Wednesday, July 25, 2007

MEME...I've been tagged

I've been TAGGED by Jadee the Cake Artist

Instructions: Each player starts with 7 random habits/facts about themselves. People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their seven things, as well as these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose 7 people to get tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them that they have been tagged and to read your blog!

Seven things you may want to know :)

1. i am chocoholic --- i can't resist the smell and taste of a chocolate bar, chocolate cake or even a choc-nut

2. i am NOT an impulsive buyer --- before buying an item, i still have to go around the department store thinking, contemplating and arguing with myself if i really have to buy that item.

3.i started to have crushes at the age of 4 --- and guess who my crushes are? my uncles (father's side)

4.i'm a collector of cosmo magazines --- wala lang ganahan lang ko tan-aw mga models and often fantasize wearing the clothes they wear.

5.reptiles scare me to death (snakes, crocodile, lizards, iguana)

6.i maintain 4 blogs: blogger, cebu connect, multiply and another one i won't tell coz it's for personal viewing only hehehe

7. i may be tough and strict on the outer but deep inside i'm as soft as a cotton and really friendly.

i'm tagging... sylvette,ms. joy,missy,jo-ann,jesefel,jenny and chat

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Thank you, Francis Kong

I wanted to write about the stress I’ve been through the past weeks preparing for our regional conference. Having to head the Finance and Solicitation Committee and be in-charged of the conference kits is no joke. You have to coordinate with sponsors with their marketing materials to be placed inside the kits. You have to purchase the prizes and tokens. You have to make sure that your commitment to your sponsors has been met. I did 3 terrible journeys to Cebu Pacific Ticket office just so our speaker from Manila could finally book his flight. I told myself that I’ll never get myself involved ever again next year. It was stressful. I didn’t get enough sleep and my muscles ache. And I still have to go to the office. I’ve seen the best and worst in those involved in the preparation. I know those who are working their butts off and those who are just sitting pretty doing nothing. Technically, I didn’t have a grasp of the entire conference as I was moving in and out of the conference room running around, watching over our kits and prizes, preparing the prizes etc. My feet really hurt so badly since I was no longer accustomed to wearing heels. I even seek the help of my husband, sisters and some colleagues to run errands for me which I felt really guilty about.

Day 2 of the conference was much better. Thank God! There I was seated in the front table and listening intently to the speaker – Mr. Francis Kong, talk about “Making a Difference in Other People’s Lives”. I’ve heard him speak in several occasions in the past and all I can is that “walang kakupas-kupas”. He’s still one of the best speakers and trainers in this country and maybe beyond. He was talking about the types of complainers: Whiners & Groaners, Cynics, Martyr and Perfectionists. He was describing briefly these types of complainers and the wisdom he’s injecting always hits me head on. I guess in one way or another, I belong to the 4 complainers. Like right now, I was complaining about the stress I’ve been through being one of the driving forces of this regional conference. And most of the time, I complain about life in general.

So, I don’t wanna complain anymore. I realized that I am privileged to be able to encounter such challenges as it would make me a better admin professional and a better person. The opportunity to be part of this regional conference is a learning experience for me. I will always remember Mr. Francis Kong saying “Always have an insatiable thirst for learning”. And next year, I decided to take part again and be involved and continue to fuel my thirst for learning. Till next year…

Pictures here...

Sunday, July 15, 2007

A Gathering of GS Talents

There were a lot of reasons to celebrate that night and I’m glad the gathering was finally set after several postponements. Thanks to Herbelle – our official events coordinator for the text brigades and reminders. Big thanks to JPL for being our ever-generous host in her cozy Mahogany Grove residence.(pics to follow --- Glaze, please upload them asap)

One thing common about us is that we’re all “ex-GS talents” and has remained friends despite us employed at different companies. We always touch based with each other and hold little gatherings to celebrate victories and special occasions. There were 3 reasons to celebrate that night: 1. Kristine’s despedida (she’s off to Ausie to join her family) 2. Anabelle’s upcoming wedding (of course, we also scheduled a separate bridal shower sometime September) 3. My promotion (t’was JPL who made the announcement).

It was good traveling down memory lane and refresh old memories while we’re still with GS. We had a good laugh talking about our many bloopers and “pasaway” moments, sulk about bitter experiences and back-bite our previous employer over a bottle of red wine that got “Ano” drunk. It was also a time to catch up on each other’s lives and brag about our “after-GS” lives. Most of us love the life we now have veering away from the life we used to have with GS. Life at GS is not at all heaven but it wasn’t pure hell too. With due respect, GS brought us leaps and bounds in our respective careers and prep us for the bigger world.

Good food, fine wine, good company and a bit of nostalgia just made the night perfect. I look forward to more of these in the coming days.

Reminiscin' the good old days @ GS

The formidable "etch arr" team

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Decision

I'm staying.

Actually, I've consulted a lot of people including my ever-dependable fairy godmother - JPL. I sent her a text at an ungodly hour of 1am to tell her about my dilemma. I know that she’s already in slumberland by that time so I was expecting a reply in the morning.

When I woke up this morning, I haven’t really made up my mind as yet though I wrote in my post earlier that I’m staying. Yeah, I’m not really an impulsive decision maker. I always look at all angles before jumping into something I’m not certain about. So, I got this reply from my fairy godmother at 3:45 am. I was already asleep by then. My husband told me that I was snoring like a pig. Dammit! Anyway, the text message goes like this...
“Hi Lutz, Ma’am Dets told me about your promotion last Saturday. Congrats. You deserve that! If maantus pa nimu ang sked and it’s not affecting your family, accept the promotion. Saying sad ang $ and the tenure. Yes, A is super stable but don’t worry, you’re still very young. You would have more opportunities and better pa. Just write A a nice letter of regret stating your promotion and pay. This way, they will know how good and valuable you are. Who knows, they might match the offer diba? Gogogo!”

Just what I really need. Since my decline letter is already in my draft, I read it one last time (after a hundred times I guess) and click “SEND”. There goes my dream, my wish. But I don’t have any regrets. I am even excited of what other opportunities awaits me inside and outside this company.

Again…I’m staying! No questions asked.

credits to jadee for this pic

Choices (again)

You are the person who has to decide. Whether you'll do it or toss it aside; you are the person who makes up your mind. Whether you'll lead or will linger behind. Whether you'll try for the goal that's afar. Or just be contented to stay where you are.” - Anonymous -

I received a call from Company A yesterday right after dinner. Yes, I got the job as Business Services – Executive Assistant (or something like that). I have until this morning to decide or else they have to consider other candidates for the position. The pay is very low (almost half) compared to what I’m earning right now but the benefits are so attractive. 13th month, 14th month, unused leaves converted to cash, retirement plan, hmo and no questions about the “day job”.

Now, I’m left with a decision whether to take the offer or not. Right after the phone call, I talked to Ms. O (my boss) to heed some advice. She told me that it’s really up to me to decide. She said that she will always be biased because of course she wants me to stay. But she will not stop me from leaving because she doesn’t want me to blame her if things don’t work out with X. What makes it so hard to decide is the fact that I just got a promotion from my current employer – a notch higher than I used to be. It was unexpected and I don’t intend to announce it to the entire company. But for the sake of this blog, I’m now telling the world.(ironic)

I never felt so blessed having to choose between two promising careers. Others may not be given this chance. But it was indeed a very tough decision to make. It was much more difficult since I have to make a choice overnight. I didn’t have the luxury of time to weigh and sort things out. Although I already made a decision to stay on, the call from company A gave me second thoughts. But as I was contemplating again on the consequences of my decision, I remembered a short message sent to me by my friend. It says “The minute you think of giving up…think of the reasons why you held on so long”. Okay, so why did I stay with X this long? The pay? Yes, it’s a motivation. The boss? Yes, she’s more like a mother. The team? Yes, because they’re more like my friends. But beyond that, it’s the spirit of camaraderie and fun and the relationships I’ve built with the people in the organization. It’s irreplaceable!

I also consulted hubby about my decision and I have his full support. I guess I’m staying. As what I’ve said in my previous post, I’m giving it another year. When I’m ready and when the time is right, there might be some companies out there better than company A. I hope so…

Now I can go to sleep.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Mid-year Review

It’s July 1st and we’re heading towards half of the year. Time runs so fast I didn’t even notice it or was I so busy about a lot of things. Or maybe I’ve wasted so much time. Early this year, I made some list of things that I want to achieve this year. I called it “goals for the year”. So, here’s my review on how far I am in achieving these goals.

High Priority

1. Have a baby --- still no positive sign eh. I’m procrastinating visits to my OB – lazy me.

2. Learn to drive ---- damn…haven’t enrolled in driving school yet…I’m eyeing September.

3. Internet connection at home--- yehey. accomplished!

4. Lose weight --- no effort exerted here. I’m still the same “fat” me. Doesn’t bother me at all though.

5. Save --- my credit card bills continue to increase. I have two sisters in college asking for allowance and books and etc every so often.

Low Priority

6. Get a passport (what a shame…still)

7. Travel (traveled to CDO over the holy week…but I don’t count that)

8. Cut my hair really, really short(it’s still long but shorter that before and my hair has body now).

9. Find a new employer --- I already decided to stay for a while with current employer for some good reasons. Maybe next year…so this is off my list this year.

10. Win the lotto --- I’m not even betting.

You see? I still have seven items on my list unaccomplished but I have 6 more months to get them off my list. I’m not being lazy or what but I have compelling reasons for not carrying out these goals. I know I have to speed up and beef up efforts if I really want to achieve them. With the help of the people close to me, I would be able to make it. I’ll be a happy person then.

So, way to go girl!