Sunday, June 22, 2008

@ 9 Weeks

Went to visit my OB yesterday despite experiencing the wrath of Frankie all over the city. So I was told that I am already 9 weeks pregnant. I went through the entire drill again (bilangkad na sad ang beauty then gi-IE)...but I can't complain. Afterall, this is something I really wanted. The sad thing though is that my OB strongly forbids my daily dose of caffeine not even decaf. Shocks, how can I ever make it through my shift without coffee? Still, I have to be an obedient preggy and follow what she says coz I know she's just after my health and that of the baby.

We're really excited and we can't stop talking about it day in and day out. The little girl has been super lambing lately and I often find her caressing my not-so-big tummy.

I'm not really feeling any signs of pregnancy yet like nausea and vomitting. I just hope that this pregnancy will be a drama queen episodes or morning sickness. I just want to be perfectly happy and comfortable all the time in this 9-month ordeal.

So help me God.

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