Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Happy 18th Birthday, Bunso!!!

Sometimes, it may seem very difficult to deal with you --- perhaps it’s the generation gap or you’re simply a pain in the ass. But whatever it is, nothing will ever change and that you will always be our baby sister. I just hope that you’ll start growing up now that you’re already eighteen. You no longer have that excuse to stay childish, irresponsible or stupid. If you need a little push, you know you will always have me, your Ate Mags and Ate Ann to give you that little spanking from time to time. No matter how annoying our sermons are, I hope you get to realize that we’re doing this since there’s no Mama or Papa to lead you to the right path. Even if they are virtually there (through calls or text), it’s still not enough.

Grow Up... Chase Your Dreams... Have Fun

...but be sure to know your limits!


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