Monday, December 01, 2008

My Take on Twilight the Movie

Finally watched the much awaited Twilight Movie on the big screen with my officemates during our Friday off. Sad to say, I was a bit disappointed. But of course, squeezing a 498-page book into a film is tough. You don't get to see all the details that you imagined while you were reading the book. There were also scenes that I can't remember being written by Stephenie Meyer.

Although, Edward Cullen was indeed gorgeous. Funny thing though is the uneven white foundation applied on his face and the obvious lipstick which didn't appear quite natural. But I liked that part where his skin was glowing like diamonds under the sunlight.

The film was stripped off with "kilig factor" between Edward and Bella. It was not fully established why Bella would give-up her life for these blood-sucking vampires.

Here are some of my two-cents take on some characters of the movie:

* Bella Swan was like horny whenever she sees Edward with all the lip biting and tongue showing and the deep breathing and all.

* Didn't expect both Charlie and Billy to be good looking papas. I was expecting more of fat and balding fathers of Bella and Jacob.

* Rosalie looked really old for her role. She was supposed to be one of the beautiful vampires in the book.

* Victoria was too sweet looking for her villain role. She would fit for a Rosalie.

* And James is gorgeous too. I love his eyes.

* Jasper was like Edward Scissorhand and he has this constipated look.

Well, that's it for now. I'm going to watch the film again once the p*rated copy comes out soon. There might be some commentaries I could add in my list.

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