Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Administrative Professionals' Week 2007

Last week was the Administrative Professionals’ Week of the Philippine Association of Secretaries and Administrative Professionals – Cebu Chapter. I’ve never been so involved in my almost 3 years of being a member of the association. I always consider myself as a passive member and I’m not very participative in the activities of the past administration. But this year, having been selected to head the chairman of Finance Committee, I have no choice but to carry out the role. My responsibilities include increasing the funds of the association in whatever ways we can and at the same time spearhead the solicitation for our major events this year which includes the recently concluded Administrative Professionals’ Week and the Regional Conference this July.

Our Administrative Professionals’ Week has been a huge success despite some petty problems we encountered along the way.

April 15 – Mass & Bowling Tournament

We started off the celebration with a mass sponsorship at SM. Then, we don our bowling shoes and get ready for the bowling tourney after. Sad to say, my committee came out the last in team standing. We’re no professionals when it comes to that sport compared to some members in other committees. Most of my throw always end up in the canal (whatever you call it) but I was ecstatic when I had my first and only strike. The sport has a different kind of thrill that goes with it and I was having so much fun. After the game, we head off to Golden Cowrie to partake a sumptuous lunch. We had crispy pata, sautéed squid, dinuguan, grilled pork belly, fish soup, unlimited rice and desert. It was more than my stomach can handle --- I was so full.

April 18 – Administrative Professionals’ Night

We had a LUAU PARTY at one of our member’s house. They have this beautiful house in Silverhills and it was the best venue for our party. We set up the stage and buffet in front of their swimming pool. Despite the few attendees, we enjoyed so much the videoke contest and games. Everybody looked exotic in our Hawaiian and Luau outfit

April 20 – Executives’ Night

This is the highlight of the week’s events. We paid tribute to our executives and bosses in this special night at Marco Polo Hotel Cebu. It was also a night where we awarded the Executive of the Year. Unfortunately, my executive didn’t win. I nominated her but then I failed in defending why she should be awarded as such. Anyway, that’s water under the bridge now and the search is still on for next year. Going back to the Executives’ Night, the event was well-attended especially by the executives. Everyone enjoyed the raffles and the games. We also looked stunning in our formal wear. I wore black sequined cocktail dress and silver stiletto sandals.

Wew! At least that week is over and we still have an upcoming battle which is the Regional Conference in July. Thanks to my colleagues and my boss for allowing me to be involved in this association despite the tons of workload in the office. Thanks to the company for paying my dues. I'm quite guilty of leaving behind tasks in the office which should have been done by me. I'll make it up to them and double my efforts this time.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Fear of Mascots and Clowns

My 4-year-old daughter has this tremendous fear for mascots and clowns. Whenever we attend birthday parties or costume parties and see clowns or mascots, she starts shaking with fear. One time, I brought her to a Dora show in Ayala mall which she insists on going at first. But when the show started and life-size Dora and Boots started dancing on stage, she began to tremble and scream. Since she was already screaming at the top of her lungs, we just have to leave the venue so as not to disturb those who are enjoying the show. I don’t always enjoy going with her to birthday parties especially those with clowns as entertainers because she would cling to me like a spider the entire party. It saves me a lot though because I don’t have to hire a clown or mascot during her birthday except for her 1st birthday when we had her party at McDonald’s and having “Grimace” as her mascot is part of the package.

Last Saturday, we went to Jollibee to eat dinner. Apparently, there was a party going on and Jollibee mascot was roaming around greeting the kids and adults alike. The mascot chanced upon our table and my daughter almost knocked out our food as she jumped off her seat to embrace me. The mascot even tried to pacify her but she just hugged me even tighter and started to cry.

I don’t know if there’s such a name for this phobia but it sure is freaking me out witnessing my daughter that way. I don’t know how long will she have this phobia or if there’s a cure for this. It’s amazing at how some children her age faces these mascots and clowns with no fear at all. I tried asking my sister who is a psychology major if this fear for mascots/clowns is a normal thing. She said it is normal for kids her age to have this fear for mascots/clowns. When they see these mascots on TV, they perceive them as little creatures and seeing them that big just scares the hell out of them.

I hope she'll get over this fear soon coz it would be quite embarrassing if she still holds this fear even in her teens.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Seven Songs from the Heart

I've been tagged by Feng - the equally pretty mom at pinoymomsnetwork. So sorry for this very late response. Been on vacation during the holy week and have to catch up with tons of work upon my return. Anyway, here are seven of my favorite songs. There's actually more but these songs tops my list.

1. Love Moves in Mysterious Ways by Julia Fordham - There has been a lot of revivals for this song from local artists but Julia's version just gives me goosebumps. I guess this is the ultimate love song of my generation.

2. Iris by Goo Goo Dolls - I'm a sucker for alternative rock and this song is one of my fave in that genre. My favorite line in the lyrics is " Yeah, you'd bleed just to know you're alive".

3. Everytime I Close My Eyes by Babyface - I love listening to the version with Kenny G on sax. I remember my ex-boyfriend turned husband sang this song to me while we're 2,000 above sea level one chilly night at Tops, Nivel Hills...we were one week steady at that time and that's where we had our first kiss. awww, how romantic!

4. Take and Receive - My favorite religious song. This song is my prayer, my surrender to Him who owns my life and everything on it. I used to sing this song to my daughter when she's still a baby to send her off to slumber. Now that she's 4 years old, we're singing this song together.

5. Because You Loved Me by Celine Dione - I am amazed at how the lyrics was well-written that it hit the very chambers of my heart with such powerful and passionate words. I consider this song my friendship song which would often remind me of my HR team in GS (previous employer)...we used to sing this song together during videoke sessions and we always end up misty-eyed.

6. I Could Not Ask for More by Edwin McCain - My song at the moment. My married life is not at all perfect and it's not always a bed of roses. There may be moments when I wanted to give up and just pack up my things, this song would always make me reflect that this is the life I wanted, this is where I belong and I couldn't ask for more.

7. This Life by Sevendust - When I was pregnant with Alex, my husband would play this song on cd. "This Life" is a song of a father to his child who is still in his wife's womb. Sevendust is actually a rock band (my husband's idol) and this is the only slow song in their album.

That completes my seven favorite songs. I've been listening and singing along to these tunes and these sure touched my life in a very unique way.

Oooppps, I almost forgot...I'm tagging syl, jade, joey, arnold. Guys, give it a shot...Please!

Friday, April 13, 2007

No Cellphone Days

Since I left my phone in CDO, I’ve been having no-cellphone days. Though I love the feeling of not having anyone pestering me with text messages and calls, I still miss my phone. I’m just wondering what important messages are in my inbox or if I have missed any important calls. I’m also quite dependent on my phone for reminders. And since I have no cellphone, I failed to greet my papa on his birthday.Sorry pa but you're always in my prayers.

My SIL sent thru LBC it last Tuesday and is supposed to arrive yesterday but hubby failed to get it at his grandpa's office (consignment addy). Together with the package are my pasalubong for the girls. Shame on me for not buying it beforehand while we’re still in CDO. We were running out of time last Monday and the pastel shop at the port ran out of stocks. But it’s better late than nothing, right? I hope so before it gets stale...

My daughter also missed playing her favorite game on my cellphone. So I hope to get reunited with my phone today.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Holy Week 07...Good Friday

It's past 12 midnight...We reached CDO yesterday morning for this much-awaited vacay. We're supposed to go to Siargao Island but my FIL (father-in-law) didn't allow his boys (kevin and earl) to go. So, we're stucked in this city. But I'm really okay staying around doing nothing except eat, sleep and dvd marathon. Thanks to my girls (Syl and Herbelle) and Ms.O for approving this leave --- ikog jud ko ninyo, swear!

Anyway, we head off to Coconut Bay Resort to take a plunge in the pool --- CDO doesn't have much to offer when it comes to beaches. Nothing beats CEBU beaches...Alex enjoyed it much though.She already got those tan lines after Eden's beach party last Sunday..."nog-nog" so to speak.

That's it for now...there's more to come. We'll be here till Monday and I've heard we're going river-rafting. I'm excited...

Pics here...