Monday, December 17, 2007

And yet another party...

white glam @ TJ's

Sometimes, I wish that December will just pass by without me being so stressed with all the parties I'm attending left and right. The first party I've attended was --- you've read it right --- "stressful". Good thing, the office party we had at TJ's didn't give me all the agony of being in-charged of something except for the registration which has been assigned to Admin the last 3 years. It's like an unwritten part of our job description...but I'm not complaining. Not at all.

Now the party turned out to be an awards night of some sort. Some employees were given some recognition by their managers for doing a great job. Our COO also gave us this timepiece (shipped from the US) as a token for 3 years of dedicated service to XL. Has it been 3 years? Wow, I couldn't believe I lasted this long.

But the party was a bit disorganized. Though I gave credit to our HR people for really trying their best to put up a party what with a lot of challenges along the way. I've been there and it's not easy. It would have worked out well if they also got some brains from other department or create a committee involving other departments. That way, they could also get the help they need and not end up being stressed (like me).

Somehow, we had fun. Check out the pics here (taken with my new Canon Powershot A560).

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