Monday, December 10, 2007

The First Party

My first Christmas Party this year turned out to be well, uh...let me just say “a bit of a disaster”. Seems like the forces of nature are against me but in the end I realized a lot of things. So, why did the party turned out to be a disaster?

Let’s start with the preparation...

The Dress

As you know, it’s really difficult for a woman my size to look for a dress. At first, a colleague let me borrow her red gown. It fits me perfectly except that I couldn’t conceal my bulging tummy. So, I tried checking with hubby’s uncle – Dexter Alazas for a ball gown. While trying on some of the gowns in his shop most of which are too small for me, I finally found this blue and gold gown. I was all set and even bought a pair of gold sandals to match the dress. When I tried the dress again the night before the party, I heard a little “crack” sound behind my back. Then my sister told me that there’s this big hole in the butt area. With less time, I decided to just rent a gown at the nearby dress shop. So, I finally don a black gown which everyone at the party really admired but never get to win the Prom Queen award. Oh, I’m not bitter because I didn’t win that award. I was a little bit upset because of...

The Mask

So we were told during our previous meetings that our party theme would be a “masquerade ball”. And me, being the overly into costume and themed parties prepared my mask weeks beforehand. I went through sleepless nights coupled with cuts and burns just making my mask only to find out during the party that it was cancelled. I was the only person in the party bringing my mask. And it wasn’t just the mask that I brought – 5 huge plastic bags with tokens and giveaways. Can you imagine that?

The Camera

Some of you may have noticed from my previous pictures that my camera has gotten some “blue” bug of some sort. So, for this event I borrowed my sister’s digicam to be sure that I have good pictures. Though we have an official photographer, it is still good to have your own cam for immediate uploading of pictures to multiply or friendster. And since I was moving around during the party being in-charged of the raffles and tokens, I didn’t get to use the camera. But I was already planning to have a photo ops right after the party and also have my picture taken beneath Waterfront’s enormous Christmas Tree at the lobby. To my dismay, the camera’s battery ran low when I turned it on. Oh and id I say I almost lost the camera coz it slips out of my purse. Good thing I was quick to discover that it’s gone and hurriedly went back to the venue. I found it under the table where I left some of my things. But I still pose with the cameras of my fellow PASers. Talk about a resourceful cam whore.

The Makeup
I already have a picture of how I will look like the night of the party. I want my hair to be have these little curles at the tip then my make-up would be simple yet elegant. I was planning to do it all by myself since I don't want to spend more on my hair and make-up. So, I was drying up my hair to prepare for the curles. Just as when I plugged in the curling iron, it created a smoke then a small spark. Yeah, it got busted. No choice but to run to the nearest salon for my hair and make-up. This is how I look...what yah think?

The Task

For the past days, I have been working my butt off preparing PASAP’s last event this year – our Christmas Party and at the same Awards Night. Sometimes, I feel really guilty for using company time and resources while doing my job for PASAP as chairperson for Finance and Solicitation Committee. I also find myself running errands wrapping gifts, preparing tokens and raffle items, picking up stuff, soliciting, making calls etcetera. It was overwhelming and I feel really exhausted. I even have to go on leave just so I could allocate time outside of work for PASAP. I am not complaining. It’s just that I didn’t get the help I need. I was trying to be a superwoman but fail as I can only do so much. I allowed myself to be overwhelmed and I didn’t call for SOS.

The Lesson

But I’m glad that the 2007 PASAP year is over and done. I have learned so much from the experience of leading a small group. And I realized that there are still a lot of things that I need to improve and learn. I also learned that in any organization or association as in our case, you can’t erase the fact that there will always be politics and that there will always be difficult people to deal with. I’ve had my share of frustrations and disappointments but I would be a hypocrite if I’ll say that I didn’t have fun. Being involved takes a lot of commitment and passion. For once, I’ve never seen myself this passionate and dedicated with what I’m doing. It may be a tough job but nevertheless it was rewarding and fun-filled. I am still an officer next year but with lesser responsibility this time as Assistant Treasurer and Adviser for Finance Committee mentoring newbies and fresh blood. I just hope I will render the same enthusiasm and commitment to the next year’s administration. And let me just rectify… the party wasn’t really a disaster coz I received a Timex watch for having a perfect attendance all year round and also a cash gift and token for being a chairperson. Added to it are the cans and cans of Virginia Food products I won during the raffle. Not bad afterall...

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