Saturday, December 22, 2007

Marketing Christmas Party

Thanks Marketing peeps for inviting (read:adopting) the admin, encoder, it dev and pre-press team to your party. We sure had fun. Handuraw Cafe' is just the perfect venue for the party as we have lots of props to use for the photo ops. The food was also great. There's so much laughter in the air and the company was wondreful--- that defines what a P A R T Y is all about.

However, me and Rapeh have to rush back to the office to work thus our partying was cut short. I would have wanted to go back and rejoin them after work but I've got so much things to bring. Though short, it is still one of the best parties I've attended this year.


using Handuraw items as fashion props


muni-muni by the window

some items sold @ Handuraw - perfect gifts this Christmas

More craziness here...

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