Monday, October 29, 2007

On the road to ageless beauty...

I don’t consider myself “vain” or “kikay”. My beauty regimen includes soap, water and nothing more. Though I read a lot of beauty mags, I don’t follow the famous routine of “cleanser, toner & moisturizer” religiously. I sometimes purchase beauty products out of curiosity but don’t get to consume or use the product. Call me lazy or what but I’m no beauty buff. I can go by with a little powder on my nose, a dab of lipstick and a little blush on my cheeks. I don’t take much of my time on the mirror and I would even apply my make-up inside the cab on the way to the office.

But lately, when my colleagues went gaga over Mary Kay Products, I knew I was hooked. I remember buying an MK cleanser and toner for the first time last year and it took me a year to consume it. It’s like, “now I use, now I don’t”. When another colleague showed me the rest of the products, I immediately hesitantly tried it after some sales pitch and testimonials from other users. I got myself an MK medium-coverage liquid foundation, MK Signature NouriShine Lip gloss, MK Botanical Facial Cleanser and MK Botanical Mask. My face became supple after using the cleanser and mask. I also noticed that some of my black heads in the nose area disappeared somehow. I’m seeing some results.

I am not one of those gifted with flawless skin nor am I also constantly tainted with pimples and blemishes. I’m perfectly comfortable with my “morena” color, which by the way, my husband adores. But as much as I want to stop it, I am nearing the so called “going thirty” stage and I want to age gracefully. I know I have been unkind to my skin. I loved the sun but I don’t normally use sunscreen except when I’m at the beach. The sun is the number 1 culprit for all skin problems plus the dust and poor hygiene. I have now reached that point of loving my skin and taking good care of it. I am also trying to maintain a healthy and balanced diet as the food that I shove into my mouth is also the source of an ageless beauty.

Now let me share a pic of me with MK botanical mask on my face...just in time for halloween.

My daughter calls me "monster" whenever I don this mask.


feng said...

Mhalou, natawa naman ako dun sa photo. parang Monster nga, matched with a wide-eye look pa! :)

mineral make-up is a good alternative to the usual cosmetic products. very friendly din sya sa skin. I can't blame you for being so so hooked with it.

MHALOU said...

hi feng, I was trying to imitate the photo of a lady in PMN’s lifestyle and fashion section but hindi ko carry and I ended up looking like a “mumu”. hehehe