Monday, October 31, 2005

it's the time of the year...'s one of those events in a year that i look forward to!

it's the time of the year that i get to apply my wildest imaginations in coming up with the coolest and weirdest costumes. just for the record, i have always won "best in costume" awards during costume parties to include halloween and not to mention christmas parties and gs hour during my gs days...

'nuff said --- we don't have a grand halloween party planned in the office. but our hr turned our reception area into one spooky place --- we have cobwebs all over the place with rubber spideys hanging in them. we also have a miniature coffin on the side with lighted candles. we covered our visitor's chairs with white cloth and we got the orange pumpkin right on top of the reception counter. while the rest of cebu are having their holiday today and are heading to visit their dearly beloved departed in the cemeteries, most our us in the office are heading for work. since most of us will be working, we simply called it a spooky day --- thus, we come to the office in our spookiest halloween costume...let me share some of the pics.

me, alex and herbelle

nina, jenny and me -- biting off jenny's shoulderrrrrr

is that me??? takot akooooooo....

and this time with my boss - ms.O and belai

more pics to come...

until next out for me! hehehe

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Way to go...BEACH ROOTS!!!

Now that Beach Roots is almost ready to fly, we just realized that we have abandoned our first business, the primary source of our living – our Pharmaceutical business. Having spent almost 100% of his time in the construction of the kiosk, government registration, purchasing and manpower sourcing, my husband just felt so overwhelmed. I’ve seen how passionate he was for the business. He thinks of it as his baby. He actually coined the idea which he shared with his friends. I’ve seen how excited he was for his idea to materialize.

Finally, the construction of the kiosk is close to finish. We’ve purchased almost all utensils and equipment needed. We just lack one more waiter to complete the service crew. We’re just counting the days and off we go.

I’m just saddened by the thought that we have exerted double effort on this business – that of my husband and mine. I, myself became involve in small ways. I find it unfair. I could have stayed in the house and spend some quality time with my daughter over the weekend. I wouldn’t have miss going to church for the past 3 consecutive Sundays. I would have rested my mind and body and brace myself for another work week. My husband often tells me that I shouldn’t involve myself much in the business because he would only get hurt because I shouldn’t be doing things his business partners or friends is expected to do. But my mantra would be “if I won’t do it then who else will?”

But why am I spending my vacant time at Mango Square when in fact I would have nothing out of this? Having 10 owners, it would take years to regain our investments not to mention the efforts we’ve exerted.

Maybe because we’re here for the fun, the camaraderie and the experience of putting up a business we so long wanted to have. It won’t be easy I know --- just like in any business that’s starting, there will always be birth pains. But it’s worth it especially when you see it thrive and grow into something grand.



Tuesday, October 04, 2005


We've been staying in our new home for almost a month now and so far, so good. It's just that we haven't completed organizing our stuff yet. We've been busy with the business my husband and his friends are putting up thus setting aside some of our domestic priorities.

Anyway, the previous house we've lived in Ma. Gochan, well, should I say was a nightmare. Actually, the place was conducive for dwelling. We had a vast garden where my daughter could run all day. We had a huge garage that can accommodate two vehicles. We had 3 large bedrooms and a basement that was more than enough for 10 people to live. Not to mention our spacious living room and dining area.

The place was almost PERFECT...EXCEPT for some thieves living just a few blocks from where we are. From time to time, we always experience our hanging clothes or some junk items in the garage being stolen. There were also instances where our light bulbs in our garage were stolen.

Just yesterday, my husband visited the house to return the keys to the owner. Much to their surprise, upon entering the house, a disgusting odor welcomed them. There were human waste scattered all over the place. The ceiling was totally wrecked. The circuit breaker was taken out and all the wires and bulbs were removed. The sink was on the verge of being uprooted. In the basement, all our junk monitors and keyboards were stolen and even my daughter's crib, stroller and walker were gone. And to think, our very own barangay hall and police station is just 5 meters away from our house.

I couldn't help myself but gasp in disbelief. How cruel of these people to do such a nasty thing. Why can't they just work their butts off and not steal from other people? It's also sad to note that our very own police and neighbors are just watching all these looting unfold before their very eyes. What's new???

On to the lighter side...

Beach Roots is opening NEXT WEEK!!!

After all drama and hysteria --- the dream would finally come true.

Well, this is just the beginning of more drama and hysteria...there's more to come!