Sunday, July 01, 2007

Mid-year Review

It’s July 1st and we’re heading towards half of the year. Time runs so fast I didn’t even notice it or was I so busy about a lot of things. Or maybe I’ve wasted so much time. Early this year, I made some list of things that I want to achieve this year. I called it “goals for the year”. So, here’s my review on how far I am in achieving these goals.

High Priority

1. Have a baby --- still no positive sign eh. I’m procrastinating visits to my OB – lazy me.

2. Learn to drive ---- damn…haven’t enrolled in driving school yet…I’m eyeing September.

3. Internet connection at home--- yehey. accomplished!

4. Lose weight --- no effort exerted here. I’m still the same “fat” me. Doesn’t bother me at all though.

5. Save --- my credit card bills continue to increase. I have two sisters in college asking for allowance and books and etc every so often.

Low Priority

6. Get a passport (what a shame…still)

7. Travel (traveled to CDO over the holy week…but I don’t count that)

8. Cut my hair really, really short(it’s still long but shorter that before and my hair has body now).

9. Find a new employer --- I already decided to stay for a while with current employer for some good reasons. Maybe next year…so this is off my list this year.

10. Win the lotto --- I’m not even betting.

You see? I still have seven items on my list unaccomplished but I have 6 more months to get them off my list. I’m not being lazy or what but I have compelling reasons for not carrying out these goals. I know I have to speed up and beef up efforts if I really want to achieve them. With the help of the people close to me, I would be able to make it. I’ll be a happy person then.

So, way to go girl!

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