Sunday, December 30, 2007


Okay, twelve months has come and almost gone and here I am wrapping up the remaining days of 2007. I feel a little bit sad bidding goodbye to an amazingly incredible year. However, there's a sense of relief and optimism as I face yet another challenging year. It's a shame how I wasn't able to tick off the things I want done this year a.k.a. my so-called "goals for the year".

I swear, I really tried!

But the year has been really nice to me except for some petty disasters and screw ups towards the last quarter but I was able to deal with it well. Some good things also happened this year and I am just grateful to people who made them happen for me. Going back to my goals, there's
not much change the last time I check. Thus, it is not worth mentioning again as it is quite embarrassing. It's time to move on in life with a bag-full of hope and to never look back and commit the same old crap. I have great hopes for the coming year and I want to do things right this time. No more crap and sh*t allowed. I don't intend to make another list of goals but I know in my heart what I want to accomplish next year. I cannot guarantee that I'll be doing great things in 2008 but it wouldn't hurt to make some improvement each day. I shall continue
flailing in life and living it to the fullest.

So, let's embrace 2008 with a big bang!

kiss ass

According to, "kiss ass" is an idiom which means to act submissively or obsequiously in order to gain favor. In our Filipino slang, "kiss ass" is also known as "sip-sip" (sucker).

Lately, a former officemate accused me of being "sipsip". Nope, he didn't tell me upfront but has been spreading it like a nasty rumor to some people. We were under the same department and worked for the same boss for a year or so. For that span of time, he always has this regular spat with our boss which I really don't care as it was beyond my jurisdiction. Eventually, he left the company with this little or should I say huge grudge against our boss and even gave me the cold treatment. FINE, it doesn't affect me at all!

I've come to terms with the fact that he could say all he want to say about ME but that won't stop me from defending my side. I joined this company three years ago at the height of it's birth pains. There were no guidelines, no systems, no definite policies in place yet. Joining the company was like walking through a dark tunnel of uncertainties. But I was armed with knowledge and skills acquired from my previous employer with updated systems and business concepts so I readily applied them to this newly-established company I just joined in. For a year, I was never given credit, nor given a raise during my regularization. I am not a perfect employee and I screw up from time to time but I am always humbled by my mistakes. I don't boast of being superior and I have much respect towards those above me. As much as possible, I make it a point to maintain good working relationship with the people I work with more importantly with my bosses as they could speak much about my work attitude and skills when I'm out of the company. Ask them and they could only say kind words about me. These are professional and well-respected individuals in their respective fields. Who am I to dictate and manipulate them to really recognize me? I have nothing against my boss that will make me say something terrible against them. Is that being "sipsip"? My boss has her flaws and mistakes and we often argue about work but she has been so good to us in many countless ways and has been instrumental in making us who we are now. And we just have to reciprocate her goodness by doing what is expected of us. Will that make us "kiss ass" subordinates?

I don't think so!

To YOU me "sipsip" or whatever but first look deeper into yourself. Think of the reason why you didn't get the promotion you've been yearning. The reason may be more than the regular strife with your boss. I know for a fact that during your stint, she's been trying to hide your sh*t from top management and you have all the wrong reasons to hate her. Don't take it against me as I am only doing my job here. Move on with your pathetic life and stop being such a sourgraping loser.

Saturday, December 22, 2007


Gifts started to pour in with just 3 days before Christmas. This year, I'm starting this custom of gathering our gifts together and unwrapping them on Christmas day. My daughter has been itching to open her gifts but I told her to just be patient and wait for Christmas of which she agreed with a little pout. She was overwhelmed with the all her gifts under our tree which I'm sure will increase as we approach the 25th.

I'm done with my Christmas shopping and I'm expecting a fat credit card bill by the end of the month. But it doesn't matter as long as I make a lot of people happy this season. It's such a nice feeling receiving gifts but it felt more wonderful to give away gifts. I was a bit annoyed at our office version of exchanging gifts though as some really didn't feel like giving. It's supposed to be "exchanging gifts" not "receiving gifts". Some of my colleagues took the pleasure of receiving their gifts and yet didn't even bother to give anything to their manita/manito. I was ranting about this the week after our christmas party as I still didn't receive my gift NOT until yesterday. Good thing, the girl who picked my name finally realized that she still owe somebody a gift --- after an email reminder from our HR hehehe.

So, here's a word for my sponsors for the fabulous gifts this year.


* Ms. Delia for the timex watch
* PASAP for another timex watch and a lot of goodies
* Ms. O for the bedsheet --- just what I really need
* Jocelyn for the brown top
* Sylvette for the funky bracelet
* Paul & Tracey for the cinema tickets and box of chocolate
* Cheryl/Ng Khai for the mug
* Lu/Globe for the bag of goodies
* Jon for the vase
* Analaine for the bangles
* Gail for the purse
* Cha-cha for the gift (I haven't opened it yet)
* Imelda for the bowl/storage container
* Joy Creer for the Blue Magic gift (finally!)

If I miss your name --- THANK YOU!

More to come...and I'm still accepting gifts until next year.


Marketing Christmas Party

Thanks Marketing peeps for inviting (read:adopting) the admin, encoder, it dev and pre-press team to your party. We sure had fun. Handuraw Cafe' is just the perfect venue for the party as we have lots of props to use for the photo ops. The food was also great. There's so much laughter in the air and the company was wondreful--- that defines what a P A R T Y is all about.

However, me and Rapeh have to rush back to the office to work thus our partying was cut short. I would have wanted to go back and rejoin them after work but I've got so much things to bring. Though short, it is still one of the best parties I've attended this year.


using Handuraw items as fashion props


muni-muni by the window

some items sold @ Handuraw - perfect gifts this Christmas

More craziness here...

Monday, December 17, 2007

Santa's Elf

We Are Santa's Elves
by The Elves

We are Santa's elves
Building Santa's shelves
With a toy for each girl and boy
Oh, We are Santa's elves!

We work hard all day
But our work is play
Dolls we try out

See if they cry out
We are Santa's elves!

We've a special job each year
We don't like to brag
Christmas Eve we always fill Santa's bag

Santa knows who's good
Do the things you should
And we bet you, he won't forget you
We are Santa's elves!

We've a special job each year

We don't like to brag
Christmas Eve we always fill Santa's bag

Santa knows who's good
Do the things you should
And we bet you, he won't forget you
We are Santa's elves!

Ho Ho Ho, Ho Ho Ho
We are Santa's elves!
Ho HO!

And yet another party...

white glam @ TJ's

Sometimes, I wish that December will just pass by without me being so stressed with all the parties I'm attending left and right. The first party I've attended was --- you've read it right --- "stressful". Good thing, the office party we had at TJ's didn't give me all the agony of being in-charged of something except for the registration which has been assigned to Admin the last 3 years. It's like an unwritten part of our job description...but I'm not complaining. Not at all.

Now the party turned out to be an awards night of some sort. Some employees were given some recognition by their managers for doing a great job. Our COO also gave us this timepiece (shipped from the US) as a token for 3 years of dedicated service to XL. Has it been 3 years? Wow, I couldn't believe I lasted this long.

But the party was a bit disorganized. Though I gave credit to our HR people for really trying their best to put up a party what with a lot of challenges along the way. I've been there and it's not easy. It would have worked out well if they also got some brains from other department or create a committee involving other departments. That way, they could also get the help they need and not end up being stressed (like me).

Somehow, we had fun. Check out the pics here (taken with my new Canon Powershot A560).

Monday, December 10, 2007

The First Party

My first Christmas Party this year turned out to be well, uh...let me just say “a bit of a disaster”. Seems like the forces of nature are against me but in the end I realized a lot of things. So, why did the party turned out to be a disaster?

Let’s start with the preparation...

The Dress

As you know, it’s really difficult for a woman my size to look for a dress. At first, a colleague let me borrow her red gown. It fits me perfectly except that I couldn’t conceal my bulging tummy. So, I tried checking with hubby’s uncle – Dexter Alazas for a ball gown. While trying on some of the gowns in his shop most of which are too small for me, I finally found this blue and gold gown. I was all set and even bought a pair of gold sandals to match the dress. When I tried the dress again the night before the party, I heard a little “crack” sound behind my back. Then my sister told me that there’s this big hole in the butt area. With less time, I decided to just rent a gown at the nearby dress shop. So, I finally don a black gown which everyone at the party really admired but never get to win the Prom Queen award. Oh, I’m not bitter because I didn’t win that award. I was a little bit upset because of...

The Mask

So we were told during our previous meetings that our party theme would be a “masquerade ball”. And me, being the overly into costume and themed parties prepared my mask weeks beforehand. I went through sleepless nights coupled with cuts and burns just making my mask only to find out during the party that it was cancelled. I was the only person in the party bringing my mask. And it wasn’t just the mask that I brought – 5 huge plastic bags with tokens and giveaways. Can you imagine that?

The Camera

Some of you may have noticed from my previous pictures that my camera has gotten some “blue” bug of some sort. So, for this event I borrowed my sister’s digicam to be sure that I have good pictures. Though we have an official photographer, it is still good to have your own cam for immediate uploading of pictures to multiply or friendster. And since I was moving around during the party being in-charged of the raffles and tokens, I didn’t get to use the camera. But I was already planning to have a photo ops right after the party and also have my picture taken beneath Waterfront’s enormous Christmas Tree at the lobby. To my dismay, the camera’s battery ran low when I turned it on. Oh and id I say I almost lost the camera coz it slips out of my purse. Good thing I was quick to discover that it’s gone and hurriedly went back to the venue. I found it under the table where I left some of my things. But I still pose with the cameras of my fellow PASers. Talk about a resourceful cam whore.

The Makeup
I already have a picture of how I will look like the night of the party. I want my hair to be have these little curles at the tip then my make-up would be simple yet elegant. I was planning to do it all by myself since I don't want to spend more on my hair and make-up. So, I was drying up my hair to prepare for the curles. Just as when I plugged in the curling iron, it created a smoke then a small spark. Yeah, it got busted. No choice but to run to the nearest salon for my hair and make-up. This is how I look...what yah think?

The Task

For the past days, I have been working my butt off preparing PASAP’s last event this year – our Christmas Party and at the same Awards Night. Sometimes, I feel really guilty for using company time and resources while doing my job for PASAP as chairperson for Finance and Solicitation Committee. I also find myself running errands wrapping gifts, preparing tokens and raffle items, picking up stuff, soliciting, making calls etcetera. It was overwhelming and I feel really exhausted. I even have to go on leave just so I could allocate time outside of work for PASAP. I am not complaining. It’s just that I didn’t get the help I need. I was trying to be a superwoman but fail as I can only do so much. I allowed myself to be overwhelmed and I didn’t call for SOS.

The Lesson

But I’m glad that the 2007 PASAP year is over and done. I have learned so much from the experience of leading a small group. And I realized that there are still a lot of things that I need to improve and learn. I also learned that in any organization or association as in our case, you can’t erase the fact that there will always be politics and that there will always be difficult people to deal with. I’ve had my share of frustrations and disappointments but I would be a hypocrite if I’ll say that I didn’t have fun. Being involved takes a lot of commitment and passion. For once, I’ve never seen myself this passionate and dedicated with what I’m doing. It may be a tough job but nevertheless it was rewarding and fun-filled. I am still an officer next year but with lesser responsibility this time as Assistant Treasurer and Adviser for Finance Committee mentoring newbies and fresh blood. I just hope I will render the same enthusiasm and commitment to the next year’s administration. And let me just rectify… the party wasn’t really a disaster coz I received a Timex watch for having a perfect attendance all year round and also a cash gift and token for being a chairperson. Added to it are the cans and cans of Virginia Food products I won during the raffle. Not bad afterall...

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Oh, God, Forgive Me When I Whine

(Author Unknown)

Today, upon a bus, I saw a girl with golden hair
I looked at her and sighed and wished I was as fair.
When suddenly she rose to leave,
I saw her hobble down the aisle.
She had one leg and used a crutch
But as she passed, she passed a smile.
Oh, God, forgive me when I whine
I have 2 legs, the world is mine.

I stopped to buy some candy
The lad who sold it had such charm
I talked with him a while, he seemed so very glad
If I were late, it'd do no harm.
And as I left, he said to me,
"I thank you, you've been so kind.
It's nice to talk with folks like you.
You see," he said, "I'm blind."
Oh, God, forgive me when I whine.
I have 2 eyes, the world is mine.

Later while walking down the street,
I saw a child with eyes of blue
He stood and watched the others play
He did not know what to do.
I stopped a moment and then I said,
"Why don't you join the others, dear?"
He looked ahead without a word.
And then I knew, he couldn't hear.
Oh, God, forgive me when I whine.
I have 2 ears, the world is mine.

With feet to take me where I'd go.
With eyes to see the sunset's glow.
With ears to hear what I would know.
Oh, God, forgive me when I whine.
I've been blessed indeed, The world is mine.

Last Sunday, the Philippine Association of Secretaries and Admin Professionals had our outreach program with the Guardian Angels School (school for children with orthopedic disabilities) as our beneficiary. We gathered about 15 children from the school and looking at them made me feel so blessed. Sometimes, I whine about how fat I am or how ugly the pimple on my face looks but seeing these kids, I felt ashamed for complaining a lot. Some of these kids couldn't even walk, couldn't talk well and have those deformities in their body but they never complain. They even tried their best to sing for us and they have a big smile on their face. And I'm glad we had this activity in our association even if it would take spending my entire Sunday for these kids. It was all worth it and really fulfilling.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Messy Study Table

My entry to PMN's December Fam Pics features a very messy study table.

This is my daughter's little nook in the house where she creates wonders --- plays, reads, draws and just mess around. The place has become a source of frustration for me sometimes coz I see a lot of litter (toys, stickers, papers, rubber bands what have you's).

But fact is, this place will always be part of her growing up. And so I just let her mess around and let her do what she ought to do in her study table. Time will come that she will outgrow this little area and I just hope she won't mess around elsewhere.

Friday, November 30, 2007

On Trillanes et al episode...

Though Manila is thousands of miles away from Cebu, it is still an hour flight and that anything could happen. But I just felt numb and I couldn’t care less while the events unfold in yesterday’s Makati threat. I don’t really give a damn as it was sheer stupidity. The Trillanes et al misadventures was a proof of what the insatiable thirst for power can do to even the most well-respected and dignified of gentlemen. I hate to say that I really lost hope for this country and its leaders. I don’t know who to trust anymore not even the president. And I don’t know what the future holds for the next generation what with the increasing number of pigs lurking within our government system. It’s a vicious cycle and it takes magic to really bring forth the so called “change” we’ve been hoping to happen.

I just find it odd the way Trillanes and his comrades staged their fight in a posh hotel like the Manila Pen. And their walking out of an honorable judge’s court was a show of disrespect to the law of someone elected as senator of this country. Besides, these warriors are supposed to defend this country but they chose to be a threat to national security and peace instead. They may be fighting for a righteous cause but I don’t see the need to stage dramatic scenes like those in movies. We have enough actors in the government and if Trillanes wants to be one, he could certainly approach some of his co-senators who had been in show business prior to public office.

I don’t usually criticize the government as I am more concerned about problems of my own. But this time I just can’t help but comment about yesterday’s episode. I’m just glad that Cebu is such a peaceful place and the curfew is unlikely to happen here.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

After the rain

I thought the storm Lando, Mina and Nonoy would leave a huge damage to the city yesterday but it didn't even wreck a tree branch the way Lando (yep, the same Lando) did weeks ago. But the heavy rain sure left me with fresh colds dripping off my nose. I thought I'm one tough person who never gets sick but here I am trying my best to be well as I don't have the guts to go on leave again. I just had my 5-day sabbatical last week. So,how did the season's virus finally hit me this time?

I was on my way to a meeting and just when I went out of our company shuttle, the rain poured heavily. And we're talking about not just drizzle but a heavy downpour. I'm a person who dislike bringing along an umbrella (ela, ela eh, eh) so I was all soak and wet while waiting for a cab going to the meeting venue. I kept on walking under the heavy rain with my purse and a paperbag in tow to look for a shelter. It took me a while to finally get a cab considering that it's the peak hours. When I reached the venue, the rain suddenly stopped. Just my luck, huh!

And today, after the rain, I'm glad the sun is up. I'm not really fond of the rain as it makes me feel gloomy and lazy at the same time. And did I say I hate to bring umbrella? And yes after the rain, I just felt sick and hope to be up and about when I face the most wonderful season of the year.

Friday, November 23, 2007


For each new morning with its light,
For rest and shelter of the night,
For health and food, for love and friends,
For everything Thy goodness sends.

~Ralph Waldo Emerson~

Here in the Philippines, we don't normally celebrate "thanksgiving". Since the company I'm with is an American firm, we were given a break or two during thanksgiving while our clients are also having their time off. I also took the opportunity to use my remaining leaves. I don't really have plans on how to spend it. I just want to catch up some sleep and just spend time with my daughter and hubby (of course). Though it's kinda' boring to be stuck in the house for a couple of days.

Back to thanksgiving, the break gave me the time to ponder on the things I have to be grateful about the year that was. And I must admit, I haven't had the chance to really thank Him for the blessings received.

Now, let me say THANK YOU...

for a loving family, my support system, my comfort, my life.

for the comfort and laughter of friends old and new, who has been a treasure through and through.

for the thriving career that makes the future seem bright and promising.

for the blessing of wealth and health.

for the strength to face head on the challenges of the year.

for the hope that there is still tomorrow to look forward to and a new journey to embark on.


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I Signed Up for PPP

I got the idea from some mommies at PMN. I heard that they've been paid a great deal of moolah from payperpost. They just simply blogged about certain products and services and they were paid $5 the least. Sounds easy so I gave it a shot. And besides, I need some extra cash to shop this Christmas.

I'm still waiting for the approval from Customer Love. When I got their approval, I could start looking for opportunities --- products/services to blog about. I admit, I'm still oblivious of how it really works but let's just wait and see. At first I was hesitant to give it a try coz I don’t think that it’s really possible to monetize my blog. What started as a hobby has now become a "sideline" if ppp is true to their words. Been blogging for almost three years and it has been really fun.

I hope Customer Love would really approve my blog without hesitations...

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Pizza Making 101

Today, my daughter attended a pizza making activity cooked up by their school at Pizza Hut. Pizza lover myself, I love the idea of my daughter learning how to cook pizza. I remember Athena (a colleague) also blogged about her daughter’s “Pizza-making Camp” which was held at Greenwich. It’s more or less the same but with different pizza parlor this time.

So off we went to Pizza Hut Mambaling branch with my camera in tow. I don’t want to miss this milestone (if you may call it a milestone) in my daughter’s life. She was quite excited herself and was already up as early as 7am. It’s difficult to wake her up on normal days.

The steps are pretty easy for a four-year old to do.

First. The manager gave them a tour of the kitchen and showed them the equipment and where they store their ingredients.

. They were then instructed to wash their hands and make sure that it’s clean.

Third. Since the dough with tomato sauce has been prepared by Pizza Hut, the children will just have to spread the rest of the ingredients on top of it. They’re making a “ham and cheese” pizza so its basic ingredients are ham and cheese.

Fourth. The pan is then ready to be sent to the oven where it will be baked for 10 minutes.

Fifth. The fun part is where the children get to eat the pizza they prepared. Alex only ate a slice as she was busy chatting with her friends.

At the end of the activity, there were given certificates and balloons for having accomplished the Pizza Making Excellence (or something like that). We only paid a hundred pesos for the activity. Alex had fun as she was all smiles and laughter the entire time maybe because she was doing it with her friends.

And I'm a bit pissed off because all the pictures I took have shades of blue in them. It's like it got some virus or what but I'm bringing this to the technician hopefully tomorrow.


I learned that one of my colleagues was fired yesterday. I was told that she didn't pass the 3rd month evaluation and thus her employment with X was cut short. I also learned that she's a mother of seven and that one of her children is autistic. I don't really know her personally but I remember exchanging smiles with her at the hallways.

I was seated right behind her last night on our way home inside the company's shuttle van. She just had a talk with one of our HR personnels. I can sense that she was crying and I feel for her. How will she tell her children or her husband? Will she find work immediately? I know that our company is no charitable institution and that we don't keep incompetent employees. But I know how it feels to be in her shoes. Like her, I am working to make both ends meet. I work to provide for my family's needs. I work to survive. And even having just 1 kid and a working husband at that, it still isn't enough. How much more this colleague of mine having 7 mouths to feed plus education and basic needs.

There is light at the end of the tunnel though and I'm sure there'll be opportunities for her outside this company. I just pray for her strength and that she will rise above the situation she's in right now.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

ME time

I totally agree.

We carry out a deluge of things for other people --- our family, our friends, our colleagues, the boss, the company, the country or even the world perhaps and yet we often fail to do something for ourselves. Sometimes, I wish I could just hug myself or shout to world that I love myself not in a very egocentric way.

Nevertheless, there are things that I want to do for myself but have done it less or have never done before. These are just simple treats for me not necessarily in particular order…

* smile in front of the mirror
* taking a long shower
* massage
* Paolo Coelho
* our queen size bed all to myself
* peaceful sleep
* coloring my nails
* return to the gym
* one night alone staring at the stars
* time to meditate and pray
* shopping for new clothes, shoes, bags and accessories to match without worrying about time and money to spend (this is quite impossible)
* chocolates for myself
* watching chick flick and munching popcorn
* blogging
* travel to unknown places

These are stuff I do to show love for myself. As much as I want to spend “ME-time” more often, the demands of being a mum, wife, friend, employee are much more important. But it doesn’t mean that I love myself less.

Friday, November 02, 2007


This was how we spent our "Kalag-kalag"...

Alex bonding with cousins

and me bonding with the kids

...wish this baby is mine. Sigh!

Monday, October 29, 2007

On the road to ageless beauty...

I don’t consider myself “vain” or “kikay”. My beauty regimen includes soap, water and nothing more. Though I read a lot of beauty mags, I don’t follow the famous routine of “cleanser, toner & moisturizer” religiously. I sometimes purchase beauty products out of curiosity but don’t get to consume or use the product. Call me lazy or what but I’m no beauty buff. I can go by with a little powder on my nose, a dab of lipstick and a little blush on my cheeks. I don’t take much of my time on the mirror and I would even apply my make-up inside the cab on the way to the office.

But lately, when my colleagues went gaga over Mary Kay Products, I knew I was hooked. I remember buying an MK cleanser and toner for the first time last year and it took me a year to consume it. It’s like, “now I use, now I don’t”. When another colleague showed me the rest of the products, I immediately hesitantly tried it after some sales pitch and testimonials from other users. I got myself an MK medium-coverage liquid foundation, MK Signature NouriShine Lip gloss, MK Botanical Facial Cleanser and MK Botanical Mask. My face became supple after using the cleanser and mask. I also noticed that some of my black heads in the nose area disappeared somehow. I’m seeing some results.

I am not one of those gifted with flawless skin nor am I also constantly tainted with pimples and blemishes. I’m perfectly comfortable with my “morena” color, which by the way, my husband adores. But as much as I want to stop it, I am nearing the so called “going thirty” stage and I want to age gracefully. I know I have been unkind to my skin. I loved the sun but I don’t normally use sunscreen except when I’m at the beach. The sun is the number 1 culprit for all skin problems plus the dust and poor hygiene. I have now reached that point of loving my skin and taking good care of it. I am also trying to maintain a healthy and balanced diet as the food that I shove into my mouth is also the source of an ageless beauty.

Now let me share a pic of me with MK botanical mask on my face...just in time for halloween.

My daughter calls me "monster" whenever I don this mask.