Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My Little Baker

No, she'd didn't bake those cookies and we don't own an oven at home. She's just the "baker" for their school's community day. It's just acting and props.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

My Second Encounter with a Snatcher

This time, the snatcher is a lady --- a lesbian at that.

My sisters and I were inside the jeepney. We just came from our usual Sunday treat at Carbon. While the jeepney we're in was waiting for the light to turn green, I felt someone scratching my neck. That's when I realized that my whitegold necklace was being snatched. I can't describe my feeling. I was shocked. Magee, my sister who was sitting beside me saw the whole incident. She said, she saw this "tomboy" outside the jeepney trying to reach for my neck. She never expected the lady to be a snatcher. She too was shocked.

Good thing, the snatcher wasn't able to take the entire necklace. Maybe, she's not an expert yet. I was glad to have the pendant (the most expensive part) and a portion of the necklace.

I'm not really a jewelry person and I don't buy them that much. The necklace is actually part of my daily accessory and is the only jewelry I bought out of my hard-earned salary. Aside from it being silver (I don't fancy gold blings), it matches almost all my outfit. The first jewelry that was snatched from me was a gold bracelet (a gift from my aunt)...also inside the jeepney.

Lesson learned (the second time around): Never wear jewelries inside a PUJ.

Here's the remnant of my necklace...*sniff*sniff*

I hate rats...

Fact is, we adore Mickey Mouse, Jerry (the counterpart of Tom), Stuart Little and lately, Remy of Ratatouille. Yes, they're kinda' cute in their respective toon shows and flicks but in reality, they're not. My daughter would scream with glee every time she sees one of them and I think they fascinate her. But no, not me...they wouldn't even pass for a pet. They're simply disturbing and the sight of them freaks me out. I've seen a couple of them walking past the kitchen sink and cupboards leaving behind rat dung. I've been trying to figure out how to get rid of them. Aside from the risk of getting the dreaded Leptospirosis, I don't think they belong in my household in the first place. So I decided to buy those sticky mouse trap sheets and positioned them underneath the cupboards. At times, we're lucky to have one or two mice trapped in the sticky sheets. I would even put some leftover food as bait but then some of them are kinda' wise they wouldn't dare touch the bait. It's disgusting and I wanted to shoot them if only we have a pellet gun. And their behavior has become nastier too. They started invading our bedrooms and chewing some of our clothes.

Two nights ago, me and hubby chanced upon two mice trying to get out of our trash bins but couldn't. So together we tortured the poor creatures by pouring muriatic acid on them. To make the torture even worse, we set the bin on fire. I know it was so rude of us and we were not that kind to them. We thought, two down, and I don't know how many more to go.

Still relentless on my quest to get rid of these rats, I bought this local brand mouse poison "racumin" to see if it works. Again, these rats seem to be smart coz they're not eating them anymore. How would they know? But if it's effective, I'm sure there could be dead rats behind the nook and cranny of our house. I haven't seen much of them lately...I just wish they're gone forever.

So there...I just hate rats!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

PMN September Fam Pic: Potted

We don’t have a garden at home. We don’t have some greens and blooms within our midst. So I thought, is there something “potted” that I could post for PMNs photohunt this month? Again, I decided to just let this one pass…maybe next time.

But during my DVD marathon over my extended weekend, I got an idea from the movie Raising Helen. One of the scenes in the movie shows Helen and kids dancing “Whip It” with pot-like hats. I remember taking a picture of my daughter with a pot on her head during one of our visits to the mall.

Finally found it after rummaging through my archive of pictures.

Here’s my daughter…in a pot! Also sharing another pic with fake flowers in the background(ooppss, sorry for the uncut bangs.

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