Thursday, October 02, 2008

Home Sweet Home

I thought that after moving from one house to another six times would make me an expert of some sort in the art of moving. But I was wrong... I still fail and it was as always a very stressful move. Due to my procrastination, we weren't finish packing as scheduled. And my preggy situation made it even worst. I couldn't help that much though I tried to lift some heavy stuff but my sneezing and wheezing was such a torture. Hubby was so disappointed with me and the way I handled the move. I could only zip my mouth while he rant and nag about it in my face coz I know I am partly at fault.

We were supposed to move on the know the Chinese belief with the number eight but found ourselves not-so-settled on the 29th instead with candles burning since our electricity isn't up yet. For two days and two nights, our life has been electricity-less because MECO was dilly-dallying the connection. The heat and mosquitoes were killing us. Sigh! The house is still in total mess with boxes, knick knacks and hoarded stuff scattered all over the floor. The challenging part which is sorting will have to happen in a few days. Good thing I get a little help from my mama who is in town for a visit. The vacant lot beside the house which is now covered with bushes will be her first project. I hope her green thumb will create some magic on the rocky soil. The kitchen, tiled floors and cabinets will have to wait until our finances become stable. Hubby and I decided to have it on a project basis starting off with working on the tiled floor.

Welcome to our new house... it is still a work in progress so please bear with the mess for now. With just a few touches here and there and a depleting bank savings, it's going to be a home sweet home soon.

Some random pictures below...

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