Sunday, February 24, 2008

Weddings in February

We attended two weddings this month. Next to June, I think a lot of couples want to tie the knot during the love month - February. One reason maybe is because this month is simply filled with LOVE and such a romantic month it is.

John & Ellen Lee

The first wedding we attended last Feb. 17 was the wedding of John and Ellen. Both of Chinese decent, their wedding was held at Sacred Heart Parish. It was the first time that I attended a wedding in an airconditioned church (bongga!). John is a good friend of Earl and also one of his business partners of the now defunct Beachroots. Ellen became my friend also and we used to share notes about our relationships. After a rollercoaster relationship and b*tches on the side, I'm glad their relationship finally sealed with a blessing from God.

Kenneth & Tina Mansueto

Don't know much about their relationship but this couple is such a lovely pair. Yesterday, they finally tied the knot after eight years. All I can say is WOW! The wedding was held at the Holy Family Parish in Mandaue and wedding reception was at the Waterfront Hotel in Lahug. They had this classic theme in their wedding banquet with the band playing mostly the couple's favorite love songs. I love that part in their program where Tina sang the song "Thank You, Love" by Jose Mari Chan. Such a very heartwarming song I almost cried...
"I feel like 17 again,
It´s all because of you
Thanks for choosing me from all the rest
Though I´m far from being the best.
Most of all I want to thank you, love, for loving me"
There's something about weddings that simply warms the heart. Even if I was just a mere spectator, I can't help but feel the love that these couples have for each other. And I'm glad that in this age of "live-in, abortion and divorce", these young couples decide to seal their love in front of God and man.

Saturday, February 16, 2008


(Quadro Marias -- Matet, Magee, Moi & Maryann)
"Sisterhood is many things. It's warm smile on a cold rainy day, a friendly hug, a cheerful hello...It's all that a good and lasting friendship is, only better. It's treasured. It's sacred. It's knowing that there will always be someone there for you. It's dreams shared and goals achieved. It's counting on others and being counted on. It is real."

Last night, I had one of those moments when I felt that having a sister is a blessing rather than a curse. I had the best talk ever with my sister Magee. No bickering this time. Just talking and laughing about the silly things we did when we were still kids. Yeah, nostalgic indeed. We also talked about serious stuff too like sharing our frustrations about our other sisters who live with us. Being the eldest (me) and the second (Magee) in the brood of five and already working, we were responsible for our other siblings who are still studying. Two of them are still college students at USC. Maryann (3rd sib) is staying with me while Matet (4th sib) is staying with Magee. Both have different personalities and sometimes the pain in our asses. Sometimes we just wished that our parents are here in Cebu coz it's not easy raising grown-ups. But we are designated by our parents to be our sister's keepers so we have to live up to their expectations and that includes being uncool and killjoy sometimes.

Our talk moved into more deeper topics like careers and jobs and goals and plans in the future and her recent goiter operation. It was a heartwarming talk indeed. At 3am, we called it a night (or rather dawn). I hope we have more of these little talks coz sometimes we always find ourselves arguing and bickering like we used to be when we're still kids.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


We broke up days before Valentines Day and so we never really get the chance to celebrate our first valentines as sweethearts. I still remember that day so vividly. With a heavy heart, I forced myself to get up and go to work. I was telling myself "what the heck, today is just like any other day so move on and get over it...this day will end before you even know it". Nevertheless, I went on with my daily routine. The ride from home to the office seems endless. I was looking at people around me, they look excited and there's a certain glow on their faces. And I feel like the depressed one with bloodshot eyes fresh from a crying marathon. When I reached the office, I immediately devoured the tasks at hand and kept myself busy. It was 8:30 am when our receptionist called my attention saying out loud that a bouquet of flowers has been delivered for me. I noticed heads and necks snooping out of the cubes as it was the first delivery of the day. It was unexpected. I wanted to cry but my officemates were looking at me with eyebrows raised. I knew what's on their mind. They knew our story ---break up and make-up cycle. It was like every month that we broke up and I was always the subject of the office gossips. But I was the hard-headed girl and I just brushed off their side comments.
That night, I wrote these on my journal...
February 14, 2002

"I know this day would be a torture just seeing lovers holding hands, girls receiving bouquet of flowers or balloons, couples on dinner dates. I just wish I'll never have to go to work so I wouldn't witness all these. But I guess I have no choice. I have to face this day like any other ordinary days. I went to work not expecting too much. I just want to close my eyes so I don't see anything. Surprisingly, I received flowers from my ex-boyfriend Earl. He's making it really harder for me. Why is he doing this to me? What is he trying to imply? Well, somehow I survived this day...all alone! Aarrgghhh!"

To date, I still keep the bouquet of flowers he gave me all dried up and still with the note attached to it. (yeah, yeah I am a hopeless romantic like that). I also learned that the flower shop where he bought the flowers closed shop months later. But something new came through after that unforgettable valentines coz we got married six months after. Fast forward to 2008, we now have this critter named Alessaundrei - our daughter.

I hope you all have a romantic and unforgettable Valentines Day today. But don't spend too much and be safe out there. **wink**

Note: Pardon the mushiness but above story is my entry to Noemi Dado's LoveStruck Writing Contest. If you wish to join the contest or just want to read the rest of the lovestruck stories, click here.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

On Valentines...On Love

Tomorrow is Valentines Day.
It may be red-letter day to some lovestruck couples but to me and Earl, it's just an ordinary Thursday. We don't normally celebrate the occasion. I used to make a big fuzz out of it for not going with the flow but times have change and my view on this day has immensely matured.

In my younger years, I used to think that LOVE is all about hugs and kisses and dinner dates and flowers and chocolates and mushy love notes and cheesy text messages and calls and butterflies in my stomach. Now that I have a husband and kid, I view love in a different perspective. More mature this time. More of others rather than myself. More of what I can give than what I will receive. It goes beyond material things and the nauseating feeling of being love; it is doing little sacrifices for your loved ones without any qualms or hesitations or expecting something in return. Like caring for a sick daughter. Like waking up way too early to cook breakfast for your family. Like going out of the way to run errands for your sister. Like taking time to listen to a friend with marital woes. Like sharing financial blessings with your parents. These things we do for love never go out of style...never wither...never causes cavities (like chocolates)...never a tad bit corny. And it's a sure hit to capture the hearts of people we love.

Flowers and balloons may have a way of making our heart skip a bit or leaving us starry-eyed for a while, but what really matters the most is the love we can give not just on Valentines Day but everyday of our lives. And oh, it's not just love but the many things that goes with it --- respect, trust, commitment, honesty, care, humility --- and the list goes on and on.

my everyday valentine

"In this life we cannot do great things. We can only do small things with great love."
~Mother Teresa~

Monday, February 04, 2008


This month's theme for PMN FamPICS is STRAIGHT.

And my idea of STRAIGHT is...

...the rope that puts together this shell curtain.

at Sutukil in Mactan

...the pathway towards the beach.
pathway at Plantation Bay daughter's long ang straight tresses that she got from my genes.

daughter giving me a hug
...the straight guy for the queer eye.
hubby...standing straight in this pic

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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Weekend at Plantation Bay

As you read this, I am sitting in front of somebody else's laptop inside the posh room of Plantation Bay Resort & Spa. Yep, you read it right! We spent our first day of the year at the beach and today, we're spending again the 2nd day of February at the beach. Geezz, I'm starting to get used to this regular trip to the beach --- soaking and frolicking. Thanks to my in-laws for inviting us in.
The resort is packed with foreign guests mostly Koreans, Japanese and some Caucasians. So, we're the local tourists trying to fit in hehe. Plantation is considered as one of the classy resorts here in Cebu. The resort is breathtaking but I always see it as a "fake resort" with everything in it made by man. But what's nice about Plantation is that unlike other hotels and resorts, they have this "No Tipping Policy". They don't let their guests give "tips" to their staff which the guests really appreciate very much. You just imagine how expensive their accommodation is and then the guests are like obliged to give tip. It is so much!

Anyhow, I have to document my third visit to the resort as it is not always everyday that we get this chance to visit here. I didn't really take a dip in the water (unsaun na lang atong Mary Kay...way pulos!). It was Alex who really had fun together with her "little" uncle Brandon.

Below are our some of the pics.

I'm can view the rest of the pics here.