Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Not A Petal, Not Even a Leaf

It’s Valentine’s Day!

Flowers delivered to the office are a plenty. Being assigned at the frontdesk, we get to receive them first. But it’s not ours [not one for the 4 lovely admin ladies]. They’re for some of the ladies and one gentleman in the company. A male officemate received a bouquet from his girlfriend --- lucky guy! Me, I’m not really expecting anything from my hubby. It would be one big surprise if I ever receive a petal or a leaf from him. Four years and I’m getting used to it. Fact is, I love receiving flowers but if my husband doesn’t want to send one then let it be. The man has his own reasons and I truly understand. I’m so over that “bitter” phase. I used to really feel bad and bitter but now I’m okay. It's just a matter of acceptance...and I accept him for who he really is without prejudice whether he sends flowers or not on V-day and on any other special occasion. That's love...

Happy Valentine's Day to all!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Spread My Wings

I recently joined a group of bloggers called pinoymomsnetwork. It’s not just bloggers but mom bloggers. It’s actually my first time to join a group and expose my blog that far. I could only count with my 5 fingers the readers of my blog. And joining this group provides me the opportunity for this blog to be uncovered. It’s also an avenue for me to meet new friends, learn from other moms and share my experiences as well. I look up to some of these women whose websites/blog I frequently visit and I’m totally grateful to be part of their network. It’s feels like brushing elbows with famous celebrities.

At first I had second thoughts joining the group especially so that my blog isn’t really that good. I mean, I don’t have nice posts to brag about and my writing skill is not even at par with these mom bloggers. But then again, I thought I gotta grab this opportunity for my blog to spread its wings in the blogosphere. Finally, I signed up and posted my first article.

Check out these superb moms @

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Another Yaya Horror Story

It seems like I’m not really lucky when it comes to retaining a sane and reliable house helper. I’ve been changing helpers thrice the past 6 months. The last one just gave me a terrifying experience. She was with us for less than a month. For a 46-year old, I couldn’t even say that she was good. The first time I saw her, I already have second thoughts of hiring her. But then, we were desperate to have a yaya and besides, she was recommended by my father-in-law’s helper.

Yesterday afternoon, she just left without any notice not even a farewell note. She left my daughter at home ALONE. I was trembling while talking to my sister on the phone. They have to forcibly open the door to get in since no one has been answering. When they went to check on our rooms, the yaya was already gone with all her belongings and that of the previous yaya. The master’s bedroom has been locked up with my daughter inside, sleeping. I was scared to death. What if there’s a fire and my daughter was trapped inside? What if my sister didn’t come home early that afternoon?

Now, I’m faced with another dilemma of looking for her replacement. With all my bad experiences about my house helpers, it’s difficult for me to trust again. I couldn’t imagine leaving my daughter at home to a complete stranger. The thought of what could have happen just gives me goose bumps.

And this blog has become a source of yaya horror stories --- please let this one be the very last. The next one might give me a heart attack!!!