Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Thank God I Survived 2008

2008 may not be a perfect year but it sure brought us abundant blessings. I am grateful for the year that brought new beginnings for me and my family. We were able to move in to our new home which we could now call our own. And of course, the arrival of our second baby in January is among the best blessings we received in 2008.

2009 is only a few winks away and still I am not going to make any new year’s resolutions as I am bound not to follow them in the end. What I have are simple hopes for myself, for my family and for the world in the coming year.

* That I will be a better mom to two lovely and healthy children.

* That I will be more understanding and patient with hubby and vice versa.

* That I will be frugal with my spending and that I will set aside something for the rainy days.

* That I will laugh more and cry less.

* That I will be less cranky in dealing with my sibs. (My crankiness was more of hormonal actually because I’m pregnant. Excuses!)

* That I will love my parents more.

* That business will be growing leaps and bounds this year.

* That we will be traveling to new places this year.

* That hubby will finally buy his dream SUV.

* That we will finally get internet connection at home.

* That I will continue to live each day thanking every blessing that comes my way.

* That I will stop worrying and stressing over petty things in life. That I will strive to make life less complicated.

* That I will learn to accept and love ME even more regardless of my flaws and frailties.

* That the world will be a better place to live in.

Okay, I have to stop now as the list could go on and on. I will be turning 30 in 2009 and as it looms ever close, I actually dreaded the fact of being almost off the calendar. I wish I could just stick to 28 or 29. Well, I digress.

If I don’t talk to you or see you before 2008 takes its final bow, let me wish you and your family a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

photo grabbed from Hazel

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Preggy Diaries # 9: Preggy Updates

So far, we have ruled out all causes of having an SGA baby. All my laboratories showed negative or normal results. I had another ultrasound and Doppler flow last week showing all connections inside the placenta and uterus as okay. And the good news is that baby is now picking up some weight every week that makes him/her an SGA baby no more. Yehey! The chance of having to go through C-section is still possible though considering that baby is in breech position. Although, we’re positive that he/she will be in the right position before the big day (crossing fingers and toes here). Baby’s gender is still a mystery but right now, we don’t really care as what we’re after is the baby’s health. We’re starting to converse with the little one inside the tummy making him/her feel love everyday. They say that talking to your baby helps in having a normal delivery.

In three weeks, I’m ready to pop (or so I thought). I've already discussed plans with the boss as to my maternity leave and the possible scenario when I'm away. I don't really intend on eating up the entire maternity leave but we'll see how my body adjusts easily. Gone are the youthful days and the fast recovery you know...

I am hoping that this time will be the same as the last having to go through labor smoothly. Please continue to pray for me and my little angel that we’ll survive this ordeal.

Before I forget...

From my family to yours, a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Parties galore

So far, I’ve attended two Christmas parties over the last two weekends. In my pregnant state, I’m in no mood to really dress up and prep up for these parties. Nevertheless, I still want to at least look human despite the baby bump.

PASAP Christmas Party

We had a Moroccan-inspired party held at Club Ultima in Fuente OsmeƱa. It’s the traditional PASAP party where incoming officers were inducted as well as the turnover ceremony of the past president to the incoming president. I am still an officer next year as PRO so there will still be the never-ending meetings, demands and commitments. The newbies this year also had their “baptism of fire” through a belly dance presentation. I am still busy as a bee being this year’s assistant treasurer preparing checks and disbursements but I have no qualms doing it. It’s just sometimes; I don’t quite understand the bureaucracy that’s attached to this association. It sucks!
Anyway, some pictures to show...

in my Moroccan self

with some of my favorite Pasers

...so help me God

Xlibris Christmas Party

We received good reviews for this party. Of course, this party was spearheaded by yours truly backed up by the most competent and amazing team ever. We had Latin and Mardi Gras theme and surprisingly, the party was well-attended. In the history of Xlibris, this I say, all modesty thrown out of the window, is the best party that Xlibris ever had (any violent reactions?).

Despite some glitches we encountered along the way and the many battles we fought over budget, we were able to pull it through flawlessly. The party was made successful because of people who were true to their commitment though there were some who disappointed me big time.

People had fun and even dressed up for the occasion. Our percussion band and dj were superb (thanks Danielle for pulling the strings here). Our electronic registration (first in Xlibris) despite the long queue is one of a kind - it pays to be friendly with the IT people eh! The ambiance and physical arrangement was true to its theme. The VTR was a hit - Chris, you da man ay wo-man diay hehe bitaw hurot ako bilib nimu. Food served by Cebu City Marriott Hotel as always is sumptuous and mouth-watering. Raffles were a-plenty courtesy of no less than Jocelyn. We had exceptional emcees (thanks Josh, Clarice and Don). Everything we planned from program down to the last detail were executed with ease (thank you Jon, Sylvette, Judee, AJ, and Jenny).

I couldn’t party like everyone does but I was more than happy to see people dancing and having fun.
the committee

with Cristine & Sylvette

the Admin ladies

with this year's #1 Sales Performer - Dona Gruet

Monday, December 01, 2008

Preggy Diaries # 8

Until now, I still feel depressed over what I discovered during my last visit to my OB. Sometimes, I caught myself staring into space and felt hot tears off my eyes. My baby as what my ob revealed is an SGA baby (small for gestational age). To know more about SGA babies, visit this site.

I just find it ironic considering that I appeared much bigger than my pregnancy month. Except for the nausea, the first few months of my pregnancy were okay. The baby measurements were also recorded normal. It was only when I hit the 7th month that the baby seems to stop growing.

My ob advised me to have a complete bed rest though she didn’t restrict me from reporting to work. I find it silly because, how can I have a complete bed rest when I still have to go to work? Truth is I am really scared. Scared as to what will happen to the baby before and after delivery. Scared of the possibility of having to go through C-section. I don’t even know what hubby feels right now. I don’t want him to worry but I also don’t want to take all the stress to myself of this awful news. Not to point fingers at anyone or what but sometimes I feel less pampered and I felt that I am going through this ordeal all by myself.

In two weeks, I have to undergo another ultrasound to continuously monitor the baby’s weight. If the ultrasound reveals still an SGA baby, then I would have to undergo a Doppler flow. I am begging on my knees and crossing my fingers that everything will be perfectly fine for my precious baby. I am looking forward for that moment of being able to touch his/her small body and feel his/her breath on my skin. Right now, I don't really care as to the baby's gender. I just want the baby to be healthy inside and out.

My Take on Twilight the Movie

Finally watched the much awaited Twilight Movie on the big screen with my officemates during our Friday off. Sad to say, I was a bit disappointed. But of course, squeezing a 498-page book into a film is tough. You don't get to see all the details that you imagined while you were reading the book. There were also scenes that I can't remember being written by Stephenie Meyer.

Although, Edward Cullen was indeed gorgeous. Funny thing though is the uneven white foundation applied on his face and the obvious lipstick which didn't appear quite natural. But I liked that part where his skin was glowing like diamonds under the sunlight.

The film was stripped off with "kilig factor" between Edward and Bella. It was not fully established why Bella would give-up her life for these blood-sucking vampires.

Here are some of my two-cents take on some characters of the movie:

* Bella Swan was like horny whenever she sees Edward with all the lip biting and tongue showing and the deep breathing and all.

* Didn't expect both Charlie and Billy to be good looking papas. I was expecting more of fat and balding fathers of Bella and Jacob.

* Rosalie looked really old for her role. She was supposed to be one of the beautiful vampires in the book.

* Victoria was too sweet looking for her villain role. She would fit for a Rosalie.

* And James is gorgeous too. I love his eyes.

* Jasper was like Edward Scissorhand and he has this constipated look.

Well, that's it for now. I'm going to watch the film again once the p*rated copy comes out soon. There might be some commentaries I could add in my list.