Saturday, September 24, 2005

Friendship and Business

I always thought that sharing a business with your friends would come easy because of familiarity, trust, comfort and having to share the same interests. I WAS WRONG!

The past weeks have been so intense trying to put up our kiosk which we share with 8 of our friends. There were heated arguments over bottles of beer. There were bitter words against each other either upfront or behind each other’s back. There were businesses and jobs left behind. There were families and relationships set aside. There were other promises and commitments unfulfilled. There were tasks that remain unfinished. There was a lost of confidence in each other’s capability. AND THERE WAS A RUINED FRIENDSHIP!!!

The operation hasn’t even started but the problems over individual differences and diverse business principles seem to keep us apart and shatter the business. We started pointing fingers and blaming each other for our failures. We started counting the little contributions we’ve made without realizing the many times that we fail to do what is expected of us. We always look for faults in each other. We complain a lot. We argue over simple and myriad things which were time-consuming and a lot stressful. We wasted so much time. We waited to be told. We lack the initiative. We never acknowledge our mistakes. We never really cared about the business.

With due respect to some, who I believe is so passionate about making this business thrive, I guess there is still hope. Louie, being the captain of the ship should now start kicking butts off and demand commitment from everybody. We’re not mere employees in this business, WE OWN IT! It is but proper to start going the extra mile without compromising of course other priorities in life – family, work and health. The three should be the only acceptable excuses for failure to fulfill our commitments @ Beach Roots.

Argghhh, I have been a blabber box…apologies! But I just can’t help it having witnessed all the bickering and whining and complaining and fighting. Elvin said it’s HEALTHY but I totally disagree with him coz when friends start to argue and fight…man, there must be something wrong!

Oh well, I hope the friendship remains the same or else I shall never look forward to Bantayan escapade next summer...or to Jamaica perhaps?

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

We're Moving!!! (again...)

If there’s one thing that I really hate doing that would be moving out or transferring to a new home. Aside from the physical stress it brings, there’s also what you call the financial stress having to pay advance payments and deposits.

Yes, we’re moving again. During the entire 3 years of my married life, we’ve experienced moving on from one house to another for about four times. It’s just so tiring having to pack our things and unpack them again. It was quite easy during the first and second move but now that we have Alex, I never realized we’ve accumulated all these things. It’s just too many for our little family --- some are even junk and just simply nuisance. So, we’re trying to get rid of those things that we really don’t need. Give us a week and we’re done.

Despite the stress, I’m a bit happy with this move especially having to shed out only four thousand five hundred pesos a month for the rental and cut out on some of our utility bills. I like the way the house looks like. The three-bedroom house is just enough for four people (me, Earl, my sis and yaya) and a baby. I also like the place. We actually live across my in-laws houses (siblings, grandfather and aunt). It’s safer for my daughter and she would have lots of playmates then. I guess this will be our home in the next two years.

I just hope this will be the last after we finally move in to our new house that we loaned through Pag-ibig.

I’m taking some pictures of my daughter while we’re busy fixing our things in our new house.

--Alex busy fixing her toys--

-- Alex with her "Punk's not dead" pose courtesy of Tita Mike--

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Fat and Beautiful

I really don’t know what’s with being THIN that makes a person specifically a woman good to look at. Why is it that when one sees a fat person, one can’t help but notice and laugh? And why is it that almost always, fat people got the most jokes poke at them? Like in the office, we really have this overweight manager and every time she comes in, I could hear some of the guys whispering “naa lagi nakasulod nga dump truck sa office” or “hala, milinog” etc…etc.

The society has lots of biases against fat people. First and foremost, fashion is said to be for thin people only what with fashion designers’ lanky models in the ramp, television and magazines. You will never see a fat model in the ramp more so a fat mannequin in the department stores.

Second, when you’re fat, sometimes, jeepney drivers would just pass by you without letting you ride their vehicle. Why? Because when you’re big, you would occupy twice the usual seat allocation for a price of one.

Third, when you’re fat, you’ll less likely be admired by the opposite sex. It’s either you will remain the “best friend” or the “bridge” but never a lover or bearer.

Fourth, when you’re fat, you’ll get associated to a pig, ballena, Dabiana, Ike Lozada (God bless his soul) etc.

Some employers have some biases too especially in hiring people. There are some industries that have specific weight requirements and waistline requirements for some of the positions they’re hiring.

Why am I saying all these? Because I am fat.

Yes, and it has been my worst nightmare the past 2 years. Maybe I haven’t reached that point of accepting how I look right now. Because of my current figure, I became indifferent, insecure and my self-esteem went down. I have always been the tall and thin figure in the campus way back high school and college. I’ve wanted to go back to my figure when I was still single but my efforts are futile or it was not enough. I have nothing against fat people. I just find it unfair that being fat is like having a contagious disease or being fat is a crime.

Now, I realized that being this way is not a sin. There are a lot of things that I need to worry aside from my bulging tummy and huge legs. I don't care now --- and I believe that being fat doesn't neccesarily mean being ugly.

"I am beautiful, no matter what they say. Words can't bring me down. Don't you bring me down, today." (Christina Aguilera)

Friday, September 09, 2005


As you may have noticed, I had completely changed the template of my blog. Simple as it may seem but I guess I have added some “joie de vivre” to its entire look. I was kinda’ boring with my pink background and I purposely chose GREEN because it represents LIFE --- my LIFE in particular.

In as much as I want to use my artistic skills (*chukle*) in blogging, I am still in the period of exploring how this stuff really works. I admit, I’m no IT freak and I have the slightest idea how to make my blog site more or less fascinating in the eyes of my readers (as if people really read my articles…).

So much about that, BORA_BAI – our barkada-owned bar/kiosk at Mango Square Park will be opening SOON. Experience our “Freakin’ Cold Beer” and “Bisag Unsa Lang” lips smacking dishes while listening to Beach Boys and 50 First Dates soundtrack and more. Check out for more updates.