Saturday, November 17, 2007


I learned that one of my colleagues was fired yesterday. I was told that she didn't pass the 3rd month evaluation and thus her employment with X was cut short. I also learned that she's a mother of seven and that one of her children is autistic. I don't really know her personally but I remember exchanging smiles with her at the hallways.

I was seated right behind her last night on our way home inside the company's shuttle van. She just had a talk with one of our HR personnels. I can sense that she was crying and I feel for her. How will she tell her children or her husband? Will she find work immediately? I know that our company is no charitable institution and that we don't keep incompetent employees. But I know how it feels to be in her shoes. Like her, I am working to make both ends meet. I work to provide for my family's needs. I work to survive. And even having just 1 kid and a working husband at that, it still isn't enough. How much more this colleague of mine having 7 mouths to feed plus education and basic needs.

There is light at the end of the tunnel though and I'm sure there'll be opportunities for her outside this company. I just pray for her strength and that she will rise above the situation she's in right now.

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