Saturday, July 16, 2005

Small World

The freezing temperature in the office is already getting into my nerves and my bones. It’s extremely cold in the office and no wonder a lot of people are catching some fever and colds the past weeks – we almost ran out of biogesic and neozep in the clinic. Good thing, I have with me my shawl and maternity fats to at least shield me from cold.

I was just staring blankly at my computer without the slightest idea of what to post. It’s Friday afternoon (Eastern Time) and there’s not much to do. I have to set aside some tasks until next week…at least I won’t be idle by then hehehe… talking about procrastination huh!

Anyway, I always make it a point to post at least one article per week. But now, it seems that my mind isn’t working (as usual). I don’t wanna talk about politics and the quandary of the Philippines right now etcetera, etcetera. While Manila is on the streets wanting to oust pgma, Cebu is celebrating and declaring full support of the president. After all, Manila is not the Philippines…hey, we still have the majority of Filipinos in the Visayas and Mindanao and that’s quite a number huh…now, I’m talking about politics…Grrrr!!!

The population in the office ballooned to almost 300 heads just this month from close to a hundred when it started a year ago so there are a lot of new faces coming in. I was a bit amazed at how some of these people are one way or the other interrelated to me or to people close to me. You call it “friendster” – friend mo, friend ko, friend nating lahat….check out the connectivity below:

•Officemate 1: Fritzie – former officemate in GS; batchmate of my husband in highschool.
•Officemate 2: Tox – batchmate of my husband in highschool
•Officemate 3: Brad – classmate of my brother-in-law in college; boyfriend of my husband’s classmate in USC.
•Officemate 4: Paolo – friend of my brother-in-law.
•Officemate 5: Kyle – ex-boyfriend of somebody in know in STC.
•Officemate 6: Gela – cousin of my husband’s employee.
•Officemate 7: Christine – batchmate of my husband in USC.
•Officemate 8: Jay – used to be a former applicant in GS; I’ve interviewed him several times.
•Officemate 9: Vilma – girlfriend of my husband’s cousin.
•Officemate 10: Odette – my boss and a good friend of my former boss.
•Officemate 11: Mars – a classmate in college.
•Officemate 12: Azela – a masscom student in STC who taught us our cheers during the intramurals.

Bottom line is, we just have to be good to all the people we meet everyday. It’s a small world after all and the people we meet today might be the same people we meet 10 to 20 years from now. I don’t know if I make sense. My brains isn’t working anymore…I’m so sleepy from the graveyard shift. Good grief, it’s finally over for a while and I’d better sleep the whole day today to recharge for tonight’s night out with my officemates and the girls.

Night. *ngork*

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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Weekend Party

My current employer (I won’t mention the name) turned a year older last Saturday. From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania our American-Canadian CEO (I won’t mention his name too) brought to Cebu, Philippines this big time print-on-demand publishing company to the delight of the Cebuanos. Well of course, this company now serves as the “milking cow” of our family and has somehow helped the ailing Philippine economy..

The celebration was a blast and indeed “bongacious”. We had Ratsky all to ourselves between 5 – 9 PM and even beyond. And we party like there’s no tomorrow.

It’s good to see our top executives (especially Americans) let down their hair and showed their out-of-this world dance steps.

Funny how we complain about our leaders and the company yet we savor and partake in every success and milestones of the company.

Anyway, here are the pics… Enjoy!

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