Saturday, March 29, 2008

3rd Year Blog Birthday

Three years ago today, I wrote my first ever post in this blog. I was a novice blogger back then. I don't know how to post pictures nor create links. And my writing sucks. I couldn't string words perfectly and create such beautifully written posts in the likes of jet david, sassylawyer, noemi dado, pammy or the paredes.

While browsing through my archive, I am amazed at the number of posts I wrote since 2005 from the mundane of things to the extraordinary and sensible ones. Last year, my PC got busted but that never stop me from doing what I love to do. There's always the nearby internet cafe' to run to if you feel the itch to rant over a bad day in the office or brag about your kid's milestone. I may not have a massive blog audience but I am always thrilled to see a comment or two on every post or if there's any movement in my hit counter. I also met strangers in the blogosphere who eventually became my friends and whose blogs continue to inspire me to continue this passion. Yea, during the past years, blogging started out as a hobby but later on turned into a passion. I keep on saying this in the past that blogging is some sort of a therapy, something that eases the heavy heart or cures the wounded soul. Hhhmmm. Deep.

It's been three years and I'm still here beaming with enthusiasm everytime an idea or subject pops out of my mind. It's something that I would love doing everyday of my life if given the chance. I'm still far from being perfect and I don't claim being an expert in blogging. But will continue to linger while I'm still here and of course if blogspot continue to exist. And there's always that dream of having my own domain someday.


Ink-ed for Life

There has been a lot of misconceptions about people with tattoo and they are often conceived as drug addicts, drunkard or worst, ex-convicts. Maybe some are but definitely not everybody. Hubby has 3 tattoos - two on both legs and one at his back. I have nothing against it, it's his skin anyway. As long as I don't have to pitch in the pain and expense, I'm cool with it.

Ink For Life Tattoo Studio

This afternoon, hubby had his back tattoo pimped at Ink For Life. My daughter's second name in Old English font has been permanently etched in his back. He had the ink darken and added a ripped off design. The tattoo artist did a superb job and it was a good deal at PhP9,000 for the entire package with 4 sessions. Other tattoo studios in town would charge you almost PhP 20K for a tattoo that big. It was his second session already he's planning to add more designs in the remaining sessions. Another good thing about IFL is that they don't ask you to pay the package one time.

the tattoo artist getting busy

So, why get a tattoo? Is it for vanity or just showing off? Is it really worth the pain? Hubby says he appreciates the art that goes with it. After getting one, he just can't stop and wanted more that's why he already got three tats and perhaps a few more. I've been meaning to get one ala Edward Cole (Jack Nicholson) in The Bucket List maybe a little tat on my middle finger - a cherry blossom or a star maybe that would look like a ring. Hubby said, he'll try to negotiate with the artist to have mine for free. I think I have high tolerance to pain. I was practicing by pricking my fingers with a needle just to see how it feels. I guess I can manage.

after three hours...this is still unfinished

Friday, March 28, 2008

Move Up Day (Year 2)

Another school year is over for my little girl and next year she’ll be moving up to the next level which is PG – 5. Two more school years and she’ll be in big school already. I can’t wait to see her climb up the academic ladder but a part of me still wants her to be that tiny little tot who is still struggling to master the ABC. Today was her move up day. It was kinda’ late compared to most pre-schools which ended the school year before Holy Week. The move up was just a short ceremony compared to last year where they had a “playlet” if you call it. The PG-6 also had their graduation ceremony while the kids from the lower level received their respective awards. Alex received the “Young Commentator Award”. As described, the Young Commentator never runs out of things to say about people, events and situations. Voluntarily this child always expresses opinions openly.

I think the award given to Alex was well-deserved. Even at home, she has her take on things like the movie she’s watching or what the DJ is saying on the radio and so many “why’s” in the world which I find unusual or maybe it’s NOT unusual with the kind of kids nowadays. I find her growing up too fast. Aside from the physical growth, her mental skills have developed leaps and bounds. I am amazed with her ability to read short words with single vowel and she already knows how to tell the time – not through the digital clock but the regular clock with numbers. She can also do things on her own and can be trusted on some little household chores like sweeping the floor or organizing her toys and dvds or bringing you stuff from the fridge.

Okay, I could go on and on with her many achievements. In a nutshell, she has come a long way as a pre-schooler. Now going back to the move up earlier today, I had a hard time taking pictures as we were not allowed to go near the stage during the entire ceremony. I was a bit upset because Alex prefers to have her picture taken with her friends rather than me. Yeah, call me a jealous and overly-sensitive mom. I have to rush for work so I dropped them off (my sister, the yaya and Alex) to Ayala for a quick bite at McDonalds – a simple treat for the little girl.

Here are a few of the shots I took.

getting ready to receive the award
Young Commentator Awardeeshowing off their awards (Alex, Jazz and Kathleen)saying goodbye for now...Alex with a few of her school buddies
my sister anne with jazz and alex

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Part One: CDO Adventure 2008

Growing up in the province has exposed me to the laid back and slow-mo life. I always love the tranquility that the province has to offer with the beauty of Mother Nature right in your fingertips. This year's trip to Cagayan de Oro City was an escape from the hussle and bussle of Cebu city life. Though CDO is a city in itself, it is far from being highly urbanized and industrialized compared to Manila or Cebu. Don't get me wrong. I didn't mean it in a negative way though. The entire province still boasts of lush greenery, panoramic view of the mountains, and clean air.

We were told that our itinerary for this year would include a trip to the beach. I'm quite relieved because I have always love the beach may it be white sandy ones or the gray or rocky beaches. Black Saturday came, we pack up our things and drove more than 120 kilometers east of Cagayan de Oro City.

I'll be posting several pictures and will just put some captions. I'm too tired to compose a story that long about our adventures. Just let the pictures speak for themselves.

first off...the captain of the ship
passing through blind curves and always meet this sign
and this too
we don't wanna miss this

seriously, you think the criminals in this town will take their police seriously?
first pit stop...for lunch
while waiting for the food to be served, we practiced our "sniper" skills with their shooting range

we were also entertained by this cute little fellow

finally...Duka Bay Resort
this sure looks fun...getting ready to "snorkeeel"

i swear, it's a beautiful world down there.
this kid had a blast and this surfer is waiting for the big waves to come...they never came!
and when the sun sets along with the aching sunburn, we called it a day.

You can view more pictures here.

Thursday, March 20, 2008



It's not what you're thinking.

Just because it's summer, you have all the reasons to go topless.

Why not? you there!

These are Topless Sandals given to us by Ate Leonor.

It's really comfy you wouldn't even know you're wearing a slipper and it's perfect for summer.

Check out how it works and see other designs here.

Tara Na, Biyahe Tayo!

" A good traveller has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving."

- Lao Tzu -

(taken at CDO port)

Reached Cagayan de Oro safe and sound after all the chaos we encountered at the port. What do you expect, it's the travel season. Good thing, me and Alex have less baggage since hubby, who went ahead with us, already brought most of our things. I just wish you all a very peaceful and meaningful Holy Week with your family and loved ones.

Monday, March 17, 2008

My Sacrifice

Yesterday, Palm Sunday marks the start of "Semana Santa". For the Roman Catholic, it is the time to commemorate the passion and death of Christ. For others, the week spells VACATION and that includes a trip to the water may it be beach, pool, river or whatever. When I was a kid, I spent my Holy Week with my Lola Claudia. The religious that she is, semana santa for her is a time for sacrifice. I remember joining the way of the cross with her barefoot passing through uncemented and rocky roads of her little town. I had huge blisters and cuts on my feet after. That was for her our sacrifice and she would sermon that it's nothing compared to what Jesus Christ went through on the road to Calvary.

I couldn't remember the last time I did the "Via Crusis". The last three years, our Lent has been spent in Bantayan Island, Cagayan de Oro or home. So, last Saturday along with the scorching heat of the sun and the steep climb up, I joined my fellow PASERs to Tabor Hills for what I call "my little sacrifice". It's the first time I've been there and in fact, I never heard of it not until last Saturday. I was told that the place is a big hit especially during the Lent Season where a lot of people visit the place to do the Station of the Cross.

I don't really consider myself a devout Catholic but I do believe in Him and never miss my Sunday obligation. I joined last Saturday's ordeal because it is my way of being with the Lord. I know sometimes with the fast paced living and with a lot of distractions around me, I often ignore His presence in my life. Tabor Hill is also a perfect place for reflection though the summer heat was really unbearable I almost fainted. Good thing, we have enough supply of food and water.

Before you all hit the beach, climb up Tabor Hill and be aware of God's presence in your midst. Though tired, I actually felt light after.

Let me share to you some of the photos I took of the place.

feeling really tired

Friday, March 14, 2008

Because I Care

I grew up in a culture where repaying your elders for all their sacrifices is such a big deal. There’s no written agreement but it has been observed from generation to generation in my family. The tradition has been, my parents send me off to school and pay for everything then when I finish school and find a job, it’s payback time. A portion of my salary goes to them or to my siblings. I can’t complain but sometimes I waddle from self-pity to resentment especially when there are things I wanted to buy for myself or my immediate family yet cannot because the college tuition fees of my two sisters are already due.

Hubby’s parents are different. During the first few years of my marriage, I got into some disagreement with him over this so-called financial support given to my parents. He cannot understand the fact that I just can’t turn my back from my parents. However, later on, we’ve come to terms about how to deal with the issue.

Then I stumble upon this blog through Sassylawyer.

Your parents are responsible for raising you. You are not responsible for them. Although it’s honorable to make sure your parents have a good life, don’t do it out of guilt.

It sure hit me smack right within. While it’s true that parents are supposed to take care of their children and not the other way around, I still go on a guilt trip every time my parents would tell me the hardships they’ve been through. Papa has retired when I entered college and Mama’s meager income as hospital employee cannot cope with their daily needs. The modest revenue we get from my father’s piece of copra land and rice field is also not enough to send 2 college and 1 high school siblings to school so my parents would turn to me and my sister for a little support. I also can’t see myself living my life in luxury while my parents live in misery with nary a food on the table. No matter what happens, they are my parents, blood of my blood and nothing could ever change that. Maybe it’s not the tradition that compels us to support our parents when they age. It’s the circumstances that our parents are into. Had it been that they have silver platter on the table or a fat bank account, I’m sure they would never seek our help. I guess the best way is to snap out of that guilty feeling as what Small Potato suggests and think of it as a noble act.

I know these bits and pieces about my family are too personal to be roving in this blogosphere but I felt relieved. Earlier today, I said some mean things to my parents through text telling them how bitter I was for having to take on the responsibility of sending my siblings to school. It was awful I know but I said sorry. From now on, I will not be bitter anymore and whatever help I will have to extend will be done because I care.

Tough Times

Thank God it's finally Friday. The week has been a total fiasco both at work and at home.

In the office, we have quite a number of screw ups left and right. I always find myself staring blankly into space and suddenly felt my heartbeat racing madly. I still can't get over the fact that I have hugely marred my performance with that oversight. But if there's one person who makes things a lot easier for us that would be our boss. She's been really nice and considerate despite our inequities. In the corporate world, she really gave meaning to what command responsibility is. She is our shield from whatever negative force that's sucking this company. Kung kinahanglan duphan, duphan gyud niya. And with that I thank her.

Home has been a struggle too. Well, not really my home but my other home. My first home. But I've handled it after some harsh words sent to heaven knows and I'm terribly sorry. I know nobody's to be blame and that if life throws you stone, you just have to embrace it. Who knows one of these stones might be a gem.

I digress.

Now, I'm looking forward to what the weekend has to offer. I hope it's all good. And of course, the family's much awaited vacation in CDO next week is a well-deserved break.

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Monday, March 10, 2008

My Little Indian Girl

Call me a stage mum but what the heck...I'm sure most mothers would agree with me that we can't help being one. Allow me to brag a little about my daughter's performance during their school's annual play last Saturday at STC auditorium. It was one of those short plays cooked up by their school entitled "The Sad King". She played one of the girls from India who performed a dance number to make the king happy. As the story goes, they failed to delight the king but the audience was surely wowed by their performance especially that of my daughter who danced with gusto to the beat of the Indian dance. She also looked pretty in her Indian costume...ahhemm, kudos to me for the hair and makeup. Despite the stir I encountered that afternoon which really scared the hell out of me, I have no choice but to be up and about for my daughter's sake. Hubby also had some other plans that afternoon but I'm glad he was able to make it just in time for our daughter's performance. Our little girl was truly amazing and boy did she received quite an attention or should I say "fans" especially from parents who wanted to take a picture of her with their sons. Oh no!

Below are some photos taken during the play...

Hera seems to have forgotten the steps...looking at Alex for cue

now that's better...together this time

Namaste! (from Hera, Alex and Jazz)

with the stage mum
with the dad who is equally proud

Friday, March 07, 2008

This House

Been eyeing this new subdivision in Consolacion, Cebu. I hope this time, if the budget permits and with a little help from hubby’s dad, we’ll be able to have what we call “our home”. We’ve been renting the last 5 years since we got married and it’s pretty exhausting moving from one house to another. Two years back, we started paying this house in Mactan but decided not to pursue for proximity and financial reasons. It was a hard decision especially that we’re almost halfway in completing the equity dues and the developer just refunded us almost half of what we initially paid for. Earlier today, hubby and I visited the site in Consolacion Valley. The houses look like candy bars from the top view of the valley with different colors and motif each house. The units are ready for occupancy but we just have to pay 30% of the total amount for us to move in. The first time I saw the house in the net, I fell in love with the design and the colors. Seeing and stepping inside the house/s feels like home.
I hope and pray this house is meant for us and that Consolacion Valley will be our little community where my children will grow and build friendships and run around the garden chasing our dog or cats. No more turning back. I mean, I’m ready to give up my whims just for this house. I am willing to eat nothing in the next five years or so just for this house...So help us God.

Our future home and neighborhood... (fingers crossed!)

Monday, March 03, 2008


This month's theme for PMN FamPICS is LEARNING.

Learning doesn't only begin and end in school. As they say, life is a continuous learning experience. Everyday, we learn something new may it be something we read in the paper or a new book perhaps. We also learn from stories and experiences of our friends and even our own. We learn out of our daily journey whether it's a journey to a nearby island or far away land. And in our quest for learning, what really matters is the lessons we gain in the process.

Learning through books
(pose with the books)Learning through friends
(Alex at the center)
Learning through experience
(nature tour bus)
You can view the rest of the LEARNING pics here.