Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Oooppps, I did it again!

I screw up again.

Gawd, for the Nth time I’ve been committing the same mistakes over and over again with regards to our Expats’ travels. I know that had I checked their itineraries a million times, I wouldn’t overlook that glitch. Good thing, they were able to catch up and make it to their flight in the nick of time. Sheesh, I could just imagine the big boss running at the airport with luggage in tow. What if they weren’t able to make it to their flight? I have to make changes to their business class flight PLUS I have to extend their hotel accommodation. That will cost them (or me) so much.

What a shame (on me)!!!

This has to stop and if they still won’t punish me, I will be the one to castigate myself this time. I think I’m having a heart attack now!

(P.S. This is just me talking to myself...tsk, tsk, tsk)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Preggy Diaries # 6: @ 26 Weeks

My lilypie counter says I’m now on my 26th week. The belly has now ballooned into a huge belly ball. I did the usual rounds with my ob over the weekend. Everything seems to be fine. Baby size is just the right size though it’s me that’s getting bigger and bigger everyday. Blame it on my insatiable gastronomic cravings. What’s really bothering me right now is the bumpy ride outside our new home. I would usually take a tricycle in going out to the major highway and the holes on the road are everywhere. Sometimes I find myself hanging on to my seat protecting my “bat-ang”. It scares me really and what’s sad is that I don’t have a choice. Hubby and I don’t have the same work schedule so I have to be on my own. My ob suggested that I sit on a pillow to comfort my butt. Now, armed with a pillow I’m ready to brave these terrible holes on the road.

Then, there are the physical changes that are becoming quite obvious. My armpits start to darken (again) and my neck as well. It’s a gruesome sight seeing my underarms every time I look in the mirror. Ewww!!! And now I always seem to run out of breath after walking a few steps or so.

The only comfort I have is that babylove starts to make those little jabs here and there. Sometimes, I would find myself waking up in the middle of the night especially if the movements are in close intervals. I just smile whenever I feel him/her poke my tummy. I know it’s not something to be happy about but I am also grateful that I am not experiencing what some of my preggy colleagues are experiencing. One is having gestational diabetes. She’s now on her 8th month and everyday she injects insulin right through the veins of her stomach three times a day. Another colleague was also on bed-rest because of spotting and attempted abortion. Compared to them, mine are just minor fuzz. Thus, I’m perfectly okay.

Now, here's a peek of what's inside my belly (courtesy of I would have wanted to show my recent picture but it's totally not a good sight.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Guarding my Happily Ever After

People think that happily ever after starts on the day the wedding bells toll. Fairy tales give this perception that the best of all relationships is when “they live happily ever after". But would one ever wonder what happened to Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty after that kiss from their Prince Charming? In the real, imperfect world, after the happily ever after is when reality sets in. Along the way, there will always be issues to deal with – kids, finances, home, infidelity, in-laws etc. It will not always be a bed of roses or a fairytale plot.

Lately, my happily ever after was put to a test. Along with my pregnancy, I had the worst of all discoveries. I may be wrong with my doubts but it sure made me ask a big WHY? God knows how I tried to keep mum about it trying to pretend as if I never had a hint. I tried not to be hysterical but how can I not when it is my man out there fooling around. He was never caught in the act but had I not been early in my discovery, he would probably succumb to temptation in the long run. I know this is way too personal to be shared in the open but I guess it is something some couples might learn from and it eases the pain a bit. I tried to respect his privacy… you know... restraining myself from peeking into his cellphone or his emails but God must have a way of making me aware so I could prevent a wrong doing before it gets out of proportion. So there, it has been a week since that emotional rollercoaster. There was no major fight as I don’t want to stress myself on that issue. We just talked. The issue is about to die though and we’re back to our normal selves trying to work on that happily ever after everyday.

But I am not letting my guards down if it’s the only way of guarding my happily ever after and keeping my family in-tacked. The b*tches will have to back-off as I am ready to fight hell with them despite my huge baby bump. And the husband will have to be on his toes coz it so happen he has a secret agent for a wife. Haha!

“It is only possible to live happily ever after on a day-to-day basis"
Margaret Bonnano

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

On your birthday...


I wish there is a way I could make this day very special for you. I would have want it to be really special but you always emphasize that you don’t really celebrate birthdays so I’ll just leave it as that. Nevertheless, here’s to another year of rockin’ and rollin’ in this so called life. I wish every year would be so much better for us both at home and at work. You’re the best, you just don’t know it.

Much love on your birthday and always,

Me and Alex

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Home Sweet Home

I thought that after moving from one house to another six times would make me an expert of some sort in the art of moving. But I was wrong... I still fail and it was as always a very stressful move. Due to my procrastination, we weren't finish packing as scheduled. And my preggy situation made it even worst. I couldn't help that much though I tried to lift some heavy stuff but my sneezing and wheezing was such a torture. Hubby was so disappointed with me and the way I handled the move. I could only zip my mouth while he rant and nag about it in my face coz I know I am partly at fault.

We were supposed to move on the know the Chinese belief with the number eight but found ourselves not-so-settled on the 29th instead with candles burning since our electricity isn't up yet. For two days and two nights, our life has been electricity-less because MECO was dilly-dallying the connection. The heat and mosquitoes were killing us. Sigh! The house is still in total mess with boxes, knick knacks and hoarded stuff scattered all over the floor. The challenging part which is sorting will have to happen in a few days. Good thing I get a little help from my mama who is in town for a visit. The vacant lot beside the house which is now covered with bushes will be her first project. I hope her green thumb will create some magic on the rocky soil. The kitchen, tiled floors and cabinets will have to wait until our finances become stable. Hubby and I decided to have it on a project basis starting off with working on the tiled floor.

Welcome to our new house... it is still a work in progress so please bear with the mess for now. With just a few touches here and there and a depleting bank savings, it's going to be a home sweet home soon.

Some random pictures below...