Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Little Fan

It was such a bad idea dropping by at Ayala Center after attending PASAP BOT (Board of Trustees) meeting yesterday what more with Alex in tow. The mall was so crowded with teenagers and even adults alike. Why? Because the PBB Big Four were having their mall show. My daughter Alex also wanted to squeeze in her tiny body with the crazy crowd just to see these teen housemates turned celebrities. She was so persistent and was almost at the verge of throwing tantrums because I was trying to pull her away from the crowd. Boy, was she so unstoppable! She had to climb Ayala's huge planters and pushed her way in between people's legs so she could take a glimpse of these teen idols especially her favorite, Beauty.

Guess, I have no choice but to just allow her this first hand experience in being a fan. Sigh! It was just unfortunate that I failed to bring my camera so we have to make use of Magee's camphone. But, from where we're standing, we couldn't really take a picture of them. Instead, we just took pictures of Alex, the five-year-old fan.

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