Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Preggy Diaries # 9: Preggy Updates

So far, we have ruled out all causes of having an SGA baby. All my laboratories showed negative or normal results. I had another ultrasound and Doppler flow last week showing all connections inside the placenta and uterus as okay. And the good news is that baby is now picking up some weight every week that makes him/her an SGA baby no more. Yehey! The chance of having to go through C-section is still possible though considering that baby is in breech position. Although, we’re positive that he/she will be in the right position before the big day (crossing fingers and toes here). Baby’s gender is still a mystery but right now, we don’t really care as what we’re after is the baby’s health. We’re starting to converse with the little one inside the tummy making him/her feel love everyday. They say that talking to your baby helps in having a normal delivery.

In three weeks, I’m ready to pop (or so I thought). I've already discussed plans with the boss as to my maternity leave and the possible scenario when I'm away. I don't really intend on eating up the entire maternity leave but we'll see how my body adjusts easily. Gone are the youthful days and the fast recovery you know...

I am hoping that this time will be the same as the last having to go through labor smoothly. Please continue to pray for me and my little angel that we’ll survive this ordeal.

Before I forget...

From my family to yours, a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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