Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Random Rants...

This is going to be a very long post…

We’ve finally settled in our new home --- though it’s still a total mess at this time. I don’t know but we kinda’ regret moving in the new neighborhood. It’s pretty scary --- we’re just a few meters from Taboan market and Pasil --- home of snatchers, hold-uppers, what-have-you’s. A lot of vehicles are passing by and honking noisily even past midnight without due consideration to people sound asleep. And yeah, I could still hear people talking outside and kids playing even when it’s already dark. We actually live in the “tabing ilog” and I could smell the stench from the river even with my runny nose. It really takes a lot of courage to be in this place. We’re giving it 3 months and off we go for the 6th move out plan.

But the house is more than okay. It’s a 2-storey apartment actually with 3 bedrooms. We have an enormous master’s bedroom with huge closet and a ready provision for aircon. We have a nice kitchen, laundry area, toilet and bathroom. We have a garage of our own. It’s a concrete house with tiled floors. It’s really pretty but I don’t wanna gamble our safety and security here. Besides, I don’t want my kid to grow up in this creepy neighborhood.

Another dilemma…

With all the dust and dirt brought about with our transfer not to mention the stormy weather last week, everybody in the house is down with fever, cough and colds. I, myself, am so allergic to dust and have been sneezing non-stop. Last Sunday, we brought Alex to Chong Hua’s emergency room because her fever’s soaring 38 – 39 degrees. I’m glad she wasn’t confined coz it would be another disruption from work for me and Earl. It’s already the 3rd day of her on-off fever and I have no choice but to bring her again to the hospital tomorrow for some round of laboratory tests. I’m exchanging shift with Herbelle just so I could be with Alex during the day. So, I’m on nightshift in the next two days until Sylvette returns from her leave…may God help me!

More challenges…

I’ve been terribly stressed out by my house helper’s attitude lately. I have always been nice to all my helpers from the day I started employing them but it seems that they weren’t appreciative or they’re simply dumb. And I guess I’m not just lucky with the helpers I’ve had.

The helper that I have right now is the “laziest” helper I’ve ever had. She doesn’t have any initiative and waits for me to keep on reminding/telling her “do this, do that” etc. The house is a mess and she doesn’t seem to care about the 1-inch dust by the window or the unpolished floor. She even has the nerve to just watch me clean the fridge. The kitchen has always been a clutter too and she seems to take her time before she cleans the dishes. I told her so many times to iron the clothes at least twice a week to save up on electricity but my words just landed on deaf ear. She would hurriedly iron our clothes before we could wear them to work. Today, while I was getting some little sleep to prepare for my shift, she was sleeping the entire afternoon while there’s a lot of fixing to do. I even cooked all our meals today. All these things just freaked me out and I couldn’t even yell at her. Why? Because I am afraid that she would do something to my daughter to get back at me. I wanted to scream at her. I wanted to fire her. But I know how difficult it is to find a helper these days and I know how hard it is not to have one. Work will be affected and I get to do the dirty job.

I already seek help from my mother of perpetual help to look for my helper’s replacement. I just wanted to get rid of this lazy employee under my roof.

On taking leave...

I hate this guilty feeling every time I went on a leave. It’s as if I owe my colleagues in Admin a huge favor. It’s really difficult to file for a leave of absence in my department. There’s just three of us to cover the 24-hour visibility and if one went off for a leave, the two will have to work 12 hours straight to cover for the 3 shifts. And as if working 12 hours straight will not stress the hell out of you…it will kill you slowly!

I still have almost 10 days of entitled leaves and I don’t know how and when I should use it considering we’re on the last quarter of the year. I don’t have the nerve to take a leave for one whole week --- I might get some nasty comments behind my back eh! But we deserve a break you know. It’s not always WORK, WORK, and WORK! We need to balance it off with respite and recreation.

I just took a 2-day vacation leave last week. It was more of a sick leave because I was totally stressed out with our transfer. I wasn’t even ready for Monday yet but then I have to because Sylvette also filed for a leave early this week.

I know I have to discuss this with out manager. We need to have a contingency on occasions such as this.Yeah...I hope we'll find a solution to this dilemma.

Well, that's it...I'm done with my rants and raves. I'm not always like this you know but sometimes it's not always boundaryless. There would come a point when you say "enough".