Friday, May 30, 2008

Period of Uncertainty

Since we’re moving to Mactan Island pretty soon, I am on a quest in finding a new school for Alex. I’ve been asking friends who live in the island for recommendations as I’m not really familiar with Mactan. I’ve been calling several schools and not one of them passes my standards. Well, not that my standards are that high. I want to enroll my daughter in a school where learning is fun. Until now, I remain undecided considering that we haven’t received a final word from our developer as to when we could move in. We’re looking at middle of June but it’s still tentative. Now that school opening is fast approaching, I am feeling the pressure especially that my daughter has been bugging me to buy some school stuff whenever we drop by the mall. Most schools have limited slots for their students, I’m afraid Alex might not get a slot. I also don’t want to enroll her to her previous school coz what if we’ll move anytime and the school is really far from our new abode. On the other hand, I have doubts enrolling her to one of the schools in Mactan because of the uncertainty of our move-in date.

I have been very comfortable with the system at Kids’her previous school. It’s a combination of Montessori and normal teaching method. One thing I like about the school is that they provide an avenue for children to learn and at the same time have fun. They also cook up various activities which also involves the parents and even the yayas. I always look forward to their annual tour, annual play, yaya seminar, family day and a lot more fun-filled activities. For the last two years that Alex enrolled at Kids’, she has remarkably improved in many ways. I was even shocked but mighty proud because Kid’s made her appear in one of their ads. I told my friend from Kids’ that it’s really sayang. I would have wanted her to stay and even graduate pre-school at Kids’ but changes are inevitable so we just have to make some little adjustments and a few sacrifices. Anyhow, let me share my daughter’s first print ad (well it’s actually her second since she already appeared here). 'Tis another stagemum moment eh!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

It's Raining Blog Badges

Thanks Feng, for these badges.

It's really my first time to receive these badges and it's simply amazing and heartwarming.

Sometimes, no words could best describe how we feel for all the people who touch our lives in many different ways. So, allow these badges to get through your hearts and minds.

I wish to share these to all my friends in my blogroll as well as my multiply contacts.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Chronicles of the Weekend That Was


Saturday has always been my favorite day of the week. It's a day when I cook a "real meal" for my family. Real meal means no deep fried stuff. I went to the wet market as early as 6am to buy the freshest meat and cheap seasoning and spices. The wet market by the way is just a few steps from our apartment. I already planned to cook my own version of "humba" with hard-boiled egg and chunks of pineapple. Here's the result....

my humba pampabata

Aside from not having to report to work on a Saturday, it’s also officially declared as Alex’ Day. Alex gets to choose what she wants to do or where she wants to go. But not for this day though since I already arranged with our company doctor to have her flu shot...finally after several postponements. The rainy season has arrived earlier and I have to build some kind of shield for her from fever, colds and all those rain-related sickness.

So, off we went to Velez Hospital to meet Dr. Berdin. There was no trace of fear whatsoever in her face. She didn’t even cringe when the needle touched her skin. For the bravery, we treated her to a “walking animal” ride at SM. It was fun. I even got the chance to ride with her.

Matetch with Alex

After almost four hours of just strolling around SM, we daringly walk under the drizzle to ride a jeepney to Mabolo Parish Church. My sisters and I agreed to pay our last visit and respect to Madam Telay - our former high school English teacher who died of cardiac arrest. In one way or another, Madam Telay has touched our lives and she has been instrumental in what we have become now. She was the teacher with a loudest laughter and the biggest heart. Since Alex went with us, I was having a tough time answering her questions about death and dying. She was asking why my teacher died and why she looks that way. I just told her Madam Telay’s heart just stops beating then I let her feel her own heart. Then she asked again why the heart stops beating….the never-ending why’s! I just reasoned that it’s because she always eats pork, burger, fried chicken, French fries and all the fatty food. She became silent…seems like in deep thought because we just had a bucket of chicken at KFC for dinner. Haha!


I’ve had the longest sleep ever. Maybe one of the reasons why I slept that long since Alex wasn't home. She was invited by my sisters to an event in their dorm. The nuns in their dormitory are fond of Alex and everytime they have an event or occasion, Alex is always in the guestlist. Anyway, I woke up at 7am then went back to sleep at 8am. I slept for almost ten hours and woke up with a migraine. I took a quick bath and dressed up to attend the last mass at Sto. Rosario Church. We arrived mid-way and weren’t able to hear the Gospel… blame it on hubby’s dilly-dallying. We spent the rest of the evening watching the replay of American Idol on QTV since our dvd player is still in the ICU (read: service center) for repair.



That’s about it. It’s Tuesday and the big boss is in town. Hope everything will be pretty smooth while he’s here. No grumpy days please!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Bonding with Old Friends

I was super excited when Cathy texted me last Monday informing that she’s back from Algeria and inviting me and Alvie for lunch. The last time we hang out was during the baptism of her second son, Michael. Since we graduated college, a lot has changed and we have gone separate ways and finding each other’s niche in the community. There were times when we have lost touch for some reason but God will always find ways of bringing us together. And thanks to Friendster for somehow allowing us to get updates from each other’s lives from time to time. Cathy, Alvie and I have decided to settle in Cebu. It’s just a small city yet we seldom see each other maybe because of some priorities such as careers and family. However, we make it a point to at least bond especially during special occasions.

So, when we finally met last Saturday, it was one of those rare moments and it really felt like the old times. It was fun catching up on each other’s lives and sharing notes about parenting, motherhood, wifey stuff (like sex…of course not every detail of it haha) and our children. I even joked that we used to talk about thesis and school stuff but now, it's a different level. Then we go down memory lane reminiscing our college adventures and misadventures. Then we talked about those who were absent --- Cecil and Beth who are now based in Singapore and Dubai respectively.

In many ways, I realized that we have grown leaps and bounds. We now have a more mature outlook in life and our responsibilities have become complex. But one thing that never really changed…it’s the friendship that we have nurtured all these years despite the distance, despite time, despite the many changes in our lives.

Some living proofs of the many less than the kids.

Gabriel (Cathy's eldest) and my Alex

tabaching-ching Michael (Cathy's second)

If there’s one thing in my life that I am always grateful about, that would be having met these girls and sharing a part of my life with them. I look forward to some bonding moments in the future and our upcoming reunion sometime November, December or January. Hopefully, by that time the five of us will all be present.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Work Dress Code

You’re not supposed to judge people with the way they dress up but HALER!...the office is not a runway nor a night club nor the beach. Notwithstanding the fact that employees are allowed to wear casual attire and that there’s no strict dress code being followed… STILL wearing slutty attire in the office with belly buttons, coin slots (read: crack in the ass) and legs being displayed is completely mind-boggling to the delight of our male colleagues. Yes, we may be wearing slippers inside the work stations but it doesn’t follow that we should also wear our “pang-balay” or “pang-beach” to go with it. In my opinion, no matter how lenient this company is when it comes to dress code, it is but proper to define what is appropriate and what is not especially to the newbies who are often seen wearing "inappropriately". In the absence of a written policy, people tend to have their own definition and interpretation. I know this will be one lengthy and bloody discussion taking into consideration cultural diversity within our midst. But then again, it boils down to personal preferences when it comes to fashion or simply our manner of dressing. If one enjoys the attention while clad in a very skimpy short or skirt or a tube top to work, then by all means wear it. Just be prepared of the consequences that go with wearing indecent clothes --- raised eye-brows, a few side comments and lusty looks from the male employees. As for me, I still go for what’s appropriate and decent in my choices of work clothes.

Monday, May 12, 2008


Meet Nelly.

She is the newest addition to the family. Alex claims that she’s her baby sister.

She sleeps in our bed squeezing her tiny body beside her Ate Alex.

She stays at the backseat of the car on the way to the mall.

She sits at the dinning table during breakfast.

She even tags along during our pre-Mother’s Day night out.

She also gets some cuddles from my sisters.

But no matter how Alex pushes me to love and accept her, I really can’t.

Because to me, Nelly is just a pink rag doll.

She does not interact. She does not move. She just stays in one corner until Alex picks her up to play. She doesn’t say “mommy” and does not respond when you call her name.

Looking at Alex, she seems to be drawn closer to Nelly. Is it really possible to love a lifeless being such as Nelly?

I guess, what’s wonderful about being a child is that you have the capability to love something or someone unconditionally. I’m pretty sure that when the time comes that Alex will become a real big sister; she will be a loving and caring one. I wish that time will come real soon.

Friday, May 09, 2008


I am one of those women who were forced into motherhood unprepared. I was only 23 years old and was climbing my way up the corporate ladder enjoying the single and nonchalant life. Then all of a sudden…boom…the plus sign. The sight of a “positive sign” made me really really scared. Never did I imagine becoming a mother that early. I wasn’t geared up for the responsibility that goes with motherhood. I was chasing my dreams. I’ve got plans to pursue, roads to travel, journeys to embark and motherhood is far from what I really wish for at that time.

Despite the fact that I was already engaged to my then boyfriend, the social stigma that comes with pre-marital pregnancy is inevitable. Some of my older officemates mock me and I couldn’t forget one manager who despised me because of my predicament. She questioned my moral values especially so that I belong to the HR team who ought to be role models to our employees. I don’t even have the nerve to tell my parents that I am pregnant for I know they will hate me too. It was only after my wedding that they learned I was 4 months pregnant. There’s nothing they could do but embrace me and my new family.

However, despite the mockery and shame, I made a decision of being a mother. I went through an uncertain path to motherhood and married life all at the same time with so much faith in God. The good thing about it is that while I was going through that phase, Earl never left me. I know that he too was hesitant in taking the same path as I was but he never hold back. Looking back, I felt that I really made the right choice. If I were to repeat that chapter in my life all over again, I wouldn’t want it any other way. No amount of money or achievement could ever replace the joys of being a mother. Waking up every morning to the soft kisses and tight hugs from your daughter is priceless. Hearing “i love you” out of the blue from your little one is something I wouldn’t trade for the world. And it’s such a blessing to be given this chance to bear and nurture a child of your own coz not all women have the opportunity being a mother.

I cannot say that motherhood will be a painless journey to take. There will always be the sleepless nights, trips to the hospital or doctor, drama and dilemma over boys, some disappointments, little and big sacrifices to make for the sake of your child. But there’s one thing I am sure about…it’s the countless moments of bliss and so much love shared with your child.

So to all mothers, mommies, mamas, nanays, mamsis, mamitas, inays and ermats in the world…

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Friday, May 02, 2008

Bitching is actually not my game...

Or is it?

When taxi drivers overcharge me for a route I take everyday, I complain and insist on paying my usual charge. Is that bitching?

When an officemate constantly keeps the office shuttle and its passengers waiting and remarks that those waiting shouldn’t complain blah blah. Is it bitching when you call her attention?

While doing your work and this maintenance guy stands in-front of you, stares at you, looks at what you’re doing then says “puwede magpa-load mam?” You look at him with eyebrows raised…now, that’s bitching!

There are times when I can’t contain my bluntness and my looks reflect so much about my emotions. If looks could kill, I could have killed that maintenance guy a long time ago. There are people who really get into my nerves and could be very irritating. They are always the receiving end of my wrath. At home, I’m as meek as a lamb but in the office, I could be brutally frank and aloof. It all depends on the people I deal with. If they're nice, I could be a darling. But people who thinks and acts as if the world evolves around them are not my favorite people. In fact, I despise them and as much as possible, I stay away from them. I’m not one who lambastes at an individual without any reason at all. I could be a bitch for the appropriate reasons and persons.
That's basically...ME!