Thursday, April 06, 2006

Ukay n' Flipflops


I have a secret to tell.

It’s a secret I have been keeping for years.

But now, I couldn’t contain it anymore and I want to tell this secret to the whole world.

Here it goes…


I was oblivious of this obsession I think of it as a hobby until recently.

Well, there’s this store in Cocomall which sells ukay-ukay from UK, Japan and Korea that I frequently visit. Since I’m a constant customer, they already have my number and every time they have new arrivals and sale they would just send me a text or so.

Yesterday, I went there because they texted me that they’re on sale meaning “all items are marked 50 pesos each”.

So these are all I got and more…

Round neck black jacket which I so love. I love jackets - I just bought one gray at P250 last month from the same store.

Black off-shoulder top. We can compare this stuff to items at Kamiseta or Bayo and it’s only P50. Can you believe that? I’m gonna wear this top on Saturday for our Ratsky Office party. Bet my officemates are gonna die with envy, hehehe

Other items --- brown marks & spencer slacks, a knitted blouse, denim jeans for Anne, a t-shirt for Earl and another t-shirt for me. I only spent P350 for all items above.

I really never grew tired of this obsession. Like blogging, it’s a therapy for me and I consider it as my “cheap thrills”. And guess what, I’ve infected my other friends to this addiction.

Of course, I’m proud to be an ukay-ukay addict even if it means sacrificing my dinner money for such treasures.

Getting Ready for Summer...

'tis the season for these...flipflops for me and hubby


PaksiT™ said...

hoy ukay-ukay adis-adis, finally found your blog. hmmmmm, very neat and cool... add you up to my links..

A-l-e-s-s-a-u-n-d-r-e-i said...

hehehe...ulaw ko dah! cge i'll link u up ;-)