Friday, February 24, 2006

Flowers and the Ladies

No words here...just pictures!!! Check this out...

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

False alarm

I thought I was pregnant...I've missed my period for more than a month. I was so excited and at the same the thought of being preggy again already sink into my system. I tried avoiding alcohol and I had an excuse for eating too much. I was so happy since I've been dreaming about having another baby this year and besides Alex deserves to have a li'l brother or sister --- she's already 3 years old. Earl has been singing Sevendust song "This Life" --- it has lyrics about a father singing a song for a baby. BUT, unfortunately or should I say fortunately, I had my period last Friday...gosh, I don't know but a part of me was SAD. Maybe it's not the proper time yet...I hope it's gonna be soon.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Hey, Alex!

My daughter Alex never ceases to amuse me. Never in a day has she failed to fascinate and at the same time infuriate me. At one time she is a darling but on some point she has become a monster in the making.

She’s three years old now. She can muster a sentence with ease and less baby talk this time. She can get by on the table on her own and knows how to use the spoon and fork. She can perfectly put on the television and tune in to her favorite shows at Nickelodeon. She already has this fashion sense and tries to select the wardrobe she wants to wear to church and in going out to the malls. Last December, her aunt Magee gave her a bike for a Christmas present and boy oh boy she was able to run it in just one day (though it still has some support on the second wheel). She has added some songs in her repertoire. She can now sing the entire chorus of the infamous “Pinoy” by Orange and Lemons and “Ever After” by Bonnie Bailey.

But her attitude has also changed lately --- she has become a brat. There goes the rebellious two-letter word “No!” She already got these uncontrollable tantrums every so often. There was a time when she spit on me while I was forcing her to take a bath. God knows where she learned to spit on somebody. During our family gathering last Christmas, she pushed her cousin Thea because she doesn’t want to share her new toy. And she’s starting to tell lies. You ask her if she has taken her bath then she would say yes but then her yaya would tell otherwise.

I wanted to be a full-time mom. I wanted to be there in the crucial years of her life. I want to witness her every development. I want to be right beside her all the time especially when she needed me the most. I want to set things straight for her. I want to hold her when she faces the world.

Her attitude, good or bad, will always be a reflection of the kind of parents that Earl and I are. It would be a shame on our part if Alex would grow into a deviant kid, a rebellious teenager and a notorious adult. I know it's isn't too late to raise her up the right way and lead her into the right path. I believe we still have the luxury of time while she’s still young and vulnerable.

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