Thursday, August 21, 2008

Finally, a Home of our Own

We’ve been renting for more than six years moving from one house and apartment to another five different times. Whenever we settled in a house or apartment, we made no effort in beautifying it or even acquiring furniture except for the bed and the dining table. It’s not always easy packing up your stuff and re-packing it again more so doing it five times the last six years.

Now that we finally decided getting our first house through Pag-ibig, hubby and I are so excited. We’re both excited conceptualizing the interiors and buying the pieces that go with it. We always wanted a minimalist home so it should be organized, no frills, no curves, less clutter, not a lot of stuff and no bold colors. I’m also thrilled on how to make use of the 40 square meters extra lot we have. Aside from using it as a parking space, I’m also thinking of making a pocket garden or a mini-Japanese garden out of it. There are so many ideas and designs to choose from especially that I’ve been browsing through home and gardening magazines and sites. We also get some ideas from home depot and displays in the mall.

This will be our first house. First because we always have what we call our dream house… our dream design and architecture which will be a lot bigger with all the comfort and luxury life can offer. Of course, that will happen when we’re financially stable and able. But for now, our first house in Genesis Subdivision, Mactan is good enough for our little yet growing family. And it is just proper that our subdivision is called Genesis…it will be like the beginning, the start of a dream fulfilled of having a home of our own.

At last, after months of waiting and several follow-ups, our Pag-ibig Housing loan was finally approved. We already paid the move-in fees last week and I’ve been postponing trips to the developer’s office to get our Permit to Occupy (PTO). Being pregnant and all, I tend to be really lazy. If our finances permit, we will start working on some minor construction… tiled floors, cabinets and the sink to be transferred outside. It was such a relief however I’m a bit scared coz the amortization starts next month.

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