Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Preggy Diaries # 4: Preggy Photos

I was tagged by Feng to show my preggy photos. I tried to dig into piles of pre-digital pictures of my first preggy days with Alex but couldn't find one that's worthy of posting here in the blogosphere. I was already on my 40th week and was about to burst. It's not a good sight, I swear!
So, for this tag, I asked my sister this morning to take my first preggy photos with my second babylove. And the "ate baby" (that's what she would like to be called) also can't help posing with me. This is me @ 14 every inch, already a "buntis".

I would like to tag the mommies in my multiply: Missy, Ace, Clobelle, Leslie and Rosee. C'mon mommies, just for fun...let's take a peek of those proud preggy moments with bellies growing leaps and bounds.

From now on, I wish to also update my preggy diaries with pictures of my growing babylove. Watch out for more!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Preggy Diaries # 3: @ 13 Weeks

I’m already a week past the first trimester and guess what, I’m still feeling the discomforts such as vomiting, nausea, constipation and hyperacidity. It's just horrible! I now remember that my first pregnancy was a breeze. I only get to experience vomiting for just a week and I felt normal after that. In fact, I was always on the go doing preparations for my wedding. So it’s true that every pregnancy is exceptional. The little one inside is really making it hard for me. Today, I made a couple of trips to the restroom just to throw up. First I threw up everything I ate then after there’s nothing left but saliva. It usually starts middle of the day before I go to work and until dinner time. It’s just strange because my mornings are always great. My officemate is guessing that it’s a boy because of the difficulties it has brought me. I am perfectly fine whether it’s a boy or girl but please let these discomforts go away really soon.

Anyway, here's a peek of what's inside and how my babylove is growing.

13 Weeks

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Preggy Diaries # 2: What to Wear

When you’re pregnant, your fashion choices are actually limited. I don’t know how other preggies do it to look really fab but mine has been a dilemma lately. My jeans and other bottoms started to shrink. Okay, it’s the other way around. I am starting to balloon. I have a few stylish preggy tops but I always end up repeating my bottoms on a weekly basis. Of course, there’s always the trusty leggings that matches almost all tops but I only own one.

When I dig into my old maternity clothes, I only discovered a few pieces. I remember giving out most of my maternity clothes to cousins and aunties after I gave birth to Alex. When I tried to window-shop for maternity clothes in the mall, I was shock to see the price tags. They’re really very pricey. Then, it hit me…why not consider ukay-ukay? Afterall, I’ll only be using these clothes for a good nine months. And besides, I have always been a proud and certified ukay-ukay fanatic.

So, when I get the chance and the nerve (meaning, I’m not being lazy or woozy), I visit the ukay-ukay haven in Cebu…where else but Carbon. There are also ukay shops in Raintree Mall, Cocomall or Colonnade Mall which showcase a few treasures if you’re just patient enough to look into the heaps of clothes. The prices of these ukay-ukay are really affordable and they even have this descending discounts like 30% off, 50% off, 50 all items and 3 for a hundred. Not bad really.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Her First Visit to the Dentist

I must admit, I don't own a good set of teeth. And I don't care, though I get concious sometimes. Maybe because I always feared dentists. And I always dreaded those annual dental check-ups in school because dentists always mock me for having terrible teeth.

But I never wanted my daughter to have the same fear that I have. Ever since she grown her milk teeth, I always instill in her to take care of it. She would never miss brushing her teeth every night no matter how sleepy or tired she really is. Now that her milk teeth starts to really fall off, I decided to bring her to the dentist over the weekend. And I was amazed by her bravery... there was no trace of fear upon sitting on the dentist's chair. Even when the dentist was about to pull her tooth, she never cried nor cringed. I was even shocked when she told me that she changed her mind...she now wants to be a dentist instead of nurse.

Atta girl!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Preggy Diaries # 1

More than halfway into the first trimester, I’m now feeling the discomforts of being pregnant. It’s not just morning sickness. It’s like the vomit attempts strikes anywhere, any place, anytime of the day. Yesterday, I threw up the slice of Leona’s “chocolate surprise” I ate for lunch. This morning, after eating a little bar of musketeer, the thing just went down the drain. Perhaps there’s something about chocolates that really makes me throw up. It’s supposed to be my favorite food in the world and now my preggy system seems to reject it. Weird. Then, there’s the feeling of sluggishness that I wanted to just lie down and doze off the entire day. There are also the food cravings, nothing in particular though but once it’s there, I don’t feel like eating them anymore. Did I tell you about my bouts with depression that I’m hiding inside and that’s ready to explode anytime? Really… I get down in the dumps over little things. Sometimes when I’m alone, I find myself crying for no reason at all.

I never really experienced this in my first child or maybe I did but I just forgot because that was so long ago. I just hope that after the first trimester, everything will be back to normal.

Sigh. Am I just being pregnant? Or it’s just really me.