Wednesday, November 28, 2007

After the rain

I thought the storm Lando, Mina and Nonoy would leave a huge damage to the city yesterday but it didn't even wreck a tree branch the way Lando (yep, the same Lando) did weeks ago. But the heavy rain sure left me with fresh colds dripping off my nose. I thought I'm one tough person who never gets sick but here I am trying my best to be well as I don't have the guts to go on leave again. I just had my 5-day sabbatical last week. So,how did the season's virus finally hit me this time?

I was on my way to a meeting and just when I went out of our company shuttle, the rain poured heavily. And we're talking about not just drizzle but a heavy downpour. I'm a person who dislike bringing along an umbrella (ela, ela eh, eh) so I was all soak and wet while waiting for a cab going to the meeting venue. I kept on walking under the heavy rain with my purse and a paperbag in tow to look for a shelter. It took me a while to finally get a cab considering that it's the peak hours. When I reached the venue, the rain suddenly stopped. Just my luck, huh!

And today, after the rain, I'm glad the sun is up. I'm not really fond of the rain as it makes me feel gloomy and lazy at the same time. And did I say I hate to bring umbrella? And yes after the rain, I just felt sick and hope to be up and about when I face the most wonderful season of the year.

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