Friday, November 30, 2007

On Trillanes et al episode...

Though Manila is thousands of miles away from Cebu, it is still an hour flight and that anything could happen. But I just felt numb and I couldn’t care less while the events unfold in yesterday’s Makati threat. I don’t really give a damn as it was sheer stupidity. The Trillanes et al misadventures was a proof of what the insatiable thirst for power can do to even the most well-respected and dignified of gentlemen. I hate to say that I really lost hope for this country and its leaders. I don’t know who to trust anymore not even the president. And I don’t know what the future holds for the next generation what with the increasing number of pigs lurking within our government system. It’s a vicious cycle and it takes magic to really bring forth the so called “change” we’ve been hoping to happen.

I just find it odd the way Trillanes and his comrades staged their fight in a posh hotel like the Manila Pen. And their walking out of an honorable judge’s court was a show of disrespect to the law of someone elected as senator of this country. Besides, these warriors are supposed to defend this country but they chose to be a threat to national security and peace instead. They may be fighting for a righteous cause but I don’t see the need to stage dramatic scenes like those in movies. We have enough actors in the government and if Trillanes wants to be one, he could certainly approach some of his co-senators who had been in show business prior to public office.

I don’t usually criticize the government as I am more concerned about problems of my own. But this time I just can’t help but comment about yesterday’s episode. I’m just glad that Cebu is such a peaceful place and the curfew is unlikely to happen here.

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