Thursday, August 14, 2008

Preggy Diaries # 5: @ 16 weeks

Some updates on how my pregnancy is going on and mind you; I can say it’s not really getting any better. In fact, it has gotten worst everyday.

* I still throw up from time to time. Throw up means not just saliva but the entire food I ate for either breakfast or lunch.

* I have become super sensitive to any kind of smell… may it be BO of an officemate or hubby’s cologne or the aroma of pizza (can you imagine, pizza? another favorite...). Every time I smell these, my head starts spinning around and I started to “digwa”.

* Since the last three days, I had been nursing a terrible flu which I got from hubby and perhaps the unpredictable weather in Cebu. It’s just making things really worst. What’s even worst is that I couldn’t take any medication… just plain water therapy.

* I’m starting to suffer leg cramps in the middle of the night and the pain just makes me really cry. As much as possible, I avoid having to walk a thousand miles and whenever we're in the mall, I make sure I find a place to sit from time to time. Oh, and propping your leg up every night really helps.

* My taste buds have gone bitter. Every food I ate has this bitter after taste which makes me eat less.

But it's not totally bad you know...

* The big sister has been really sweet. Whenever I go to work, she made sure she kisses her baby bro err the tummy (hoping that it's a boy!) goodbye.

* I'm looking forward to my visit with my OB over the weekend. She promised that she will let me hear babylove's heartbeat. I'm so excited!

And here's babylove @ 16 weeks...


boone168 said...

Luoya nimo oi!
C meowskie ate lou kay wla lagi xa anang morning sickness. The only time she remembered she vomitted was when she saw the color pink. That was the first and last daw.

MHALOU said...

i also didn't have morning sickness with alex. i think it goes with age...kung magkatiguwang na, our system has difficulty adjusting to hormonal changes. ikaw unya next in line...hehehe