Monday, March 03, 2008


This month's theme for PMN FamPICS is LEARNING.

Learning doesn't only begin and end in school. As they say, life is a continuous learning experience. Everyday, we learn something new may it be something we read in the paper or a new book perhaps. We also learn from stories and experiences of our friends and even our own. We learn out of our daily journey whether it's a journey to a nearby island or far away land. And in our quest for learning, what really matters is the lessons we gain in the process.

Learning through books
(pose with the books)Learning through friends
(Alex at the center)
Learning through experience
(nature tour bus)
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ScroochChronicles said...

I like that shot of those encyclopedias. It's nice to know that those books are still put to good use in this day of computers :)

Mommy Ruby said...

now thats what i call learning! nice pose also. by the way, can you visit mine too? thanks.


thanks in advance!

Pinay Mommy

feng said...

hi Mhalou!

first off, I love the way you pose beside the book shelf ha! sexy!

the many faces of learning. as John Caldwell Holt, the pioneering educator in the US says, learning doesn't end in the four corners of the classroom. true, diba? we learn through real life experiences, socialization, multimedia etc. etc.

gail said...

wow inggit ako sa books.

MHALOU said...

@ cookie - actually, these encyclopedia collection are my aunt's who is an educator. they used to be very useful during the pre-computer/internet era but now, off we go to mr. google and mr. yahoo for some information.

@ ruby - thanks for droppin' by...will check your site ;-)

@ feng - haay naku feng, my addiction to america's next top model has influenced me to pose that way. and i agree with you, the world is one big classroom.

@ gail - thanks for visiting. old school is still cool just like learning through books.

Tina said...

Wow! Nice pose by the book shelf :)

That looks like some serious nature tour bus ;) .

from KK of via PMN

MHALOU said...

hi tina, thanks for dropping by. It is a serious nature tour bus. This was when my daughter's school had their annual tour to the lighthouse. :-)