Saturday, March 29, 2008

3rd Year Blog Birthday

Three years ago today, I wrote my first ever post in this blog. I was a novice blogger back then. I don't know how to post pictures nor create links. And my writing sucks. I couldn't string words perfectly and create such beautifully written posts in the likes of jet david, sassylawyer, noemi dado, pammy or the paredes.

While browsing through my archive, I am amazed at the number of posts I wrote since 2005 from the mundane of things to the extraordinary and sensible ones. Last year, my PC got busted but that never stop me from doing what I love to do. There's always the nearby internet cafe' to run to if you feel the itch to rant over a bad day in the office or brag about your kid's milestone. I may not have a massive blog audience but I am always thrilled to see a comment or two on every post or if there's any movement in my hit counter. I also met strangers in the blogosphere who eventually became my friends and whose blogs continue to inspire me to continue this passion. Yea, during the past years, blogging started out as a hobby but later on turned into a passion. I keep on saying this in the past that blogging is some sort of a therapy, something that eases the heavy heart or cures the wounded soul. Hhhmmm. Deep.

It's been three years and I'm still here beaming with enthusiasm everytime an idea or subject pops out of my mind. It's something that I would love doing everyday of my life if given the chance. I'm still far from being perfect and I don't claim being an expert in blogging. But will continue to linger while I'm still here and of course if blogspot continue to exist. And there's always that dream of having my own domain someday.


4 comments: said...

Congrats ! You blogged a year ahead of me. Look how far you've gone. I love reading my old posts too. More power to you!

MHALOU said...

thanks ms. noemi. you may not know it but your blog never cease to inspire me. :-)

feng said...

Happy Happy Blogging Anniversary Mhalou!

one of things I'm certainly grateful is having met you in the big world of blogsphere.

Keep Blogging. :)

MHALOU said...

ditto feng.

i'm happy to have met you at pinoymoms and hoping to really get to know you up close and personal.

let's keep this blogging fire alive :-)