Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Preggy Diaries # 2: What to Wear

When you’re pregnant, your fashion choices are actually limited. I don’t know how other preggies do it to look really fab but mine has been a dilemma lately. My jeans and other bottoms started to shrink. Okay, it’s the other way around. I am starting to balloon. I have a few stylish preggy tops but I always end up repeating my bottoms on a weekly basis. Of course, there’s always the trusty leggings that matches almost all tops but I only own one.

When I dig into my old maternity clothes, I only discovered a few pieces. I remember giving out most of my maternity clothes to cousins and aunties after I gave birth to Alex. When I tried to window-shop for maternity clothes in the mall, I was shock to see the price tags. They’re really very pricey. Then, it hit me…why not consider ukay-ukay? Afterall, I’ll only be using these clothes for a good nine months. And besides, I have always been a proud and certified ukay-ukay fanatic.

So, when I get the chance and the nerve (meaning, I’m not being lazy or woozy), I visit the ukay-ukay haven in Cebu…where else but Carbon. There are also ukay shops in Raintree Mall, Cocomall or Colonnade Mall which showcase a few treasures if you’re just patient enough to look into the heaps of clothes. The prices of these ukay-ukay are really affordable and they even have this descending discounts like 30% off, 50% off, 50 all items and 3 for a hundred. Not bad really.


raqgold said...

i just gave away my preggy clothes to another preggy blogger a few weeks ago even those preggy undies and bras for breastfeeding... and yes, super mahal na talaga ng preggy clothes considering you get to wear them for only a few months! pero enjoy shopping, masarap din namang fashionable ang feeling mo kapag preggy di ba? at least may ukay ukay! and congrats!

MHALOU said...

thanks raquel. yeah, ukay-ukay really solves the dilemma especially so that prices of commodities are soaring high.