Friday, November 07, 2008

School Girl Again

My daughter finally went back to school last Monday after more than a month of just lounging at home watching movies and just playing with the kids in our block. But this time, it’s a new school, a new environment and new faces. We had a new arrangement for her with the school van picking her up and no yaya to wait for her after school. So far, she has adjusted well to the changes like waking up way too early (earlier than usual) at 5:30 AM because the school van arrives in our house at 6:30 AM. I have to make some adjustments too since I have to wake up way too early myself but its okay. I consider her breakfast time as our bonding time.

Anyway, the little girl is also proud to announce that she has gained friends already in school in just a couple of days though she’s not really good in remembering all their names. Modesty aside, she’s such a nice girl and I’m sure she wouldn’t have any problems dealing with her new teachers and classmates. I just hope that in return, her teachers and classmates will also treat her well.

I’m still uncertain of what this new school has to offer in terms of academic standards though I’ve heard some positive reviews from friends who enrolled their kids or nieces and nephews in Treasure Trove. After school hunting, it was Alex who actually decided in choosing Treasure Trove maybe because of the school’s enticing fa├žade which look like a little castle. Their playground was also an added attraction especially to the kids. I still feel nostalgic from time to time remembering her old school but hubby often remind me to just move on and get over the fact that Alex won’t be able to finish her pre-school at Kids’. So, I just let out a deep sigh and try to embrace the change.

school girl again

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