Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Twilight Madness

I can't wait...

Feels like I'm part of the movie - the equal rival of Bella Swan. (way magbuot!!!)


Monday, November 24, 2008

Of Fleeting Beauty

I don’t consider myself vain. It is seldom that I frequent the salon if not for that much needed hair trim. I also do my own nails since I can manage to do it myself. But since, it’s difficult for me to do my nails in my pregnant state; I have no choice but to let the professionals do it for the mean time.

Over the weekend, we head off to the mall for Alex’ Day. While I left Alex with my sister, I decided to have my toe nails painted. Sitting there, I was observing the other customers coming in and out of the salon. I can’t help but noticed that most of them are in their 30’s and up. I can only count with my fingers those in their teens and twenties (including myself of course hehe). There’s this lola trying to conceal the white hairs by dying her hair. The lady beside me is getting both finger and toe nails painted in hot red. Then another mommy with her teenage daughter in tow is getting hot oil treatments.

I’ve come to realize that while we age, we tried harder to preserve whatever beauty that’s left of us. We tend to fight ageing by frequenting places such as the salon or spa. Among other things, physical beauty is something that is fleeting. Our bodies crumble along with our ages (humming to I Love Betty LaFea soundtrack…”hoy, hoy, tandaan nyo ganda ay kumukupas”) and it is inevitable no matter how hard we try to preserve it. There may be some who are lucky to prolong that ageless beauty but sooner or later, there’s nothing that science and even nature can do to stop ageing. And like the rest of the things in this world, we can only say..."this too shall pass".

This is just me thinking out loud.
I left my PASAP bag containing checkbook, official receipts and other important documents inside the taxi last Saturday. I was a bit worried since there has been so many funding requests for our Christmas Party and that I have to issue checks to some of our vendors. I failed to get the taxi number and all. Good thing, the daughter of the taxi driver contacted me that evening telling me that they're returning my bag intacked. I was able to retrieve the items the following day and I was so thankful for the kind gesture. I hope things like this won't ever pass and that kind people are here to stay.

Monday, November 17, 2008


Yes, I am disappointed.

I went to the Ultrasound Clinic today with high hopes that baby’s gender will be revealed. But instead of showing the thing out, he/she hides it in between crossed legs. The sonologist tried to shake my tummy to uncurl the legs but to no avail. I was already running late for work so we just have to stop trying.

I also discovered during today’s ultrasound that the fetal biometry (or fetal measurements) is within the range of 26 weeks and not 30 weeks. Meaning the baby is smaller than his/her age or there has been a miscalculation on my LMP or last menstrual period. If there’s one thing I am really sure about, it’s my last menstrual period coz I even blogged about it here.

Good thing, I heed my OB’s advice not to get a 3D/4D ultrasound coz eventually I will be able to see my baby soon. I was advised to get another ultrasound 2 – 3 weeks from now. Hopefully by then, we would know if it’s a HE or a SHE. I’m crossing my fingers for a HE. I can't wait...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Preggy Diaries # 7: @ 29 Weeks

I’m now at the stage where I am gorging on whatever food I see or touch. I just can’t help it… it’s like making up for all the food that was lost (read: being thrown out) during the first five months of my pregnancy. I’m starting to already gain so much weight and I already look like a whale.

Moving around has also become a chore. I’m having difficulty putting on my undies, picking up something on the floor and putting lotion on my legs. Aside from the leg cramps, I’m also experiencing hip and back pains. It’s also difficult getting out of the bed. I have to ask hubby to push me up or if he’s still asleep, I have to get up sideways.

Baby movements has become more and more frequent these days. In fact, while sitting and typing this post, he/she seems to be doing some cartwheels and somersaults inside my tummy. It makes me really happy feeling every movement made.

Come weekend, I’ll be visiting my OB for my regular check-up. I’m pretty excited coz by then she would also recommend an ultra-sound. I’ve already contacted this ultra-sound clinic at SM North Wing and they offer the cheapest 3D ultra-sound for only Php 1,500. The suspense may be over soon as we get to finally know the baby’s gender. I also made a bet with one of my colleagues. She betting on a boy and if she wins she will have a week supply of Starbucks coffee. Though I really wanted a boy, I have no choice but to bet for a girl in exchange for a week supply of chocolates or maybe Starbucks coffee too.

Speaking of coffee, I really miss my daily dose of coffee. Even the smell of it makes me want to go against my OB’s advice and take just a single sip. Just one. I can’t wait for this pregnancy to be really over soon so I could go back to my caffeine fix.

This is me now --- pregnant and proud!

Shopping for Baby Stuff:

There’s a big sale at Ayala this weekend. I might as well grab the opportunity to shop for some baby stuff. I just remember that an aunt borrowed most of the old baby stuff I have but she never bothered returning them. If she did, I’m sure they’re already worn out. So, it’s time to do some shopping.

Friday, November 07, 2008

School Girl Again

My daughter finally went back to school last Monday after more than a month of just lounging at home watching movies and just playing with the kids in our block. But this time, it’s a new school, a new environment and new faces. We had a new arrangement for her with the school van picking her up and no yaya to wait for her after school. So far, she has adjusted well to the changes like waking up way too early (earlier than usual) at 5:30 AM because the school van arrives in our house at 6:30 AM. I have to make some adjustments too since I have to wake up way too early myself but its okay. I consider her breakfast time as our bonding time.

Anyway, the little girl is also proud to announce that she has gained friends already in school in just a couple of days though she’s not really good in remembering all their names. Modesty aside, she’s such a nice girl and I’m sure she wouldn’t have any problems dealing with her new teachers and classmates. I just hope that in return, her teachers and classmates will also treat her well.

I’m still uncertain of what this new school has to offer in terms of academic standards though I’ve heard some positive reviews from friends who enrolled their kids or nieces and nephews in Treasure Trove. After school hunting, it was Alex who actually decided in choosing Treasure Trove maybe because of the school’s enticing fa├žade which look like a little castle. Their playground was also an added attraction especially to the kids. I still feel nostalgic from time to time remembering her old school but hubby often remind me to just move on and get over the fact that Alex won’t be able to finish her pre-school at Kids’. So, I just let out a deep sigh and try to embrace the change.

school girl again

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Happy 18th Birthday, Bunso!!!

Sometimes, it may seem very difficult to deal with you --- perhaps it’s the generation gap or you’re simply a pain in the ass. But whatever it is, nothing will ever change and that you will always be our baby sister. I just hope that you’ll start growing up now that you’re already eighteen. You no longer have that excuse to stay childish, irresponsible or stupid. If you need a little push, you know you will always have me, your Ate Mags and Ate Ann to give you that little spanking from time to time. No matter how annoying our sermons are, I hope you get to realize that we’re doing this since there’s no Mama or Papa to lead you to the right path. Even if they are virtually there (through calls or text), it’s still not enough.

Grow Up... Chase Your Dreams... Have Fun

...but be sure to know your limits!


Monday, November 03, 2008

Halloween 2008

We had our “Freaky Friday” in the office to celebrate Halloween this year. Unlike the previous years where we decorated every nook and cranny of the office in its spookiest look, this time we just had the lobby decorated with cut-out pumpkins and skulls --- courtesy of our recruitment team who had their Halloween Job Fair. Not really that spooky. Our costumes were more like crazy and funny. I didn’t really prepare for the costume. I just bought a fairy headband with matching wand so I was like the pregnant fairy. I also bought a blonde wig but decided to let Jon use it because it matches her girly attire.

Here’s sharing some random pictures.

More pictures HERE...