Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Whatever Things

Last week was busy as hell...I'm glad it was over!


I had a huge task this day. I will be hosting the Philippine Association of Secretaries & Administrative Professionals' Executive and Secretaries' Night together with another newbie member - Annie CaƱete.

Well, it turned out okay and I think we did a good job as hosts. Annie is an expert in hosting being a toastmaster member. I also had quite a stint in emceeing programs for company events.

'Twas a great experience to be exposed to the outside world especially with the executives of top companies in Cebu present during the affair.


Just bonding with friends on a Saturday night. It's the Annual Jamaican Nights but I guess, we're old enough to join that event so we just chill out at BeachRoots and Stilleto in Mango Square. Check out the place --- advertise pa, hehehe.

The Three Muskeeters --- Louie, Earl and Elvin

Elvin, Chai (owner of Stilleto), Moi, Joni and Louie

Elvin, Louie, Paul and Earl --- mature na daw!

Me and Joni --- Elvin pops out of nowhere!


Mama and my little sister paid us a visit. It was mama's birthday last Friday but due to my hectic sked, I was able to treat them on Sunday.

my 3 little-big sisters

mama's favorite - jolibee

three generations

Who say's I'm not a busy person? Ciao for now...

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Wala lng...here are some pics taken over the weekend and the weekend before that.

Party @ Ratsky

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The Last of the Mohicans

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Easter Beach Party @ Portofino
The Beach Rooters conquered the beach on Easter Sunday. Afterall, the beach is where we truly belong...

This is how we look like after our banana boat ride

Wasted according to Arnold

Alex - having fun under the sun with uncle kevin, auntie xan2 and lei

formidable beachroots crew

mommies with the kids

hala cge kaon...

More pics to come about our banana boat adventure...

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

angel in disguise

There are just people in the world that annoys you with every little thing they do. And sometimes there are people who can be mean in some ways and these are the people you least expect to do such a thing to you.

I was totally furious at an officemate during our office party last weekend at Ratsky I wanted to squeeze the life out of her. I know it’s exaggerated but she did the meanest thing in the world to me and what’s worst is that I think of her as my FRIEND.

Being left alone like a hot potato in the middle of a party is just so pathetic. What’s so disgusting is making an alibi that she’s going to the ladies room but you see her going to her “office fling” instead. It’s crazy because the two of us just went to the CR a few minutes back and I don’t think that her gallbladder just shouted “PEE” after 5 minutes or so. The poor girl was not successful in making an attempt to make a fool out of me by that crazy white lie.

It’s really okay to say nicely that she doesn’t want your company during the party. Of course it would hurt a bit but I’d rather hear it than seeing a big fat lie unfold before my very eyes. Nice try girl!


I know you’re reading this my friend. I just want to say thank you for doing that to me. That little act you did took me by surprise but you’ve revealed that other side of you I have never known all these times. You act so sweet, so nice, and so likeable to me and to other people but you are an angel in disguise. You are a bitch in the making. Add to it is your inconsequential cheating behind your boyfriend’s back. Of course that’s none of my fucking business. You can go ahead and be the bitch you desire to be.


I wrote this article over the weekend at the height of my anger but I'm okay now. I don't really keep grudges...not for long. So, you don't have to worry my friend. YOU'RE FORGIVEN!

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Happy Birthday Blog!

This blog turned a year older last month...yeah, yeah, I ALMOST FORGOT or should I say I REALLY FORGOT!!! It has been a year of nonsense posting of my daily ranting and whining about my not so spectacular life. Special thanks to Joey - my gradeschool classmate who introduced this "craze" to me. As what I’ve mentioned in my previous posts, I considered blogging as a remedy for stress and anxiety. This thing also documented the perfect and imperfect moments of my life. And what best way to develop my writing skills...yeah, writing a lot of crappy articles.BOO!

So, happy 1st birthday “My Blog”. Thank you for being a part of my life.

Ten Reasons Why I’m Going Back to the Gym

1. Because it's good for my heart and lungs.
2. Because it’s an avenue for me to release stress and tension.
3. Because the gym's located just 2 blocks from where we live.
4. Because the gym has the best equipment I could ever imagine for only P300 per month.Cheap!
5. Because I could burn my fats and lessen fat deposits.
6. Because I could tone my muscles.
7. Because Earl’s going to the gym too.
8. Because Earl just bought me a new pair of rubber shoes.Very supportive indeed!
9. Because I'm fat.
10.Because I wanna be thin.

Yes, I'm going back to the gym! I've had 3 sessions already and it's really great to sweat it out. Let's see if it works!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Ukay n' Flipflops


I have a secret to tell.

It’s a secret I have been keeping for years.

But now, I couldn’t contain it anymore and I want to tell this secret to the whole world.

Here it goes…


I was oblivious of this obsession I think of it as a hobby until recently.

Well, there’s this store in Cocomall which sells ukay-ukay from UK, Japan and Korea that I frequently visit. Since I’m a constant customer, they already have my number and every time they have new arrivals and sale they would just send me a text or so.

Yesterday, I went there because they texted me that they’re on sale meaning “all items are marked 50 pesos each”.

So these are all I got and more…

Round neck black jacket which I so love. I love jackets - I just bought one gray at P250 last month from the same store.

Black off-shoulder top. We can compare this stuff to items at Kamiseta or Bayo and it’s only P50. Can you believe that? I’m gonna wear this top on Saturday for our Ratsky Office party. Bet my officemates are gonna die with envy, hehehe

Other items --- brown marks & spencer slacks, a knitted blouse, denim jeans for Anne, a t-shirt for Earl and another t-shirt for me. I only spent P350 for all items above.

I really never grew tired of this obsession. Like blogging, it’s a therapy for me and I consider it as my “cheap thrills”. And guess what, I’ve infected my other friends to this addiction.

Of course, I’m proud to be an ukay-ukay addict even if it means sacrificing my dinner money for such treasures.

Getting Ready for Summer...

'tis the season for these...flipflops for me and hubby