Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Parties galore

So far, I’ve attended two Christmas parties over the last two weekends. In my pregnant state, I’m in no mood to really dress up and prep up for these parties. Nevertheless, I still want to at least look human despite the baby bump.

PASAP Christmas Party

We had a Moroccan-inspired party held at Club Ultima in Fuente Osmeña. It’s the traditional PASAP party where incoming officers were inducted as well as the turnover ceremony of the past president to the incoming president. I am still an officer next year as PRO so there will still be the never-ending meetings, demands and commitments. The newbies this year also had their “baptism of fire” through a belly dance presentation. I am still busy as a bee being this year’s assistant treasurer preparing checks and disbursements but I have no qualms doing it. It’s just sometimes; I don’t quite understand the bureaucracy that’s attached to this association. It sucks!
Anyway, some pictures to show...

in my Moroccan self

with some of my favorite Pasers

...so help me God

Xlibris Christmas Party

We received good reviews for this party. Of course, this party was spearheaded by yours truly backed up by the most competent and amazing team ever. We had Latin and Mardi Gras theme and surprisingly, the party was well-attended. In the history of Xlibris, this I say, all modesty thrown out of the window, is the best party that Xlibris ever had (any violent reactions?).

Despite some glitches we encountered along the way and the many battles we fought over budget, we were able to pull it through flawlessly. The party was made successful because of people who were true to their commitment though there were some who disappointed me big time.

People had fun and even dressed up for the occasion. Our percussion band and dj were superb (thanks Danielle for pulling the strings here). Our electronic registration (first in Xlibris) despite the long queue is one of a kind - it pays to be friendly with the IT people eh! The ambiance and physical arrangement was true to its theme. The VTR was a hit - Chris, you da man ay wo-man diay hehe bitaw hurot ako bilib nimu. Food served by Cebu City Marriott Hotel as always is sumptuous and mouth-watering. Raffles were a-plenty courtesy of no less than Jocelyn. We had exceptional emcees (thanks Josh, Clarice and Don). Everything we planned from program down to the last detail were executed with ease (thank you Jon, Sylvette, Judee, AJ, and Jenny).

I couldn’t party like everyone does but I was more than happy to see people dancing and having fun.
the committee

with Cristine & Sylvette

the Admin ladies

with this year's #1 Sales Performer - Dona Gruet

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