Friday, February 13, 2009

Change is Cool

Along with the many changes in my life and the addition of a new family member is also the birth of a new blog. This blog has been my little sounding board for almost four years and it has served its purpose of being a personal journal.Though I’ve learned to love this blog with all the stories from the mundane to the extraordinary ones, I realized that it’s time to move on, to embrace the changes and let go of the old stuff. Thus, this blog is born. It is still a chronicle of my day to day journey as a mom, wife, daughter, sister and the many roles I portray in this life.

This blog will continue to exist though but it will now be like a history textbook which records all things in the past. We may continue to browse old posts and relive some moments.

Moving forward, you may follow me here:

See you there!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hello World

Hello world,

My name is Izabella. Zaab for short.
It's good to see you. Please be kind to me, okay?
You'll see more of me on my mom's little space in cyberspace.
Check me out here and here.
See you around!

Sisters... exactly six years apart

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Preggy Diaries # 10: Almost There

So it's true that no two pregnancies are the same. While I had a normal and smooth delivery with Alex, I am now about to undergo C-section tomorrow with my second baby. I would have wanted a normal vaginal delivery like my body was built to do so but there were circumstances that didn't allow such. After three ultrasounds, we found out that the baby is footling breech and the risk is high if we opt for normal delivery. I saw some pictures of how it was done normally and it scared the shit out of me so I don't want to even think of giving it a try. Bahala na mangutang ko for C-section.

I really don't know what to expect having to go through the slice of a knife for the first time in my entire life. I'm sure it will be a whole lot different experience. They say, it's painful and the recovery is such a torture notwithstanding the scar on your abdomen. I don't mind the scar at all as I am no supermodel having to worry when wearing a skimpy bikini. Anyway, I am positive that I would be able to pull this through (ako pa?) with the help of prayers from friends and relatives. I know the past nine months has been a rollercoaster ride for me and the baby but I'm totally relieved that it's almost over. The most exciting part though is the revelation of the baby's gender which we're in for a thrill after three ultrasounds. Geez, I can't wait to cradle another mini-ME or mini-Hubby days from now. Alex is also happy to share the same birthdate with the little one. Isn't that wonderful?

So, excuse me while I do some noble act for the world. See you around!

"The Hand That Rocks The Cradle Is The Hand That Rules The World"

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Thank God I Survived 2008

2008 may not be a perfect year but it sure brought us abundant blessings. I am grateful for the year that brought new beginnings for me and my family. We were able to move in to our new home which we could now call our own. And of course, the arrival of our second baby in January is among the best blessings we received in 2008.

2009 is only a few winks away and still I am not going to make any new year’s resolutions as I am bound not to follow them in the end. What I have are simple hopes for myself, for my family and for the world in the coming year.

* That I will be a better mom to two lovely and healthy children.

* That I will be more understanding and patient with hubby and vice versa.

* That I will be frugal with my spending and that I will set aside something for the rainy days.

* That I will laugh more and cry less.

* That I will be less cranky in dealing with my sibs. (My crankiness was more of hormonal actually because I’m pregnant. Excuses!)

* That I will love my parents more.

* That business will be growing leaps and bounds this year.

* That we will be traveling to new places this year.

* That hubby will finally buy his dream SUV.

* That we will finally get internet connection at home.

* That I will continue to live each day thanking every blessing that comes my way.

* That I will stop worrying and stressing over petty things in life. That I will strive to make life less complicated.

* That I will learn to accept and love ME even more regardless of my flaws and frailties.

* That the world will be a better place to live in.

Okay, I have to stop now as the list could go on and on. I will be turning 30 in 2009 and as it looms ever close, I actually dreaded the fact of being almost off the calendar. I wish I could just stick to 28 or 29. Well, I digress.

If I don’t talk to you or see you before 2008 takes its final bow, let me wish you and your family a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

photo grabbed from Hazel

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Preggy Diaries # 9: Preggy Updates

So far, we have ruled out all causes of having an SGA baby. All my laboratories showed negative or normal results. I had another ultrasound and Doppler flow last week showing all connections inside the placenta and uterus as okay. And the good news is that baby is now picking up some weight every week that makes him/her an SGA baby no more. Yehey! The chance of having to go through C-section is still possible though considering that baby is in breech position. Although, we’re positive that he/she will be in the right position before the big day (crossing fingers and toes here). Baby’s gender is still a mystery but right now, we don’t really care as what we’re after is the baby’s health. We’re starting to converse with the little one inside the tummy making him/her feel love everyday. They say that talking to your baby helps in having a normal delivery.

In three weeks, I’m ready to pop (or so I thought). I've already discussed plans with the boss as to my maternity leave and the possible scenario when I'm away. I don't really intend on eating up the entire maternity leave but we'll see how my body adjusts easily. Gone are the youthful days and the fast recovery you know...

I am hoping that this time will be the same as the last having to go through labor smoothly. Please continue to pray for me and my little angel that we’ll survive this ordeal.

Before I forget...

From my family to yours, a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!