Monday, November 24, 2008

Of Fleeting Beauty

I don’t consider myself vain. It is seldom that I frequent the salon if not for that much needed hair trim. I also do my own nails since I can manage to do it myself. But since, it’s difficult for me to do my nails in my pregnant state; I have no choice but to let the professionals do it for the mean time.

Over the weekend, we head off to the mall for Alex’ Day. While I left Alex with my sister, I decided to have my toe nails painted. Sitting there, I was observing the other customers coming in and out of the salon. I can’t help but noticed that most of them are in their 30’s and up. I can only count with my fingers those in their teens and twenties (including myself of course hehe). There’s this lola trying to conceal the white hairs by dying her hair. The lady beside me is getting both finger and toe nails painted in hot red. Then another mommy with her teenage daughter in tow is getting hot oil treatments.

I’ve come to realize that while we age, we tried harder to preserve whatever beauty that’s left of us. We tend to fight ageing by frequenting places such as the salon or spa. Among other things, physical beauty is something that is fleeting. Our bodies crumble along with our ages (humming to I Love Betty LaFea soundtrack…”hoy, hoy, tandaan nyo ganda ay kumukupas”) and it is inevitable no matter how hard we try to preserve it. There may be some who are lucky to prolong that ageless beauty but sooner or later, there’s nothing that science and even nature can do to stop ageing. And like the rest of the things in this world, we can only say..."this too shall pass".

This is just me thinking out loud.
I left my PASAP bag containing checkbook, official receipts and other important documents inside the taxi last Saturday. I was a bit worried since there has been so many funding requests for our Christmas Party and that I have to issue checks to some of our vendors. I failed to get the taxi number and all. Good thing, the daughter of the taxi driver contacted me that evening telling me that they're returning my bag intacked. I was able to retrieve the items the following day and I was so thankful for the kind gesture. I hope things like this won't ever pass and that kind people are here to stay.

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