Sunday, December 30, 2007

kiss ass

According to, "kiss ass" is an idiom which means to act submissively or obsequiously in order to gain favor. In our Filipino slang, "kiss ass" is also known as "sip-sip" (sucker).

Lately, a former officemate accused me of being "sipsip". Nope, he didn't tell me upfront but has been spreading it like a nasty rumor to some people. We were under the same department and worked for the same boss for a year or so. For that span of time, he always has this regular spat with our boss which I really don't care as it was beyond my jurisdiction. Eventually, he left the company with this little or should I say huge grudge against our boss and even gave me the cold treatment. FINE, it doesn't affect me at all!

I've come to terms with the fact that he could say all he want to say about ME but that won't stop me from defending my side. I joined this company three years ago at the height of it's birth pains. There were no guidelines, no systems, no definite policies in place yet. Joining the company was like walking through a dark tunnel of uncertainties. But I was armed with knowledge and skills acquired from my previous employer with updated systems and business concepts so I readily applied them to this newly-established company I just joined in. For a year, I was never given credit, nor given a raise during my regularization. I am not a perfect employee and I screw up from time to time but I am always humbled by my mistakes. I don't boast of being superior and I have much respect towards those above me. As much as possible, I make it a point to maintain good working relationship with the people I work with more importantly with my bosses as they could speak much about my work attitude and skills when I'm out of the company. Ask them and they could only say kind words about me. These are professional and well-respected individuals in their respective fields. Who am I to dictate and manipulate them to really recognize me? I have nothing against my boss that will make me say something terrible against them. Is that being "sipsip"? My boss has her flaws and mistakes and we often argue about work but she has been so good to us in many countless ways and has been instrumental in making us who we are now. And we just have to reciprocate her goodness by doing what is expected of us. Will that make us "kiss ass" subordinates?

I don't think so!

To YOU me "sipsip" or whatever but first look deeper into yourself. Think of the reason why you didn't get the promotion you've been yearning. The reason may be more than the regular strife with your boss. I know for a fact that during your stint, she's been trying to hide your sh*t from top management and you have all the wrong reasons to hate her. Don't take it against me as I am only doing my job here. Move on with your pathetic life and stop being such a sourgraping loser.

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