Monday, July 14, 2008

Her First Visit to the Dentist

I must admit, I don't own a good set of teeth. And I don't care, though I get concious sometimes. Maybe because I always feared dentists. And I always dreaded those annual dental check-ups in school because dentists always mock me for having terrible teeth.

But I never wanted my daughter to have the same fear that I have. Ever since she grown her milk teeth, I always instill in her to take care of it. She would never miss brushing her teeth every night no matter how sleepy or tired she really is. Now that her milk teeth starts to really fall off, I decided to bring her to the dentist over the weekend. And I was amazed by her bravery... there was no trace of fear upon sitting on the dentist's chair. Even when the dentist was about to pull her tooth, she never cried nor cringed. I was even shocked when she told me that she changed her mind...she now wants to be a dentist instead of nurse.

Atta girl!


raqgold said...

my girls arent afraid of the dentist, too. esp since they know they are getting a freebie later from the dentist :)

MHALOU said...

getting a freebie from the dentist is nice. i was the one who gave her a prize after for being such a brave girl. ;-)

Debby Boone said...

waheheheh.... naa diay freebie.. How i wish my mama did that one to me too =)
Anywayzz.... very brave gurl! Salute!

MHALOU said...

hoy kumusta nman ka boone? when ang kasal? invited mi? hehehe

Debby Boone said...

Hi teh!
Sa october pa teh. tentative date is 18. Anhi dri tagum he! ninang ka =) flower girl si alex Wink2! text me if ok ka 09154585733