Tuesday, March 29, 2005

UnHoly Week

Friends, pardon my first post...it's quite long i could have written history here!

It's our first time to go to the beach on a Holy Week. The family tradition has always been to stay at home, eat "binignit" on Good Friday and do the station of the cross. But this year has been different...the whole "tropa" went off to Bantayan Island for some fun under the sun. It took us weeks to plan this out...For those who didn't know where Bantayan is, let me tell you something about this beautiful place. Bantayan is a small island at the northernmost tip of the island of Cebu. It's a small island which boasts of very fine white, sugary sand and crystal clear waters. It's like a little "Bora" in the making.

And this is where our adventure begins...

Day 1: Holy Thursday (March 24)

I arrived home at 2am...I just came from the office to take down minutes of our top executives meeting...damn! they're dragging things really slow during that meeting...why can't they just agree on who to regularize or not? it's as simple as that I guess...

We hit the road at exactly 3am onboard Elvin's terrano...i had a last glimpse of my checklist to see if we have packed everything on the list. Good thing, Earl has been very supportive. He was the one who packed my little girl's feeding bottles, diapers and milk. I took a quick shower...never had time for "panglugod".

'Twas a smooth travel and we reached Hagnaya port at 6am. Wow, I couldn't believe what I saw...there were thousands of people waiting for their boat ride. Ahloie was incharged of lining up to get our tickets, so we waited about half an hour to finally get our tickets.

After several boat transfers (3 transfers to be exact), we reached Bantayan safely...I was getting dirty and impatient especially with Alex having her usual tantrums. Earl has been impatient too...he's been carrying all our bags and other stuff.

Good grief, we reached Bantayan Island safely! After the long travel, I don't think it's time to soak in the water. All I need is a longgggg rest...

Day 2: Good Friday (March 25)

The action has started. The guys were up for a volleyball match. I wanted to play but there's nobody to watch over Alex.

When the tide started to rise, my little girl put on her 2 piece suit while I settle for sleeveless and surf shorts (with all my curves in the wrong places, my husband never approved my wearing of bikini)...at least he was being honest. :-(

Evening came and we had bon fire by the beach. I didn't know whose idea was that, the girls started getting drunk --- it's my first taste of "tanduay" and it was really terrible! The boys started making fun of us...I was still sober and I can hear them poking jokes at us.

Little Amping got knocked out first and started to rub Paul's crotch (hahaha)... Et came in next and she was like "lantang gulay"...Kristine was nowhere to be found but I know she's still sane like me and Joni. The strongest among the 5 were me and Joni -- the drunken mommas! Nothing beats experience...hehehe. But I became very talkative (unusual) and started to puke so I asked my husband to bring me to the room. Never had time to change, there was sand all over the bed.

Day 3: Black Saturday (March 26)

I woke up this day with an excruciating headache. For several hours I was stuck in the comfort room facing the toilet bowl and started throwing everything I've eaten the previous day. Gosh, the alcohol has gotten into me. I decided to freshen up before facing everybody but I keep on running to the bathroom to puke. Makatagam ang tanduay as in!...Joni was still fast asleep on the other bed.

The boys are again joking about us getting drunk...never will I drink again tanduay but beer puwede gihapon hehehe.

It's our last day in Bantayan but everybody seems tired...we just took pictures of ourselves and soak in the water for several hours. The boys were having fun skimboarding --- they just can't get it well and got all the bruises and cuts what more with their bulging tummies including Earl's. Bleh!

Again evening came and just when Alex and Hans (Joni's son) doze off to sleep, the "tropa" head off to Budyong Beach Resort where the action is. It was a Reggae Concert by the beach. The temptation of drinking beer was hard to resist so I got myself "one bot"...di gyud mutagam hahaha.

We were on our toes dancing the reggae beat... "Iron, Lion, Zion", 50 First Dates soundtrack and a lot more. There were I guess thousands of people there...we saw Mark Nelson -- he's cute but he was not what we really expect him to be. He still got those sexy bod and oh those abs...still nothing beats Earl's babs (sorry dad!)

Just as when the event started to wrap up, several guys and gays has stolen the crowd's attention...they were dancing on top of the table without their undies on. What an ugly sight especially that of the guy --- "ngek, kagamay gud ana" was the comment of the crowd. Shame on them!!!

We head back to our rooms at 3am to see Alex already wide awake...now what? I can't go to sleep yet with this little creature not wanting to go back to sleep.

Day 4: Easter Sunday (March 27)

We were awaken by a band playing some Christian songs...I guess it was El Shaddai having their gathering right beside our resort. The songs were really inspiring but the accompaniment was really bad...my husband wanted to replace the drummer.

We started to pack things up and started reviewing our bills. We only paid 800+ per head - it was worth it! But my husband was really annoyed with having to pay for Kevin (his brother). He's not suppose to be included in list since he stayed in the other resort and have eaten only 2 or 3 meals with us. HMMPP!

Anyway, we have no money left after that...wala na mi ani kan-on next week. Bahala na basta naka-adto gyud ug Bantayan.

In a nutshell, it was indeed a fun-filled vacation. I never put on my cellphone the entire 4 days.

Friendships were nurtured and we discovered the best and the worst among our friends. We shared notes with Joni and Et about their relationships -- there's commonality in our notes about the men in our lives. It's between us na lang...Sssshhh!

I've bonded with my daughter and husband.

Though I have set aside my religion for a while, I still didn't forget to thank my Lord for such a wonderful and safe journey.

The pictures will show...

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