Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Slumber Party (PASAP way)

Imagine 36 (plus) secretaries and admin professionals in their pajamies and fluffy slippers crammed in an air-conditioned room filled with throw pillows, mattresses, scented candles, food and drinks. Plus 7 masseuses with hands (and even feet) ready to offer a soothing and relaxing body and foot massage. Plus a casual and very intimate program prepared by the committee. Plus lots of prizes and giveaways.

What do you expect?

A night of never-ending fun, laughter and cam-whoring.

Last night’s Secretaries’ Nite at Park Tower 1 Social Hall was one of the best SEC nite’s I’ve attended so far. In every inch, the Slumber Party also popularly known as Pajama Party was a very unique idea and it was the first for PASAP. It was a well-deserved retreat from the stress in the office and from a difficult boss to some. We simply sprawl there in one of the mattresses and shove chips, pizza and chicken lollies into our hungry mouths. You can hear a little chit-chat on the side and silly jokes being cracked. It was just unfortunate that I had my period and that I was not allowed to have a massage. Whatever the reason for not having a massage when you have your period, I really don’t know. It has something to do with our pores open whatever. But I’m just happy to see most of the ladies getting their massage --- nobody needed it more than them. And the pajamies and slippers were excellent substitute to our corporate suits and stilettos…more of a relief if you would call it.

I was also having fun taking pictures of us and with my fellow PASERs posing like “spa models”. At the end of the night, we declared the “Slumber Queen” and “Social Butterfly” which deservingly went to Mam Edna and Mam Tessie respectively.

Maybe some may not realize it, but despite the usual bickering and the differences, I think we have nurtured a kind of friendship that goes beyond our role as members of one association.

More pictures here.

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