Thursday, July 10, 2008

Preggy Diaries # 1

More than halfway into the first trimester, I’m now feeling the discomforts of being pregnant. It’s not just morning sickness. It’s like the vomit attempts strikes anywhere, any place, anytime of the day. Yesterday, I threw up the slice of Leona’s “chocolate surprise” I ate for lunch. This morning, after eating a little bar of musketeer, the thing just went down the drain. Perhaps there’s something about chocolates that really makes me throw up. It’s supposed to be my favorite food in the world and now my preggy system seems to reject it. Weird. Then, there’s the feeling of sluggishness that I wanted to just lie down and doze off the entire day. There are also the food cravings, nothing in particular though but once it’s there, I don’t feel like eating them anymore. Did I tell you about my bouts with depression that I’m hiding inside and that’s ready to explode anytime? Really… I get down in the dumps over little things. Sometimes when I’m alone, I find myself crying for no reason at all.

I never really experienced this in my first child or maybe I did but I just forgot because that was so long ago. I just hope that after the first trimester, everything will be back to normal.

Sigh. Am I just being pregnant? Or it’s just really me.


chimp_rex said...

Congratulations Malou! Ako, di pa intawn kay sobra ko na-traumatize sa pagpanganak. I was there in the delivery room the whole time. Shet.

BTW, finished na the JBC Website for alumni: :-) Open na rin forums section: :-)

MHALOU said...

hey rex...nabanhaw lagi ka. :-)anyway, thanks for dropping by. we've been really praying for a second baby coz my daughter is already 5 yrs old and is already asking for a little sib.

i'm sure kung mudako na imu little boy, mangita pod na ug manghud hehe. i'll check the sites in a while. see u around