Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Closing Time

Well I guess this is it, the end of Beachroots. The mayor is firm in his decision to close down Mango Square due to blatant violations of building rules and more. There’s the so called lewd dancing by almost naked ladies in one of the bars. There’s the brawling and throwing of bottles by drunken party goers. There’s the selling of alcohol to minors. Added to it are the sexual activities and prostitution attached to the place.

A lot of parents, teachers and students from the nearby school complained and now even the cardinal has entered into the scene requesting to close down these beer joints. And I agree with all their allegations coz I have been a witness to what the place has become --- it has become a HELL!(check my previous posts)

But my heart goes to those beer joint owners who may still be starting the business and is yet to get the returns of their investments. I'm sure, like us in Beachroots, they have invested time, money and effort to put up the business. They might have given up a lot of things --- time with family, could be their previous jobs or maybe some of them made utang to put up a capital. I know of one owner who brought in his entire family from Manila just to put the business. They know nobody in Cebu except some of my partners. My heart goes to the employees of these beer joints who could possibly lose their jobs. I could almost feel the anxiety that our own employees at Beachroots are feeling right now.

We're moving closer to uncertainty...I don't know what's the plan B for Beachroots as well as the rest of the beer joints. They've been holding several meetings etc.. but I'm pretty sure nothing will ever change the mayor's mind. I'm also sure that Mango Square wouldn't give up their big tenants (including my employer) inside the mall and wouldn't mind sacrificing these small establishments outside the mall.

So, enough has been said...let's just wait and see what the outcome would be. It has been a hell of events these past few days. My boss has been greatly involved in the Mango Square issue and it has been tremendously draining for all of us. Our big bosses from the US flew in today just to make sure there's business continuity and that we're not moving our entire facility elsewhere. But we've beem preparing for the worst.

I'm just wondering if Beachroots is ready...or is it just "Closing Time" for now?

Rooters will definitely miss these.....

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Rumor has it...

F*CK..It's all over the news today.

Mango Square will be closed down by no other than the mayor due to blatant violation of building rules.We know it's coming and I felt so sorry for the tenants. Mango admin should better do something about it or else they get a better lambasting from all their tenants or should I say lawsuits coming in.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Making Babies

My husband and I is in the process of manufacturing (what a word, haha) our 2nd baby. Although, we’ve been doing that almost every night *LOL*, this time there are no more inhibitions and qualms. After three years, we believe that it’s time for Alex to become a “BIG SISTER”. She’s starting to show signs of being a spoiled brat. And what better way to counter her bratty tendencies by having someone to share her parent’s love with. One month from now, let’s see if all those acrobats and stunts were effective enough to produce our own specie. And I hope it’s a baby boy.* I WISH, I WISH*. I started skipping gym sessions, started drinking less caffeine and alcohol and maintaining a healthy diet (fish, veggies and less meat this time). Well, the thought of being pregnant is starting to sink into my system --- psychologically. I’m also browsing through some baby and pregnancy sites to refresh myself of what to expect. Hey, I’m frickin’ serious about this ya’ know!

Again, it’s still God’s will that will prevail if and if he would give us another angel to take good care with.

Speaking of babies, here's a pic of the loveliest and smartest school girl in town...She's actually the sought-after girl in her class with two boys fighting over for her attention...(sounds scary though...)

Isn't she lovely?

Thursday, August 03, 2006

4th Year Anniversary and Still Counting...

I don't remember what day it was
I didn't notice what time it was
All I know is that I fell in love with you
And if all my dreams come true
I'll be spending time with you

Every day's a new day in love with you
With each day comes a new way of loving you
Every time I kiss your lips my mind starts to wander
And if all my dreams come true
I'll be spending time with you

Oh, I love you more today than yesterday
But not as much as tomorrow
I love you more today than yesterday
But, darling, not as much as tomorrow

** I know I was again overreacting about you forgetting this day. The “emotional woman” that I am may be a lame excuse but I guess that’s just the way I am and there’s nothing you can do about it. It may just be a little thing to you but I was a little bit upset. I’m sorry if I ruined this day with tears --- I just can’t seem to help it.

Nevertheless, I am a merciful soul and it wasn’t a big deal at all.

Happy 4th Year Anniversary Dad… still counting… keep remembering…