip. Just one. I can’t wait for this pregnancy to be really over soon so I could go back to my caffeine fix.

This is me now --- pregnant and proud!

Shopping for Baby Stuff:

There’s a big sale at Ayala this weekend. I might as well grab the opportunity to shop for some baby stuff. I just remember that an aunt borrowed most of the old baby stuff I have but she never bothered returning them. If she did, I’m sure they’re already worn out. So, it’s time to do some shopping.

Friday, November 07, 2008

School Girl Again

My daughter finally went back to school last Monday after more than a month of just lounging at home watching movies and just playing with the kids in our block. But this time, it’s a new school, a new environment and new faces. We had a new arrangement for her with the school van picking her up and no yaya to wait for her after school. So far, she has adjusted well to the changes like waking up way too early (earlier than usual) at 5:30 AM because the school van arrives in our house at 6:30 AM. I have to make some adjustments too since I have to wake up way too early myself but its okay. I consider her breakfast time as our bonding time.

Anyway, the little girl is also proud to announce that she has gained friends already in school in just a couple of days though she’s not really good in remembering all their names. Modesty aside, she’s such a nice girl and I’m sure she wouldn’t have any problems dealing with her new teachers and classmates. I just hope that in return, her teachers and classmates will also treat her well.

I’m still uncertain of what this new school has to offer in terms of academic standards though I’ve heard some positive reviews from friends who enrolled their kids or nieces and nephews in Treasure Trove. After school hunting, it was Alex who actually decided in choosing Treasure Trove maybe because of the school’s enticing façade which look like a little castle. Their playground was also an added attraction especially to the kids. I still feel nostalgic from time to time remembering her old school but hubby often remind me to just move on and get over the fact that Alex won’t be able to finish her pre-school at Kids’. So, I just let out a deep sigh and try to embrace the change.

school girl again

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Happy 18th Birthday, Bunso!!!

Sometimes, it may seem very difficult to deal with you --- perhaps it’s the generation gap or you’re simply a pain in the ass. But whatever it is, nothing will ever change and that you will always be our baby sister. I just hope that you’ll start growing up now that you’re already eighteen. You no longer have that excuse to stay childish, irresponsible or stupid. If you need a little push, you know you will always have me, your Ate Mags and Ate Ann to give you that little spanking from time to time. No matter how annoying our sermons are, I hope you get to realize that we’re doing this since there’s no Mama or Papa to lead you to the right path. Even if they are virtually there (through calls or text), it’s still not enough.

Grow Up... Chase Your Dreams... Have Fun

...but be sure to know your limits!


Monday, November 03, 2008

Halloween 2008

We had our “Freaky Friday” in the office to celebrate Halloween this year. Unlike the previous years where we decorated every nook and cranny of the office in its spookiest look, this time we just had the lobby decorated with cut-out pumpkins and skulls --- courtesy of our recruitment team who had their Halloween Job Fair. Not really that spooky. Our costumes were more like crazy and funny. I didn’t really prepare for the costume. I just bought a fairy headband with matching wand so I was like the pregnant fairy. I also bought a blonde wig but decided to let Jon use it because it matches her girly attire.

Here’s sharing some random pictures.

More pictures HERE...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Oooppps, I did it again!

I screw up again.

Gawd, for the Nth time I’ve been committing the same mistakes over and over again with regards to our Expats’ travels. I know that had I checked their itineraries a million times, I wouldn’t overlook that glitch. Good thing, they were able to catch up and make it to their flight in the nick of time. Sheesh, I could just imagine the big boss running at the airport with luggage in tow. What if they weren’t able to make it to their flight? I have to make changes to their business class flight PLUS I have to extend their hotel accommodation. That will cost them (or me) so much.

What a shame (on me)!!!

This has to stop and if they still won’t punish me, I will be the one to castigate myself this time. I think I’m having a heart attack now!

(P.S. This is just me talking to myself...tsk, tsk, tsk)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Preggy Diaries # 6: @ 26 Weeks

My lilypie counter says I’m now on my 26th week. The belly has now ballooned into a huge belly ball. I did the usual rounds with my ob over the weekend. Everything seems to be fine. Baby size is just the right size though it’s me that’s getting bigger and bigger everyday. Blame it on my insatiable gastronomic cravings. What’s really bothering me right now is the bumpy ride outside our new home. I would usually take a tricycle in going out to the major highway and the holes on the road are everywhere. Sometimes I find myself hanging on to my seat protecting my “bat-ang”. It scares me really and what’s sad is that I don’t have a choice. Hubby and I don’t have the same work schedule so I have to be on my own. My ob suggested that I sit on a pillow to comfort my butt. Now, armed with a pillow I’m ready to brave these terrible holes on the road.

Then, there are the physical changes that are becoming quite obvious. My armpits start to darken (again) and my neck as well. It’s a gruesome sight seeing my underarms every time I look in the mirror. Ewww!!! And now I always seem to run out of breath after walking a few steps or so.

The only comfort I have is that babylove starts to make those little jabs here and there. Sometimes, I would find myself waking up in the middle of the night especially if the movements are in close intervals. I just smile whenever I feel him/her poke my tummy. I know it’s not something to be happy about but I am also grateful that I am not experiencing what some of my preggy colleagues are experiencing. One is having gestational diabetes. She’s now on her 8th month and everyday she injects insulin right through the veins of her stomach three times a day. Another colleague was also on bed-rest because of spotting and attempted abortion. Compared to them, mine are just minor fuzz. Thus, I’m perfectly okay.

Now, here's a peek of what's inside my belly (courtesy of http://www.babycenter.com/). I would have wanted to show my recent picture but it's totally not a good sight.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Guarding my Happily Ever After

People think that happily ever after starts on the day the wedding bells toll. Fairy tales give this perception that the best of all relationships is when “they live happily ever after". But would one ever wonder what happened to Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty after that kiss from their Prince Charming? In the real, imperfect world, after the happily ever after is when reality sets in. Along the way, there will always be issues to deal with – kids, finances, home, infidelity, in-laws etc. It will not always be a bed of roses or a fairytale plot.

Lately, my happily ever after was put to a test. Along with my pregnancy, I had the worst of all discoveries. I may be wrong with my doubts but it sure made me ask a big WHY? God knows how I tried to keep mum about it trying to pretend as if I never had a hint. I tried not to be hysterical but how can I not when it is my man out there fooling around. He was never caught in the act but had I not been early in my discovery, he would probably succumb to temptation in the long run. I know this is way too personal to be shared in the open but I guess it is something some couples might learn from and it eases the pain a bit. I tried to respect his privacy… you know... restraining myself from peeking into his cellphone or his emails but God must have a way of making me aware so I could prevent a wrong doing before it gets out of proportion. So there, it has been a week since that emotional rollercoaster. There was no major fight as I don’t want to stress myself on that issue. We just talked. The issue is about to die though and we’re back to our normal selves trying to work on that happily ever after everyday.

But I am not letting my guards down if it’s the only way of guarding my happily ever after and keeping my family in-tacked. The b*tches will have to back-off as I am ready to fight hell with them despite my huge baby bump. And the husband will have to be on his toes coz it so happen he has a secret agent for a wife. Haha!

“It is only possible to live happily ever after on a day-to-day basis"
Margaret Bonnano

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

On your birthday...


I wish there is a way I could make this day very special for you. I would have want it to be really special but you always emphasize that you don’t really celebrate birthdays so I’ll just leave it as that. Nevertheless, here’s to another year of rockin’ and rollin’ in this so called life. I wish every year would be so much better for us both at home and at work. You’re the best, you just don’t know it.

Much love on your birthday and always,

Me and Alex

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Home Sweet Home

I thought that after moving from one house to another six times would make me an expert of some sort in the art of moving. But I was wrong... I still fail and it was as always a very stressful move. Due to my procrastination, we weren't finish packing as scheduled. And my preggy situation made it even worst. I couldn't help that much though I tried to lift some heavy stuff but my sneezing and wheezing was such a torture. Hubby was so disappointed with me and the way I handled the move. I could only zip my mouth while he rant and nag about it in my face coz I know I am partly at fault.

We were supposed to move on the 28th...you know the Chinese belief with the number eight but found ourselves not-so-settled on the 29th instead with candles burning since our electricity isn't up yet. For two days and two nights, our life has been electricity-less because MECO was dilly-dallying the connection. The heat and mosquitoes were killing us. Sigh! The house is still in total mess with boxes, knick knacks and hoarded stuff scattered all over the floor. The challenging part which is sorting will have to happen in a few days. Good thing I get a little help from my mama who is in town for a visit. The vacant lot beside the house which is now covered with bushes will be her first project. I hope her green thumb will create some magic on the rocky soil. The kitchen, tiled floors and cabinets will have to wait until our finances become stable. Hubby and I decided to have it on a project basis starting off with working on the tiled floor.

Welcome to our new house... it is still a work in progress so please bear with the mess for now. With just a few touches here and there and a depleting bank savings, it's going to be a home sweet home soon.

Some random pictures below...

Friday, September 26, 2008

So Long, Farewell

Today is my daughter’s last day in school. Nope, it’s not the end of the school year yet but along with our house move is also the school move for Alex. I don’t want to sound melodramatic but I really felt sad with the thought of her bidding goodbye to her friends, classmates and teachers. She has been in this school when she was still 3 years old and now that she’s 5, she has grown some fondness towards the school. I, myself have been very comfortable with the teaching standards and programs of Kids. I would have wanted her to finish the school year but it will be a big sacrifice considering the distance between this school to our new abode.

Thus, it will be farewell for now. I’m sure Alex will definitely miss her teachers and classmates. The yaya will also miss her kaberks and I would miss all the exciting activities that the school has cooked up for the rest of the school year. But as the song goes, “life’s a constant change and nothing stays the same”… we just have to deal with this change and embrace it. I’m sure Alex wouldn’t mind a new school, a new environment and a new set of friends a week from now. She will be back next week though (all the way from Mactan to Pardo) to take her exams and my last parent-teacher conference (PTC) with Kids'.

A glimpse of those years with friends and classmates at Kids’.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Tedious Task At Hand (yet again...)

If there’s one thing I am NOT excited about moving, it’s the packing and unpacking of our things. It’s one thing that I am not so fond of considering my allergy rhinitis that strikes every time we move out to a new place and the stress that goes with moving. Now, hubby has been bugging me to start packing since our big move is less than 3 weeks from now. But he’s not helping at all and I couldn’t get the help I need. My sisters are busy with school stuff and our helper is serious about quitting by the end of the month. That’s another dilemma I am about to face. I already sought the help of my ever-supportive mama but she told me it’s really difficult to look for helpers nowadays.

For the last two weekends, I’ve only packed two boxes of our stuff mostly old clothes. I wanted to get rid of them but it’ll definitely take time sorting them. I have a huge box already reserved for bundles of joy come Christmas. I haven’t really come up with a list of what to pack first or next. Truth is I’m not really up for it. If only I could move our stuff from our current house to the new abode with just a snap of a finger the way magicians do, I would have done it.

But there’s this distraction that’s been eating my time right now including that of my officemates. The thing is, we've been hooked to Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series. Darn, I just couldn’t put a good book down. After more than a week of being hooked, I am now into the 3rd book and looking forward to the 4th and final series. Sometimes, I am so into the book that I set aside some really important stuff like sorting and packing and even leaving Alex to mess around the house. I’m such a terrible mom and wife!

Anyway, talking about distractions...here they are!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Finally, a Home of our Own

We’ve been renting for more than six years moving from one house and apartment to another five different times. Whenever we settled in a house or apartment, we made no effort in beautifying it or even acquiring furniture except for the bed and the dining table. It’s not always easy packing up your stuff and re-packing it again more so doing it five times the last six years.

Now that we finally decided getting our first house through Pag-ibig, hubby and I are so excited. We’re both excited conceptualizing the interiors and buying the pieces that go with it. We always wanted a minimalist home so it should be organized, no frills, no curves, less clutter, not a lot of stuff and no bold colors. I’m also thrilled on how to make use of the 40 square meters extra lot we have. Aside from using it as a parking space, I’m also thinking of making a pocket garden or a mini-Japanese garden out of it. There are so many ideas and designs to choose from especially that I’ve been browsing through home and gardening magazines and sites. We also get some ideas from home depot and displays in the mall.

This will be our first house. First because we always have what we call our dream house… our dream design and architecture which will be a lot bigger with all the comfort and luxury life can offer. Of course, that will happen when we’re financially stable and able. But for now, our first house in Genesis Subdivision, Mactan is good enough for our little yet growing family. And it is just proper that our subdivision is called Genesis…it will be like the beginning, the start of a dream fulfilled of having a home of our own.

At last, after months of waiting and several follow-ups, our Pag-ibig Housing loan was finally approved. We already paid the move-in fees last week and I’ve been postponing trips to the developer’s office to get our Permit to Occupy (PTO). Being pregnant and all, I tend to be really lazy. If our finances permit, we will start working on some minor construction… tiled floors, cabinets and the sink to be transferred outside. It was such a relief however I’m a bit scared coz the amortization starts next month.

Friday, August 15, 2008

6 Years and counting...

Last August 3, hubby and I celebrated our 6th year anniversary. I know I haven’t blogged about it as it happens but it’s never too late. The day was a Sunday which was really perfect timing considering that it’s also a family day. I have to excuse myself from attending PASAP’s outreach program as this day has to be spent with hubby and of course, Alex. We just dine at some Mexican restaurant after hearing mass. I’m not really sure what was in our food or drinks coz when we reached home, we were dropped dead tired…as in totally knocked out. We didn’t even get to change our clothes.

Anyway, six years is quite a feat already what with a lot of cases of broken homes within our midst. I know my friends from before wouldn’t even thought that Earl and I would last this long in our marriage having witnessed how we were prior to being husband and wife. Earl and I never started as friends. There was a month of courtship then we became a couple. After that, it was a roller-coaster relationship with constant break-up and make-up along the way. I mean, we were never the so-called ideal couple and our marriage is far from perfection. But we decided to make it really work and at least be a good husband and wife to each other. We still have some adjustments but not really life threatening ones. We still fight but I guess we have passed that stage where we fight over trivial matters. So, most of the time, we no longer fight haha! I support all his endeavors (career, rock bands, and boys’ night out) while he understands my usual melodramas. Perhaps, what really made it work is that we have learned to compromise. And along the way, we have become each other’s confidante. We talk incessantly over anything before bedtime, laugh at each other’s jokes and goof around like kiddos which I find (sometimes) cute.

There! That’s my post anniversary post.

Here’s to SIX YEARS dad (and counting)… with Alex, a baby on the way and a new house in the offing ….what more could I ask for. With you, life is definitely good! (hope I could still utter the same words 10, 15, 30 plus plus years from now **grin**)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Preggy Diaries # 5: @ 16 weeks

Some updates on how my pregnancy is going on and mind you; I can say it’s not really getting any better. In fact, it has gotten worst everyday.

* I still throw up from time to time. Throw up means not just saliva but the entire food I ate for either breakfast or lunch.

* I have become super sensitive to any kind of smell… may it be BO of an officemate or hubby’s cologne or the aroma of pizza (can you imagine, pizza? another favorite...). Every time I smell these, my head starts spinning around and I started to “digwa”.

* Since the last three days, I had been nursing a terrible flu which I got from hubby and perhaps the unpredictable weather in Cebu. It’s just making things really worst. What’s even worst is that I couldn’t take any medication… just plain water therapy.

* I’m starting to suffer leg cramps in the middle of the night and the pain just makes me really cry. As much as possible, I avoid having to walk a thousand miles and whenever we're in the mall, I make sure I find a place to sit from time to time. Oh, and propping your leg up every night really helps.

* My taste buds have gone bitter. Every food I ate has this bitter after taste which makes me eat less.

But it's not totally bad you know...

* The big sister has been really sweet. Whenever I go to work, she made sure she kisses her baby bro err the tummy (hoping that it's a boy!) goodbye.

* I'm looking forward to my visit with my OB over the weekend. She promised that she will let me hear babylove's heartbeat. I'm so excited!

And here's babylove @ 16 weeks...


Monday, August 04, 2008

Conquered that Wall @ Five

She tried this when she was still two but she didn't made it all the way to the top. Now at five, she finally conquered the wall at Metrosports and couldn't seem to stop. At first, she was kinda' scared but after the first try, she already felt like an expert and wanted for more. I was catching my breath looking at her climb her way up. Who wouldn't? That's my little girl up there trying out this extreme sport and that anything could happen. But all I could do is TRUST...trust on the harness that's holding her, trust this guy she calls "kuya" who's holding the rope and trust in her. Afterall, what really matters is that she was having fun while conquering that wall.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Preggy Diaries # 4: Preggy Photos

I was tagged by Feng to show my preggy photos. I tried to dig into piles of pre-digital pictures of my first preggy days with Alex but couldn't find one that's worthy of posting here in the blogosphere. I was already on my 40th week and was about to burst. It's not a good sight, I swear!
So, for this tag, I asked my sister this morning to take my first preggy photos with my second babylove. And the "ate baby" (that's what she would like to be called) also can't help posing with me. This is me @ 14 weeks...in every inch, already a "buntis".

I would like to tag the mommies in my multiply: Missy, Ace, Clobelle, Leslie and Rosee. C'mon mommies, just for fun...let's take a peek of those proud preggy moments with bellies growing leaps and bounds.

From now on, I wish to also update my preggy diaries with pictures of my growing babylove. Watch out for more!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Preggy Diaries # 3: @ 13 Weeks

I’m already a week past the first trimester and guess what, I’m still feeling the discomforts such as vomiting, nausea, constipation and hyperacidity. It's just horrible! I now remember that my first pregnancy was a breeze. I only get to experience vomiting for just a week and I felt normal after that. In fact, I was always on the go doing preparations for my wedding. So it’s true that every pregnancy is exceptional. The little one inside is really making it hard for me. Today, I made a couple of trips to the restroom just to throw up. First I threw up everything I ate then after there’s nothing left but saliva. It usually starts middle of the day before I go to work and until dinner time. It’s just strange because my mornings are always great. My officemate is guessing that it’s a boy because of the difficulties it has brought me. I am perfectly fine whether it’s a boy or girl but please let these discomforts go away really soon.

Anyway, here's a peek of what's inside and how my babylove is growing.

13 Weeks


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Preggy Diaries # 2: What to Wear

When you’re pregnant, your fashion choices are actually limited. I don’t know how other preggies do it to look really fab but mine has been a dilemma lately. My jeans and other bottoms started to shrink. Okay, it’s the other way around. I am starting to balloon. I have a few stylish preggy tops but I always end up repeating my bottoms on a weekly basis. Of course, there’s always the trusty leggings that matches almost all tops but I only own one.

When I dig into my old maternity clothes, I only discovered a few pieces. I remember giving out most of my maternity clothes to cousins and aunties after I gave birth to Alex. When I tried to window-shop for maternity clothes in the mall, I was shock to see the price tags. They’re really very pricey. Then, it hit me…why not consider ukay-ukay? Afterall, I’ll only be using these clothes for a good nine months. And besides, I have always been a proud and certified ukay-ukay fanatic.

So, when I get the chance and the nerve (meaning, I’m not being lazy or woozy), I visit the ukay-ukay haven in Cebu…where else but Carbon. There are also ukay shops in Raintree Mall, Cocomall or Colonnade Mall which showcase a few treasures if you’re just patient enough to look into the heaps of clothes. The prices of these ukay-ukay are really affordable and they even have this descending discounts like 30% off, 50% off, 50 all items and 3 for a hundred. Not bad really.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Her First Visit to the Dentist

I must admit, I don't own a good set of teeth. And I don't care, though I get concious sometimes. Maybe because I always feared dentists. And I always dreaded those annual dental check-ups in school because dentists always mock me for having terrible teeth.

But I never wanted my daughter to have the same fear that I have. Ever since she grown her milk teeth, I always instill in her to take care of it. She would never miss brushing her teeth every night no matter how sleepy or tired she really is. Now that her milk teeth starts to really fall off, I decided to bring her to the dentist over the weekend. And I was amazed by her bravery... there was no trace of fear upon sitting on the dentist's chair. Even when the dentist was about to pull her tooth, she never cried nor cringed. I was even shocked when she told me that she changed her mind...she now wants to be a dentist instead of nurse.

Atta girl!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Preggy Diaries # 1

More than halfway into the first trimester, I’m now feeling the discomforts of being pregnant. It’s not just morning sickness. It’s like the vomit attempts strikes anywhere, any place, anytime of the day. Yesterday, I threw up the slice of Leona’s “chocolate surprise” I ate for lunch. This morning, after eating a little bar of musketeer, the thing just went down the drain. Perhaps there’s something about chocolates that really makes me throw up. It’s supposed to be my favorite food in the world and now my preggy system seems to reject it. Weird. Then, there’s the feeling of sluggishness that I wanted to just lie down and doze off the entire day. There are also the food cravings, nothing in particular though but once it’s there, I don’t feel like eating them anymore. Did I tell you about my bouts with depression that I’m hiding inside and that’s ready to explode anytime? Really… I get down in the dumps over little things. Sometimes when I’m alone, I find myself crying for no reason at all.

I never really experienced this in my first child or maybe I did but I just forgot because that was so long ago. I just hope that after the first trimester, everything will be back to normal.

Sigh. Am I just being pregnant? Or it’s just really me.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Little Fan

It was such a bad idea dropping by at Ayala Center after attending PASAP BOT (Board of Trustees) meeting yesterday what more with Alex in tow. The mall was so crowded with teenagers and even adults alike. Why? Because the PBB Big Four were having their mall show. My daughter Alex also wanted to squeeze in her tiny body with the crazy crowd just to see these teen housemates turned celebrities. She was so persistent and was almost at the verge of throwing tantrums because I was trying to pull her away from the crowd. Boy, was she so unstoppable! She had to climb Ayala's huge planters and pushed her way in between people's legs so she could take a glimpse of these teen idols especially her favorite, Beauty.

Guess, I have no choice but to just allow her this first hand experience in being a fan. Sigh! It was just unfortunate that I failed to bring my camera so we have to make use of Magee's camphone. But, from where we're standing, we couldn't really take a picture of them. Instead, we just took pictures of Alex, the five-year-old fan.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

@ 9 Weeks

Went to visit my OB yesterday despite experiencing the wrath of Frankie all over the city. So I was told that I am already 9 weeks pregnant. I went through the entire drill again (bilangkad na sad ang beauty then gi-IE)...but I can't complain. Afterall, this is something I really wanted. The sad thing though is that my OB strongly forbids my daily dose of caffeine not even decaf. Shocks, how can I ever make it through my shift without coffee? Still, I have to be an obedient preggy and follow what she says coz I know she's just after my health and that of the baby.

We're really excited and we can't stop talking about it day in and day out. The little girl has been super lambing lately and I often find her caressing my not-so-big tummy.

I'm not really feeling any signs of pregnancy yet like nausea and vomitting. I just hope that this pregnancy will be a breeze...no drama queen episodes or morning sickness. I just want to be perfectly happy and comfortable all the time in this 9-month ordeal.

So help me God.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Sign

I never wanted to take the test yet coz in the past, I was overly excited and in the end it is still negative. But it's been almost two months since I'm missing my period. And I have this unusual craving for food particularly green mango with bagoong...well I'm not really sure if it's really unusual coz I am always this "matakaw" when it comes to food. But then again, I am also having irregular mentruation from time to time. So I just set aside the test kit after contemplating and staring at it for a long time.

But this morning, I stared at the test kit again and decided to take the test. Hubby already left for work while Alex and the yaya is at school. It was just me and my sister. I went inside the CR and peed. Placed some urine sample in a little cup and put around three drops at the test well.

Then I waited for 5 minutes for the result to appear.

Go figure it out....

Yeah, it's a positive sign! I can't help myself from shouting with excitement. My sister even asked me..."naunsa ka dha te?" I was grinning from ear to ear when I told her the good news. Well, I've been waiting and praying for this to happen for quite a long time now. Alex often include this in her prayers every night. Another baby...another bundle of joy in the offing. It's time to pay my OB a visit to really confirm. But the pregnancy test kit guarantees 100% accuracy in the result. Yehey!!!

Feeling the Pinch

I used to enjoy doing the grocery but lately when all the prices of commodities are soaring high, the grocery is one place I dreaded the most. On my latest trip to the grocery, I only had few items in my grocery bag with a receipt of one thousand pesos plus plus. These are what I got in my bag: a kilo of purefoods hotdog, a small bottle cooking oil, 6 pieces burger patties, 6 pieces burger bun, a bottle of rubbing alcohol (biggest size), a pack of biscuits, a kilo of powdered orange juice, sandwich bags, bottle of 250ml shampoo and a tube of 250ml conditioner. Geezz, I didn’t even get to buy the basic commodity like meat, fish and rice.

My lola would often tell me stories about how things are simple and inexpensive back in her time. She has a lot of things in her possession that are really cheap. Imagine an original painting of a famous artist displayed at her dinning room which costs only 35 cents and her pair of bakya slippers which she still uses until now for only 1 cent. My lola would tell me that their life may be simple back then but they have the abundance of mother nature’s produce.

Gone are the days when almost all household would stack one sack of rice in a month. Gone are the days when a regular household can afford and cook special meals. It’s just horrifying to see almost all prices gone up. Though some can still afford to splurge from time to time, my family would start tightening the belts. In this time of crisis, we can’t afford to waste food, water, electricity, gas and money. With the house amortization to commence really soon, I’m starting to feel the financial pinch. Though I try not to stress about it too much coz there’s really nothing I can do to lower down these prices but I have listed down some strategies that might help in small and big ways.

* Cut on unnecessary purchases on material things like clothes, toys, gadgets etc.

* Instead of eating out at some fancy restos during weekends, prepare meals at home for the family to enjoy.

* This I started doing...instead of buying at the office canteen, pack up lunch and/or snacks to work. It’s good that we have a microwave oven at work.

* Limit use of appliances like television, dvd player, computer, electric iron, electric fan, lights and the fridge (which has to be defrosted every week).

* Yard sale (this will happen prior to the big move)...To clean up the closet and at least have some extra cash for some of my projects in the new house like landscape, new curtains etc.

* Ditch using car and start a trend of riding a bike in going to the office or elsewhere...Why not? We could save on gasoline, minimize pollution and good way to exercise.
I hope the government will also do something about this increase in commodities aside from giving away P500 bucks to less fortunate Filipinos which I think is just a temporary remedy. Why not come up with long term solutions to problems like implement compressed work schedule for some companies and government agencies. This will lessen fuel and electricity consumption.
Well, I'll think of some more creative ideas on how to deal with this pinch and update this list. Feel free to share some...

Monday, June 16, 2008

Double “Surprise” Celebration

JPL’s birthday surprise

The plan was for Anabelle to meet with JPL and share her marital problems. JPL didn’t have an idea that we’re cooking a surprise birthday for her. We would show up into their meeting place with our gifts in tow. The strategy was really effective as she was really stunned.

Anabelle’s surprise baby shower

Without Anabelle’s knowledge, we also took the opportunity to welcome the little bundle that’s growing inside her tummy for 6 months now. She was also surprised with our gifts and wishes. I find the cake I ordered at Creole really cute.

Though we miss a lot of kaberks during this gathering, it was still fun. We hope to have another round of this gathering hopefully with complete attendance from everyone in the guest list. More random pictures below...