Monday, October 20, 2008

Preggy Diaries # 6: @ 26 Weeks

My lilypie counter says I’m now on my 26th week. The belly has now ballooned into a huge belly ball. I did the usual rounds with my ob over the weekend. Everything seems to be fine. Baby size is just the right size though it’s me that’s getting bigger and bigger everyday. Blame it on my insatiable gastronomic cravings. What’s really bothering me right now is the bumpy ride outside our new home. I would usually take a tricycle in going out to the major highway and the holes on the road are everywhere. Sometimes I find myself hanging on to my seat protecting my “bat-ang”. It scares me really and what’s sad is that I don’t have a choice. Hubby and I don’t have the same work schedule so I have to be on my own. My ob suggested that I sit on a pillow to comfort my butt. Now, armed with a pillow I’m ready to brave these terrible holes on the road.

Then, there are the physical changes that are becoming quite obvious. My armpits start to darken (again) and my neck as well. It’s a gruesome sight seeing my underarms every time I look in the mirror. Ewww!!! And now I always seem to run out of breath after walking a few steps or so.

The only comfort I have is that babylove starts to make those little jabs here and there. Sometimes, I would find myself waking up in the middle of the night especially if the movements are in close intervals. I just smile whenever I feel him/her poke my tummy. I know it’s not something to be happy about but I am also grateful that I am not experiencing what some of my preggy colleagues are experiencing. One is having gestational diabetes. She’s now on her 8th month and everyday she injects insulin right through the veins of her stomach three times a day. Another colleague was also on bed-rest because of spotting and attempted abortion. Compared to them, mine are just minor fuzz. Thus, I’m perfectly okay.

Now, here's a peek of what's inside my belly (courtesy of I would have wanted to show my recent picture but it's totally not a good sight.

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